Discover How Kahoot is Making Learning Fun Again

Kahoot is making learning fun. A game-based learning tool that has been adopted by many schools, Kahoot offers an alternative medium to assessments. It was a collaboration between its three founders and Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Professor Alf Inge Wang.

“One must continuously update how and what students learn so that education can evolve in step with society” – Charles W. Eliot, President of Harvard University,  1869.”

Over time the education system evolved, but it was not until recently that we saw monumental changes. Mr. Eliot claimed that educators needed to evolve in-step with society. But the question we first need to answer is, “what does society revolve around in 2020?” The internet. Everything we do today is digital biased. We work on computers and interact socially through social media platforms. Entertainment comes via watching digital television programs and we talk to friends in virtual chat rooms. Even our shopping is done online.

Realizing how society has embraced digital technology, educators tried to incorporate classroom learning with digital platforms. In recent years, an abundance of online educational platforms is offering teachers and students a more fun way to learn.

Kahoot believes in making learning fun through online quizzes. An engaging and interactive method to access a student’s knowledge, quizzes offer all the benefits of a traditional assessment without the dread of sitting for a test. However, why have an online quiz when teachers can organize a traditional quiz in the class for the students?

Organizing a quiz to enhance classroom learning is not as easy as it sounds. Teachers would have to prepare a lot of logistics just to get students ready for the quiz. Plus it is very hard to get 100% participation from the students resulting in knowledge assessment difficulties.


What is Kahoot?

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is an online education and learning platform that can be accessed either through your web browser or Kahoot app. It allows you to generate quizzes and surveys and offers a more fun approach to learning. Teachers and educators can dispense academic knowledge, review students’ performance, and monitor their progress. Kahoot games also incorporate a competitive element that keeps students engaged. However, what is it about Kahoot that makes learning so fun?


Kahoot Learning Apps and Tools are FREE

First of all, Kahoot is a free education and learning tool that teachers and students can use for free. Yes, there are paid options as well, Kahoot Pro and Kahoot Premium. But considering that the premium account only costs $6 a month per teacher, it is not expensive by a long shot. Plus, under that premium account of $6 a month, one teacher can create games for up to 2,000 students.

Receiving an education is not something that only the well-to-do should be able to afford. Everyone is deserving of an education, and Kahoot has allowed everyone to enjoy their online learning platform for free.


An engaging alternative

Education isn’t all about learning from the textbooks. In fact, quizzes are a great way to test a student’s aptitude in understanding a lesson. But even traditional quizzes can be boring.

In order to bridge the gap, Kahoot has turned the rudimentary task of not only participating in a quiz but creating a quiz as well. That means teachers can create colorful and interactive games based on student’s interest and their needs. In the essence of customization, Kahoot can revolutionize the plain text quizzes into something fun and informative. Whether you’re planning to access via a web browser or Kahoot app, the interface is pretty straightforward and it’s certainly engaging.


Starting a new chapter

At the end of each chapter, teaches feel anxious because they worry about the student’s understanding of the lesson. Did the student fully understand and grasp all the concepts of the chapter? If I move on to the new chapter will they forget what I taught them in the previous chapter?

Teachers can give a quick summary of the previous chapter by reinforcing concepts and answering questions the student might have. Kahoot simply makes this whole process easier and a lot more fun and engaging for students, an alternative to staring at textbooks, worksheets, and handwritten notes.


Intuitive Feedback

Teachers, educators, and even professional trainers are always looking to improve their teaching and instructional methods. That’s why in many academic institutions and corporate training classrooms, teachers and trainers conduct surveys at the end of the semester or training module.

Through Kahoot, teachers can better understand if students have learned anything from the class. Regardless if students have any questions or suggestions to make the lesson more engaging. Kahoot also allows the principal user to create surveys and share it with the participants in order to help improve teaching methods.


Let the competition begin

Instilling a competitive spirit can help to build a fighting spirit. It is commonplace for students to compare the marks they receive on a test with each other.

Kahoot games also enable teachers to award points to the students for correct answers and can track the students’ response times. The fastest students with the correct answer can climb up the leader board to first place. This level of engagement helps bring out the competitive spirit in students.

With third party video conferencing programs like Skype, Google Hangout, Zoom, and Periscope, you can pair them easily with Kahoot. E-learning allows virtual competitions not only within the classroom but with schools all over the world. Generally, Kahoot has opened the door to countless possibilities for more interactive and engaging learning opportunities.


How to create your Kahoot?

As an educational and training aid, teachers and instructors are the primary creators of Kahoot lessons. Thankfully Kahoot has created the program simple enough that anyone can create a lesson plan without being a software programmer. Learn how to create your own Kahoot lesson:

  • Log into your Kahoot account and select Quiz, Discussion, or Survey, depending on what your lesson plan for the day is.
  • Add a good description of your Kahoot lesson plan, a cover image, and hashtags to make it easier to find.
  • Craft questions, answers and include any images or diagrams that would be used for the game.

You have now learned how to create your own Kahoot game. Next, we will teach you how to play Kahoot.


How to play Games on Kahoot?

Playing the game is always the fun part. Kahoot has made it simple enough that you do not need to register an account to play Kahoot. All you need to do is simply go to Kahoot on your web browser or the Kahoot app and play. Learn how to start playing Kahoot today:

  • Step 1: You do not need an account to play. Simply go to Kahoot on your web browser or app to find a game.
  • Step 2: Scroll through the millions of publicly available games and select the game you want to play. If you have already created a game, go to your game and click Play.
  • Step 3: Get the game PIN and share it with your students, friends, or colleagues. They will go to and enter the PIN number.



Kahoot helps build a competitive spirit
Photo by Kahoot

Technology has changed the way we interact and engage with students. The COVID19 pandemic affected the whole world and schools had to close to stop the spread of the virus. The only way that students could attend classes were online. Kahoot also enables teachers to embrace the evolution of classroom learning by creating new and innovative ways to conduct their lessons. If you are looking for a fun and innovative way to engage with your students, check Kahoot out.

Discover How Kahoot is Making Learning Fun Again

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