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“Receiving SMS Online is Pivotal in Helping Ensure Your Online Privacy” – AnonymSMS CEO

AnonymSMS CEO Jeff Stony drops by to highlight the importance of temporary numbers to businesses and individuals alike.

With the online security sector becoming more and more popular on a daily basis, so too comes the demand for services that we can all use to make us that little bit safer when deciding to sign up to a new service, or continue using one but with upped security in place. While there are many different products and systems out there to choose from, none perhaps offer the accessibility that the use of temporary numbers do. We’ve probably all learned by now that the use of your own number while signing up to a new service can result in unwanted calls and texts, and also leaves you vulnerable to being tracked online.

AnonymSMS CEO Jeff Stony

We sat down with AnonymSMS CEO Jeff Stony to figure out why demand is so high, why his service is the one to go for and why he thinks that just about everyone should be looking to use online phone numbers in place of their own. They offer both a free service for use of numbers with different country codes, as well as the option to rent a private number that only you will have access to.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the temporary phone number industry?

Technology is at the core of what we at AnonymSMS do. We have a whole team dedicated to keeping abreast of current trends, together with what the consumer demand looks like at any given time. One thing that is consistent though, is the on-going and increasing demand for the use of temporary phone numbers, which is why we ourselves try to constantly evolve within that market, all the while making sure we have plenty to offer to our users.

What strategies have you implemented to attract and retain customers in a competitive market?

From day one, we have always been about offering people a transparent and honest service. It’s very rare to find a service that offers you the choice of free numbers to use from around the world, allowing you to tailor the number you choose based on your specific needs or location. This is why our service never really grows old, as it’s a demand that is increasing. Recently, we’ve also started to offer a paid-for service, which allows users to select (or ‘rent’) a private number for a period of up to 30 days, further increasing the types of businesses and individuals that AnonymSMS caters to.

Private Numbers

How do you differentiate between the free and paid numbers that you offer? What additional benefits or features do the paid numbers provide?

People may look at our service and think that, should they choose the free phone numbers, they’ll be receiving a subpar service. Quite the opposite. What we’ve done is to offer two entirely different services based on the needs of our users. Paying for a number on our website means that, for a validity of 1-30 days, you have essentially rented the exclusivity of a number. No one else is able to access or use it, and it is there for you to use to access whichever platforms you need to. This is helpful if you run a business and need to create lots of different accounts online, and would prefer to do so using the same number, all the while knowing that only you are able to use it. Our free option is for those looking to access a number quickly and effortlessly in order to register with the online service of their choice, something that takes seconds and doesn’t require a number to be rented for a prolonged amount of time. So as we see it, we offer two different services, not an enhanced version of the same one. Either way, it is essential to understand the importance of using temporary numbers, as the increased capabilities of large companies being able to use your personal information from your number alone is a real threat to all of us. Receiving SMS online is a pivotal service in helping ensure your online privacy

What are some of the payment options that AnonymSMS provides to its customers?

Flexible payment is of wide-spread importance online right now. Some prefer to pay using platforms such as PayPal, and may even choose to pay in cryptocurrency. Of course, there are those that would rather pay with their trusted credit or debit card. AnonymSMS accepts all three of these payment methods, further increasing the usability of our service.

How do you handle customer feedback and incorporate it into improving your service?

Our customers are at the forefront of what we do. Their overall experience of our product is of paramount importance to us, and has been from the very start. This is why user feedback has always been a great learning curve for us, as we use it directly to build on our service, ensuring it is seamless for anybody who chooses to use it. It has also helped us to understand how important services such as AnonymSMS’s are, and makes us absolutely focused on offering the best service that we can.

Final Word

AnonymSMS has become increasingly popular over the past year, with many choosing to look at privacy solutions when it comes to registering on new online platforms. With the introduction of their paid-for service, the company has branched out in terms of their target market, meaning they cater to not only individuals and small businesses, but larger corporations who are looking to rent the use of numbers for a longer period of time. As awareness of the risk of using personal numbers heightens, more and more of us are looking for safe, quick methods of receiving the verification codes needed to register with different platforms, and AnonymSMS seems as if it caters to both the business world and individuals with the services they offer.

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