Trilobite Vacuum Uleashed on the UK

Posted 16 May 2003 at 23:20 UTC by The Swirling Brain Share This

Annanova says that the Trilobite Robotic Vacuum cleaner is now on sale in the UK. The Trilobite is produced by Electrolux and the going price is a hefty £1000 (about $1623USD). At that price it may be hard to compete with the Roomba (about $200). The Trilobite has already been released in other countries, but now the UK has the priviledge to purchase them now. The Trilobite has the advantage of using ultrasonic sensors to avoid obstacles and for scanning the room to map it. It also has a brain smart enough to figure out a sensible cleaning path unlike other less intelligent robotic vacuums that just bounce around a room. Magnetic strips may be used to designate off-limit areas like the edge of stairs and such. It's short enough to scoot under tables and chairs, it runs about an hour on a full charge to it's NiMH rechargable battery, and it comes in a bloody cherry red color. One complaint about the Roomba is that it's basically a light duty carpet broom, but at the Trilobite's hefty price I'll bet it really... er, um,... vacuums well.

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The worlds first again? Errr..., posted 16 May 2003 at 23:40 UTC by steve » (Master)

Like every robot vacuum cleaner that's been developed in the last 10 years, this one claims to be the "worlds first robot vacuum cleaner". I wonder if someday in the distant future there will be a robot vacuum cleaner that isn't the worlds first robot vacuum cleaner?

First things first, posted 22 May 2003 at 01:46 UTC by The Swirling Brain » (Master)

Well, the Move Channel confirms the trilobite IS the first, so I mean who are we to believe anymore? Oh the logic. This one's first... no that one's first. Spock would go nuts mind melding with the Nomad at this point. Doesn't the nomad sort of look like a canister robot vac? Strange that the Nomad was beamed into the "vacuum" of outerspace and then blew up. :-P

It's Not Even Electrolux's First Robot Vacuum, posted 22 May 2003 at 13:41 UTC by steve » (Master)

Even if we exclude robot vacuum cleaners manufactured by competitors of Electrolux, it's still not the first. Back in 1997, prior to the Trilobite, they sold a robot vacuum called the Electrolux RVC, which was also "the world's first robot vacuum cleaner". (by coincidence, the Electrolux RVC looked awfully similar to the Eureka Turtle, a robot vacuum cleaner from 1994 which was also "the world's first robot vacuum cleaner".)

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