What Is Bixby Good For?



Welcome to the world of Bixby – Samsung’s intelligent voice assistant that is designed to make your life easier and more convenient. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or a Samsung smart device, Bixby is there to assist you in various ways.

Bixby is much more than just a personal assistant – it’s a comprehensive solution that combines voice commands, device control, app automation, and much more. With its advanced natural language understanding and conversational AI, Bixby truly understands your needs and can carry out complex tasks with ease.

One of the key features of Bixby is its ability to understand and respond to voice commands. By simply speaking to your device, you can control various functions, get information, and perform tasks without having to type or navigate through menus. Whether you want to send a text message, set a reminder, or play your favorite song, Bixby is ready to lend a hand.

Bixby also offers seamless integration with Samsung devices, allowing you to control and manage your smart home appliances, TVs, and other compatible gadgets. With just a few voice commands, you can adjust the temperature, dim the lights, or even start your washing machine. Bixby brings the power of automation and convenience to your fingertips.

Another great aspect of Bixby is its customization and personalization options. You can set up routines and preferences based on your individual needs, creating a truly personalized experience. From custom voice commands to tailored recommendations, Bixby adapts to your preferences and becomes an indispensable part of your daily life.

With its advanced natural language understanding, Bixby can engage in meaningful conversations. You can ask follow-up questions, provide additional information, and have a truly interactive experience. Bixby’s conversational AI capabilities make it feel like you’re talking to a real person, enabling a seamless and intuitive interaction.

Bixby also seamlessly integrates with smart home devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). You can control and manage your smart devices, such as lights, thermostats, and security cameras, all with the power of your voice. Bixby brings the convenience of a connected home to your fingertips.

One of the key strengths of Bixby is its commitment to accessibility and inclusivity. It offers a wide range of accessibility features, such as voice guidance and screen reader compatibility, to ensure that everyone can enjoy and benefit from its capabilities. Bixby is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all users.

Furthermore, Bixby provides access to the Bixby Marketplace, which offers a wide range of third-party integrations and apps. From productivity tools to entertainment apps, the Bixby Marketplace expands the capabilities of Bixby, allowing you to tailor it to your unique needs and preferences.


Voice Commands and Personal Assistant

One of the most prominent features of Bixby is its ability to understand and respond to voice commands. With Bixby, you can control your device, access information, and perform tasks, all without lifting a finger. Simply speak your commands, and Bixby will take care of the rest.

Need to send a text message while you’re driving? Just say, “Hey Bixby, send a text to John saying, ‘I’ll be there in 10 minutes.'” Bixby will transcribe your message and send it on your behalf, ensuring you stay connected without compromising your safety.

Bixby is also your personal assistant, ready to answer your questions and provide useful information. Wondering about the weather forecast? Just ask, “Hey Bixby, what’s the weather like today?” Bixby will fetch the latest weather information and provide you with a detailed forecast.

But Bixby goes beyond simple commands and answers; it understands context and can engage in meaningful conversations. For example, you can ask follow-up questions like, “What about tomorrow?” after getting the current weather forecast. Bixby will seamlessly continue the conversation and provide you with the information you need.

Moreover, Bixby can handle complex tasks and workflows. You can create custom routines and automation sequences to simplify your daily activities. Whether it’s setting up a morning routine that turns on the lights, plays your favorite music, and reads out your schedule, or creating an evening routine that locks the doors, adjusts the thermostat, and sets an alarm, Bixby can handle it all.

Its deep integration with various apps allows you to control them effortlessly through voice commands. From opening apps and navigating menus to executing specific functions within apps, Bixby streamlines your app usage and saves you time and effort.

With the power of artificial intelligence, Bixby learns from your preferences and habits, offering personalized suggestions and recommendations. For instance, if you frequently listen to a particular podcast, Bixby may suggest new episodes or related content based on your interests. It continuously adapts to your needs, making your experience more intuitive and enjoyable.

In summary, Bixby’s voice command capabilities and personal assistant features empower you to control your device, access information, and perform tasks effortlessly. With its contextual understanding and conversational abilities, Bixby is not just a voice assistant, but a true companion that simplifies your daily life.


Device Control and Integration

Bixby takes device control to a whole new level by offering seamless integration with a wide range of Samsung devices. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or other compatible gadgets, Bixby allows you to control and manage them with ease.

Imagine being able to turn on your TV, change channels, adjust the volume, and even launch specific apps, all with just your voice. Bixby makes this possible by leveraging its deep integration with Samsung smart TVs. Simply say, “Hey Bixby, turn on the TV” or “Hey Bixby, open Netflix,” and let Bixby handle the rest.

But Bixby’s device control capabilities don’t stop at TVs. It extends to other Samsung devices like refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and more. With Bixby, you can set the temperature on your air conditioner, check if your refrigerator needs restocking, or even start a laundry cycle, all through simple voice commands.

Bixby’s integration with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem takes device control to the next level. You can seamlessly connect and control smart home devices like lights, thermostats, door locks, and security cameras. Just say, “Hey Bixby, turn off the lights” or “Hey Bixby, lock the front door,” and watch as Bixby carries out your commands.

Not only can you control individual devices, but you can also set up automation routines to streamline your everyday activities. For example, you can create a “Good Morning” routine that turns on the lights, adjusts the thermostat, and plays your favorite news briefing, all with a single command.

Bixby also integrates with third-party smart devices and platforms, expanding its compatibility and versatility. It supports popular brands like Philips Hue, Nest, and Ring, allowing you to control a wider range of devices through a single interface.

Furthermore, Bixby’s integration with the Internet of Things (IoT) extends beyond device control. It enables you to harness the power of interconnected devices and create a truly smart home ecosystem. For instance, you can create interactions between devices like motion sensors, cameras, and lights to enhance your home security.

Overall, Bixby’s device control and integration capabilities make it a powerful tool for managing your Samsung devices and creating a seamless smart home experience. From TVs and appliances to lights and security systems, Bixby puts the control in your hands – or rather, your voice.


App Control and Automation

Bixby is not just limited to device control; it also offers impressive app control and automation features. With Bixby, you can effortlessly navigate through apps, execute specific functions, and even automate your app usage to save time and streamline your tasks.

One of the key benefits of Bixby’s app control capabilities is the ability to open and launch specific apps through voice commands. Instead of searching through your device’s home screen or app drawer, you can simply say, “Hey Bixby, open Spotify” or “Hey Bixby, launch Facebook,” and Bixby will take you directly to the desired app.

Bixby goes beyond just opening apps; it allows you to perform specific functions within them. For example, you can say, “Hey Bixby, search for Italian restaurants on Yelp” or “Hey Bixby, play my workout playlist on Spotify.” Bixby understands these commands and carries out the corresponding actions, providing a seamless app experience.

But what sets Bixby apart is its automation capabilities. You can create custom routines and sequences to automate tasks and simplify your app usage. For instance, you can set up an automation to send a pre-written email to your team every morning or schedule a reminder to review your daily to-do list at a specific time.

Bixby’s integration with apps allows for deeper automation possibilities. You can create workflows that involve multiple apps, connecting them seamlessly to execute complex tasks. For instance, you can automate the process of adding a new contact to your CRM system, sending them a welcome email, and scheduling a follow-up task in your project management app.

Furthermore, Bixby’s AI capabilities enable it to learn from your app usage patterns and provide personalized recommendations. It can suggest apps based on your interests, remind you to use certain apps at the appropriate times, or even offer shortcuts to specific features within apps.

Bixby also supports voice control for in-app functions, allowing you to execute specific tasks without having to navigate through complex menus. For example, you can say, “Hey Bixby, create a new document in Google Docs” or “Hey Bixby, add ‘buy milk’ to my shopping list in my favorite grocery app.”

In summary, Bixby’s app control and automation capabilities make it a powerful tool for simplifying your app usage and streamlining your tasks. Whether it’s opening apps, executing functions, or creating custom routines, Bixby empowers you to control your apps effortlessly through voice commands and automation.


Customization and Personalization

Bixby understands that each user has unique preferences and needs, which is why it offers extensive customization and personalization options. With Bixby, you can tailor your experience to suit your individual style and requirements, making it an even more powerful and personalized assistant.

One of the key aspects of customization in Bixby is the ability to create custom voice commands. You can assign custom phrases to specific actions or functions, making it easier and more intuitive to interact with your device. For example, instead of saying “Open camera,” you can create a custom command like “Snap a photo” to launch the camera app.

Furthermore, Bixby learns from your preferences and habits, offering personalized suggestions and recommendations. It analyzes your usage patterns and can provide intelligent recommendations based on your interests and behavior. If you frequently use a particular app or feature, Bixby may suggest actions or shortcuts related to that app, saving you time and effort.

Bixby also allows you to customize routines and automation sequences to fit your specific needs. You can create personalized routines for different times of the day or specific situations. Whether it’s a morning routine that plays your favorite music and delivers the news, or an evening routine that sets the mood with dimmed lights and soothing music, Bixby can adapt to your lifestyle.

Another aspect of customization in Bixby is the ability to personalize the information and content you receive. For instance, you can choose the news sources you prefer, select the type of content you want to see in your daily briefing, or customize the layout and appearance of your home screen widgets.

Bixby also offers integration with various services and apps, allowing you to personalize your experience even further. You can connect your favorite music streaming service, calendar app, or even your preferred delivery service. This integration enables Bixby to provide more relevant and tailored information based on your preferences.

Whether it’s the color scheme of the user interface, the layout of your home screen, or the voice settings, Bixby offers a range of customization options to make it feel truly personalized.

In summary, Bixby’s customization and personalization options empower you to tailor your experience and make it uniquely yours. With custom voice commands, personalized recommendations, customizable routines, and integration with your favorite services, Bixby adapts to your preferences and enhances your daily interactions with your device.


Natural Language Understanding and Conversational AI

Bixby’s natural language understanding and conversational AI capabilities set it apart as a truly intelligent voice assistant. Bixby is designed to understand the nuances of human language, enabling natural and meaningful interactions between users and their devices.

With Bixby, you can engage in voice conversations that feel more like talking to a real person than interacting with a machine. Bixby understands context and can handle follow-up questions and additional information seamlessly. For example, if you ask, “What’s the weather like today?”, you can then follow up with, “What about tomorrow?” and Bixby will intelligently continue the conversation and provide the requested information.

But Bixby’s conversational abilities go beyond just answering questions. It can understand and interpret complex requests, allowing for more sophisticated interactions. For instance, you can ask Bixby to book a table at a restaurant, inquire about the availability of a product in a specific store, or even request a ride from your preferred ride-sharing service.

Bixby’s advanced conversational AI also enables it to handle natural language commands and instructions. You can speak in a more casual and conversational manner, using everyday language and colloquial phrases, and Bixby will still be able to understand and execute your commands. This natural language processing makes interacting with Bixby more intuitive and user-friendly.

Bixby’s understanding of natural language extends to multiple languages, allowing users to communicate with their devices in their preferred language. Whether you’re fluent in English, Spanish, French, or any other supported language, Bixby can handle your requests and provide information in the language of your choice.

Moreover, Bixby’s conversational AI capabilities enable it to learn from user interactions, improving its understanding and response accuracy over time. It can adapt to individual user preferences, understand accents, and even adjust to specific speech patterns, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience for each user.

As conversational AI continues to evolve, Bixby is at the forefront of this technology, constantly improving its natural language understanding and conversational abilities. Samsung invests in research and development to enhance Bixby’s capabilities and ensure it remains at the cutting edge of voice assistant technology.

In summary, Bixby’s superior natural language understanding and conversational AI make it a highly intuitive and user-friendly voice assistant. Its ability to understand context, handle complex requests, and support multiple languages enhances the user experience and bridges the gap between humans and technology.


Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Bixby goes beyond being just a voice assistant for smartphones and tablets; it seamlessly integrates with the smart home ecosystem and the Internet of Things (IoT). With Bixby, you can control and manage your smart home devices, creating a more connected and efficient living space.

Smart home integration is one of the key strengths of Bixby. It supports a wide range of smart devices and appliances, including lights, thermostats, cameras, door locks, and much more. By simply using voice commands, you can control and monitor these devices without the need for separate apps or complicated setups.

With Bixby, you can create a truly smart home experience. Imagine being able to dim the lights, adjust the temperature, and close the blinds with a simple voice command. Bixby can control compatible devices from various manufacturers, providing a seamless and unified smart home experience.

Bixby also enables you to create customized routines and automation sequences that are triggered based on specific conditions or events. For example, you can set up a routine that automatically turns off the lights, locks the doors, and adjusts the thermostat when you leave home. Bixby’s automation capabilities allow you to create a personalized and efficient smart home environment.

Furthermore, Bixby’s integration with the Internet of Things extends beyond just controlling individual devices. It enables you to create interactions and workflows between different smart devices, enhancing the functionality and convenience of your smart home.

For instance, you can set up a motion-activated lighting system that turns on the lights when you enter a room, or you can connect your smart security cameras to your doorbell, allowing you to see who’s at the door from your smartphone or smart TV. Bixby brings all these devices together, allowing for a more seamless and integrated smart home experience.

Additionally, Bixby’s integration with the Internet of Things opens up a world of possibilities for smart home automation. You can create scenarios where multiple devices work together to enhance your daily routines. For example, you can set up a “Good Morning” routine that turns on the lights, brews your coffee, and reads out your calendar events for the day.

With Bixby, your voice becomes the command center for your smart home. Whether you want to turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, check your security cameras, or even start your robotic vacuum cleaner, Bixby makes it easy and convenient with just a simple voice command.

In summary, Bixby’s integration with the smart home ecosystem and the Internet of Things allows for seamless control and automation of your smart devices. From individual device control to creating complex routines and interactions, Bixby brings intelligence and connectivity to your fingertips, making your home smarter and more efficient.


Accessibility and Inclusivity

Bixby is committed to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that its features and functionalities are accessible to users of all abilities. The voice assistant incorporates a range of accessibility features and offers a user-friendly interface that caters to diverse user needs.

One of the key accessibility features of Bixby is its voice guidance capabilities. Bixby can provide spoken cues and instructions, guiding users through various tasks and enhancing usability for individuals with visual impairments. This feature ensures that users can navigate through the interface and access the different functionalities of Bixby independently.

In addition to voice guidance, Bixby is compatible with screen readers, allowing individuals with visual impairments to rely on their preferred assistive technology to interact with their device. This compatibility enables a seamless and inclusive experience for users who rely on screen readers for accessing information.

Bixby’s commitment to inclusivity extends to its support for multiple languages. Users can interact with Bixby in their native language, allowing individuals from diverse linguistic backgrounds to benefit from the assistant’s features and capabilities. This multilingual support ensures that language barriers do not limit the accessibility of Bixby for users around the world.

Moreover, Bixby is designed to understand a range of speech patterns and accents. This ensures that users with speech impairments or regional accents can interact with the system accurately and effectively, without experiencing limitations or obstacles.

Bixby’s user interface is also designed with accessibility in mind. The interface incorporates clear and intuitive visuals, with a focus on legibility and easy navigation. Users with visual impairments or cognitive disabilities can adjust the interface settings to suit their preferences, such as font size, color contrast, and button size, ensuring a personalized and accessible user experience.

Bixby’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity goes beyond its core features. It also encourages developers to create accessible and inclusive applications for Bixby through its platform. This ensures that third-party integrations and apps available through the Bixby Marketplace also adhere to accessibility standards, providing a more inclusive ecosystem for users.

Overall, Bixby’s dedication to accessibility and inclusivity ensures that users of all abilities can benefit from its features and functionalities. By incorporating accessibility features and supporting a range of languages and speech patterns, Bixby strives to create an inclusive voice assistant experience for everyone.


Bixby Marketplace and Third-Party Integrations

Bixby Marketplace is a dynamic platform that expands the capabilities of Bixby through a wide range of third-party integrations and applications. It offers users access to a growing ecosystem of apps and services that enhance the functionality and versatility of Bixby, making it a more powerful and personalized voice assistant.

The Bixby Marketplace features a diverse array of apps across various categories, including productivity, entertainment, health, travel, smart home, and more. Users can browse through these categories and discover new apps that align with their interests and needs. From language learning apps to music streaming services, the Bixby Marketplace has something for everyone.

Third-party developers have the opportunity to create and publish their applications on the Bixby Marketplace, expanding the platform’s capabilities and enriching the user experience. This open ecosystem encourages innovation and allows developers to leverage Bixby’s features and voice capabilities to create unique and engaging experiences.

Integration with the Bixby Marketplace means that these apps seamlessly work with Bixby, allowing users to control and interact with the apps using their voice. For example, you can search for recipes, order food delivery, or even book a ride using your preferred apps, all through Bixby’s voice commands.

Furthermore, Bixby’s conversational AI capabilities enable it to understand contextual queries and intents within third-party apps. This means that users can engage in natural and fluent conversations with these apps through Bixby, making interactions more intuitive and user-friendly.

The Bixby Marketplace also offers recommended apps based on user preferences, usage patterns, and personalized recommendations. This helps users discover new apps and services that align with their interests and enhances their overall Bixby experience. Users can breathe life into their Bixby ecosystem by exploring and adding apps that cater to their specific needs and preferences.

With Bixby’s third-party integrations, users can enjoy a more streamlined and integrated experience across different services and platforms. Bixby acts as the central hub, allowing users to control and access various apps and services through a single interface – their voice. This saves time and effort for users and provides a unified and convenient experience.

Moreover, the seamless integration with third-party services and devices ensures that Bixby remains at the forefront of innovation and stays up to date with the latest advancements across different industries. Bixby’s compatibility with popular and emerging services ensures that users can leverage the full potential of their devices and make the most out of their Bixby-enabled ecosystem.

In summary, the Bixby Marketplace and third-party integrations expand the capabilities of Bixby, providing users with access to a diverse range of apps and services. By seamlessly integrating third-party apps and offering personalized recommendations, Bixby empowers users to unlock new experiences and tailor their Bixby ecosystem to their unique needs and preferences.



Bixby is more than just a voice assistant – it’s a powerful and versatile tool that enhances the user experience across various devices and applications. With its voice command capabilities, device control, app automation, and customization options, Bixby simplifies tasks and brings convenience to your fingertips.

Whether you’re using Bixby on your Samsung smartphone, tablet, or smart home devices, it offers a seamless and intuitive experience. Its natural language understanding and conversational AI capabilities enable meaningful interactions, allowing you to engage in conversations and carry out complex tasks effortlessly.

From controlling your devices and integrating with the Internet of Things (IoT) to personalizing your experience and exploring third-party apps through the Bixby Marketplace, Bixby expands your possibilities and transforms your devices into a unified ecosystem.

Bixby is also committed to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that all users, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy its features. With features like voice guidance, screen reader compatibility, multilingual support, and customizable interfaces, Bixby aims to create an inclusive experience for everyone.

The Bixby Marketplace and its integration with third-party applications further enhance Bixby’s capabilities, allowing users to tailor their experience and explore a range of apps and services that align with their interests and needs.

In conclusion, Bixby is a versatile and intelligent voice assistant that brings convenience, control, and personalization to your everyday life. With its advanced features, seamless integration, and commitment to accessibility, Bixby empowers users to unlock the full potential of their devices and create a truly connected and enjoyable user experience.

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