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Welcome to our guide on how to get capital letters on the LG Smart TV remote! LG Smart TVs are known for their user-friendly interfaces and convenient features. However, some users may find it perplexing that their remote does not have a dedicated button for capital letters. In this article, we will explore various methods to overcome this limitation and utilize capital letters effortlessly.

Having capital letters is essential for many situations, such as entering passwords, typing names, or accurately searching for content. While the absence of a dedicated button might seem like a hindrance, fear not! LG has provided alternative methods to access capital letters on their Smart TV remotes.

In the following sections, we will outline several techniques that will enable you to input capital letters with ease. These methods include utilizing the shift button, activating the on-screen keyboard, pairing a wireless keyboard, and using voice recognition. By following these steps, you can ensure smooth typing and enhance your overall user experience on your LG Smart TV.


Why capital letters may not appear on the LG Smart TV remote

Before we delve into the methods of accessing capital letters on your LG Smart TV remote, it’s essential to understand why they may not be readily available. LG has designed their remotes to balance simplicity and functionality, and as a result, the physical remote itself does not have a specific button dedicated to capital letters.

This decision was made to keep the remote clean and clutter-free, providing easy access to commonly used buttons without overwhelming users. However, LG understands the importance of capital letters and has implemented alternative options to ensure users can input them when needed.

By not including a separate button for capital letters, LG has streamlined the remote design, making it more intuitive for most daily operations. The focus is on the most frequently used characters and functions, such as numbers, letters, navigation, and control keys.

While this design choice may initially confuse some users, it is important to remember that LG has taken this approach to offer a more minimalist and user-friendly remote. Now, let’s explore the various methods LG provides to access capital letters when typing on your LG Smart TV.


Method 1: Using the shift button

One of the simplest ways to input capital letters on your LG Smart TV remote is by using the shift button. Although there isn’t a dedicated button for capital letters, the shift button acts as a modifier to switch between lower and uppercase characters.

To utilize the shift button, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by pressing the button representing the character you want to capitalize.
  2. Without releasing the button, quickly press the shift button.
  3. Release both buttons to input the capital letter.

You will notice that pressing the shift button once will toggle the next character to uppercase. It’s important to note that the shift function is temporary and only applies to the immediate character. The subsequent characters you type will revert to lowercase unless you press the shift button again. This behavior mimics the shift key on traditional keyboards and provides a seamless experience.

The shift button is conveniently placed on the LG Smart TV remote, typically located on the bottom row of buttons. It is often recognizable by an upwards-pointing arrow or an arrow with a horizontal line above it. The placement and design may vary slightly depending on the specific model of your LG Smart TV.

Utilizing the shift button ensures you can input capital letters, allowing for precise typing and accuracy when navigating menus, entering login details, or searching for content on your LG Smart TV.


Method 2: Activating the on-screen keyboard

If you prefer a more traditional keyboard layout to input capital letters on your LG Smart TV, you can activate the on-screen keyboard. By accessing the on-screen keyboard, you will have access to both lowercase and uppercase characters, making it convenient for typing in any case.

Follow these simple steps to activate the on-screen keyboard:

  1. Start by navigating to the field or application where you need to enter text using the arrow keys on the remote.
  2. Select the text input field by pressing the OK button.
  3. Once the text input field is selected, the on-screen keyboard should automatically appear on your screen.
  4. Use the navigation buttons on the remote to move the cursor to the desired character or letter.
  5. When you want to type a capital letter, select the corresponding uppercase button on the on-screen keyboard.

The on-screen keyboard provides a familiar typing experience, similar to using a keyboard on a computer or smartphone. It allows you to input capital letters effortlessly and accurately by selecting the uppercase button before typing the desired letter.

Keep in mind that the on-screen keyboard may not be available in all applications or fields on your LG Smart TV. However, it is a convenient option when you need to input capital letters and navigate through various characters, symbols, or special characters.

Activating and using the on-screen keyboard on your LG Smart TV provides an alternative and efficient method of typing capital letters when navigating menus, entering text fields, or performing searches.


Method 3: Pairing a wireless keyboard with your LG Smart TV

If you frequently find yourself typing on your LG Smart TV and prefer the convenience of a physical keyboard, you have the option to pair a wireless keyboard with your TV. This method allows you to seamlessly input capital letters and enjoy a more comfortable typing experience.

Here’s how you can pair a wireless keyboard with your LG Smart TV:

  1. Start by turning on your wireless keyboard and ensuring it is in pairing mode.
  2. On your LG Smart TV, navigate to the “Settings” menu using the remote control.
  3. Select “General” and then choose the “Bluetooth” option.
  4. Enable Bluetooth on your LG Smart TV.
  5. Search for available Bluetooth devices by selecting “Device List.”
  6. Once your wireless keyboard appears in the list, select it to initiate the pairing process.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing process.

After successfully pairing your wireless keyboard with your LG Smart TV, you can use it to input capital letters effortlessly. The keyboard layout will resemble that of a standard computer keyboard, including a dedicated shift key, making it easy to type in uppercase.

This method provides the advantage of a familiar and efficient typing experience, especially if you use your LG Smart TV for tasks that involve extensive text input, such as internet browsing or using productivity applications.

Pairing a wireless keyboard with your LG Smart TV offers the added benefit of increased typing speed and accuracy, along with convenient access to capital letters whenever you need them.


Method 4: Using voice recognition for capital letters

Another innovative method to input capital letters on your LG Smart TV is by utilizing the voice recognition feature. LG Smart TVs often come equipped with advanced voice control capabilities, allowing you to operate your TV using spoken commands.

Follow these steps to use voice recognition for capital letters:

  1. Activate the voice recognition feature by pressing the microphone button on your LG Smart TV remote.
  2. Speak the desired phrase or word that contains the capital letter.
  3. When you come to the point in your sentence where you want to input a capital letter, enunciate the specific letter in a clear and distinct manner.
  4. Continue speaking the rest of the sentence or phrase as usual.
  5. Allow the TV to process your voice command and display the text with the appropriate capitalization.

The voice recognition feature on LG Smart TVs uses advanced technology to accurately understand spoken words and convert them into text on the screen. By emphasizing the capital letter in your speech, the TV will accurately capture and display the letter with the correct case.

It’s important to enunciate the capital letter clearly to ensure accurate recognition. If the TV misunderstands the letter, you can try repeating it or using an alternative method to input the capital letter as described in the previous sections.

Using voice recognition for capital letters on your LG Smart TV offers a hands-free and convenient option, especially for users who prefer speaking rather than typing. It is an excellent alternative for quick and accurate input, particularly when navigating through menus or conducting voice searches.


Troubleshooting common issues with capital letters on LG Smart TV remote

While accessing capital letters on your LG Smart TV remote is generally straightforward, there may be certain issues that you encounter. Below, we will address some common problems and provide troubleshooting tips to help you overcome them.

1. No response when pressing the shift button: If you’re pressing the shift button on your LG Smart TV remote, but it doesn’t seem to be registering, try pressing it firmly and make sure your finger is positioned properly on the button. Additionally, check the battery level of your remote as a low battery charge may cause unresponsive buttons.

2. Inconsistent capitalization: If you’re experiencing issues where capital letters appear inconsistently, ensure that you’re holding down the shift button while pressing the corresponding letter key. If you release the shift button too soon, the subsequent characters will revert to lowercase.

3. Keyboard layout issues: If you’re using the on-screen keyboard or a wireless keyboard and notice that the layout is not in line with your desired format, check the language settings on your LG Smart TV. Verify that the language and keyboard settings are correctly configured to match your preferred layout.

4. Unexpected capitalization during voice input: If the voice recognition feature on your LG Smart TV is incorrectly capitalizing certain letters, try enunciating the letter more clearly or consider using an alternative method to input capital letters, such as the shift button or on-screen keyboard.

5. Compatibility issues with wireless keyboards: If you’re having trouble pairing your wireless keyboard with your LG Smart TV, ensure that the keyboard is compatible with your TV model. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or reach out to LG support for guidance on compatible keyboard models.

Remember, these troubleshooting tips should help you resolve most common issues with capital letters on your LG Smart TV remote. If you continue to experience difficulties, it is advisable to consult the LG support resources or contact their customer service for further assistance.



In conclusion, although the LG Smart TV remote does not have a dedicated button for capital letters, there are several methods available to input them effectively. By using the shift button, activating the on-screen keyboard, pairing a wireless keyboard, or utilizing voice recognition, you can easily type in uppercase on your LG Smart TV.

The shift button allows you to toggle between lower and uppercase characters temporarily, providing a familiar typing experience. Activating the on-screen keyboard gives you access to a traditional typing layout, including both lowercase and capital letters, making it convenient for various applications.

Pairing a wireless keyboard with your LG Smart TV offers a comfortable typing experience and allows for easy input of capital letters. The voice recognition feature provides a hands-free alternative, ensuring accurate capitalization through clear speech enunciation.

While troubleshooting common issues with capital letters on your LG Smart TV remote, remember to check for unresponsive buttons, hold down the shift button consistently, verify keyboard settings, improve voice recognition clarity, and ensure compatibility with wireless keyboards.

By following these methods and troubleshooting tips, you can enhance your typing experience on the LG Smart TV and effectively input capital letters as needed. Whether you’re entering passwords, searching for content, or navigating menus, these techniques will enable seamless and accurate text input.

Enjoy the convenience and versatility of getting capital letters on your LG Smart TV remote, and elevate your overall user experience on your LG Smart TV.

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