Best Email Providers for Marketing Your Business

Email Providers

Emails are the most iconic and time-resistant form of communication in the digital era. Using the best email provider can help ensure that emails reach their intended recipients quickly and securely, whether you use a personal or disposable email. Besides basic communication, emails are also the perfect playing ground for developing relationships with your prospects and customers through an effective digital marketing strategy.

Effective email marketing techniques help to increase the chances of converting your leads into loyal customers who support your products and services. And absolutely nothing could be better than having your email service provider handle your marketing automatically. Let’s dive into the best premium email provider services that can handle marketing tasks for your brand.

Email Providers
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Best Email Providers for Marketing Your Brand

Best Email Providers to Market Your Brand
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Sending out emails is probably one of the most effective means of delivering messages in various forms, and many organizations and small groups around the world rely on it to keep tabs on work and project-related tasks. This is why sending emails is still being looked upon as an important means to reach out to your customers and potential leads. It also helps that we already have the technology and a whole bunch of email providers for marketing dedicated to the task. Even then, finding the best email provider to fit your unique marketing needs is not always an easy task. But allow us to make it easier for you to decide as we boil down the options to only the very best email provider services for your email marketing campaigns:


HubSpot Marketing Automation

Screenshot from HubSpot


As the name implies, HubSpot is a marketing automation software and email provider that takes off your hands’ manual marketing tasks. The software can send emails automatically on your behalf given the contents that you have inputted and parameters that you have approved beforehand.  This way you won’t have to worry about targeting, scheduling, and actual responses. The software allows you to set the conditions and actions that comprise your automated workflows that will handle communication with your clients even when you’re not around. HubSpot helps you to create targeted workflows, and it gives every contact on your database equal attention.

For those who don’t know what a targeted or automated workflow is, it’s a mechanism that allows you to set specific actions when predetermined conditions are met. An example would be sending content to a segmented group of contacts on a set schedule or number of subscribers. Workflows are an important part of each marketing strategy and save a significant amount of time and effort as the automation process can take over communication with your clients and leads. Overall, workflows have a significant impact on helping businesses modernize, organize, and grow their marketing reach, and the best email marketing services all have it.

Besides being able to create targeted workflows, HubSpot’s other features include an advanced visual editor that makes it easy for you to envision workflows at any given time. You can rely on advanced segmentation logic in order to determine who gets emailed in workflows and exactly when. HubSpot Marketing Automation pricing starts at $50.00 per month. A free trial is also available but only for a limited time.

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Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing
Screenshot from Pabbly


Pabbly Email Marketing is a SaaS web-based email provider. This software streamlines and optimizes email marketing campaigns. Online reviews have hailed this service as one of the most efficient and easy-to-use email marketing software. The service has five core features: email marketing, email verification, subscription billing, form building, and Pabbly Connect.

Notably, you can use the built-in form builder to create your own surveys and disseminate them over the network without having to rely on external software. Meanwhile, Pabbly Connect allows app integration of hundreds of useful apps like Google and WordPress into the software. Another core feature that coincides with email marketing has to do with the built-in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) that allows users to send as many emails as they need to. Regular email services like Gmail and Outlook set limitations for the number of emails that a user can send per day. By contrast, the Pabbly Marketing tool will allow you to send as many emails as you need to.

Pabbly has a total of 17 pricing plans in place, so there’s no running out of options. Each of these pricing plans contains all the features and software that we described. The pricing plan that is most appropriate for your business depends largely on the number of subscribers that you have. For example, the first tier subscription has a limit of 2,500 subscribers. It costs $29 per month, while the fourth tier has a limit of 30,000 subscribers and costs $79 per month.

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Moosend Email Provider

Mooseend Email Marketing
Screenshot from Moosend


Moosend is another good example of a comprehensive email provider for marketing. The software allows you to send bulk emails and also helps you to create personalized marketing campaigns based on the segmented target lists generated by the software.  One of Moosend’s five core features is the campaigns editor, which lets you create different campaigns across product lines and specific target markets. Another is the marketing automation feature that lets you create an automated workflow that can handle automated emailing tasks without supervision. For example, the algorithms can automatically sift through the mailing list to send emails only to those who have clicked on a specific link on your newsletter, etc.

Other features include a segmentation feature that lets you form an unlimited number of groups based on your subscribers’ behavior. This same feature also allows you to import contacts from external Google/Salesforce accounts. The software also features SMTP functionality that allows users to send as many emails as they need to. Moreover, there’s also a live chat feature, a WordPress plugin, and a connection to WooCommerce and Salesforce.

Mooseend marketing automation pricing starts at a bare minimum of $8 per month, after which you can customize the pricing plan depending on the number of emails you need to send. Mooseend also offers a free plan that supports unlimited emails with some analytics functionality. However, Moosend reserves the best features for the Moosend’s Pro or Enterprise plan. The free plan might be great for a brief testing period, but if you’re serious about marketing, then a premium plan is in order.

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Sendinblue Email Marketing
Screenshot from Sendinblue


Sendinblue is one of the most popular and widely used email providers for marketing. You can use the software as a standard marketing tool or as a Sendinblue plugin for WordPress. Like most of the email marketing software on this list, the software comes with its own SMTP server for sending any large email campaign with no daily limits.

Sendinblue offers five core features: marketing automation, contact management, transaction email management, SMS marketing, and Facebook ads. The software allows you to automate sending SMS messages and campaigns, automated emails, and lets you update your email list via the automation workflow. Sendinblue also allows you to organize your contacts list based on workflow prioritization. The software also possesses excellent analytical capabilities for quickly monitoring each of your email campaigns’ success or failure. The software even has a feature letting you create ads for social media websites like Facebook and Twitter in order to help you target new customers.

Sendinblue pricing begins with $25 per month. An essential plan worth $39 per month sends an average of 60,000 emails per month and a premium plan worth $66 per month sends anywhere between 120,000 to 350,000 emails per month. There’s also an enterprise that allows you to customize the number of emails and includes all the premium features for managing email campaigns. There’s also a free plan with free email and SMS support and integration with WordPress and Magento.

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Mailget Email Marketing
Screenshot from mailget


MailGet is a SaaS email provider for marketing through which customers can sign up using online forms and then start using your services. The software offers advanced features like automated email, analytics, and email management. The software is complete with the tools you will need to customize your emails and to make them as presentable as can be, and also allow you to automate the sending process so that you can worry about more important tasks.

The email tracking feature helps you to track your marketing performance. This gives you information about how many people opened your email or how many people subscribed or unsubscribed to your campaign. With MailGet, you can run an effective marketing campaign and generate more profits for your business. MailGet also comes with a built-in SMTP. SMTP increases the chances that emails get to the users’ inbox without landing in the spam box and it also prevents emails from bouncing back. Other key features include an autoresponder, drag-and-drop editor, email management and scheduler, and many more.

Pricing for the software begins at $9 per month, which covers up to 2,500 subscribers. The next price point is at $19 per month for 5,000 subscribers, then $34 per month for 10,000 subscribers. The premium package costs $49 per month and caters to 15,000 subscribers. Premium subscribers also get to enjoy online support and business hours’ technical support. MailGet offers a free plan with a time limit of just 30 days, but going this route disqualifies you from access to the online tech assistance.

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Pepipost Email Marketing
Screenshot from Pepipost


Pepipost is a cloud-based email provider. The software can save on implementation and maintenance costs, and it sends bulk emails just as well as the next provider. The software helps you send transactional emails in a quick and painless manner. It also tries to make sure that your emails get to their actual inboxes and not their spam folders. Pepipost allows you to send emails via two of the most popular methods: either through SMTP or HTTP API. In order to clarify the difference, SMTP transfers emails from server to serve while HTTP transfers data from a web server to a web client. With SMTP, you can send emails directly with the Pepipost emailing interface. Meanwhile, you would still need to install HTTP API before you can use it. SMTP can accomplish basic tasks related to automated emails while HTTP API can do more complicated tasks.

Many teams struggle with simultaneous logins across several teams, which leads to confusion as to who sent which emails. In order to prevent scenarios like this, teams can create a number of subaccounts with multiple passwords to prevent teams from confusing each other when sending emails. It’s also great to know that the software takes data security pretty seriously. They employ protocols like the sender policy framework (SPF) that prevents hackers from sending emails behind your back. It also makes use of transport layer security (TLS) protocols for end-to-end data encryption. In addition to this, Pepipost also secured its servers across different locations around the world. The company designed the software with experienced developers and people with coding experience in mind. Nevertheless, it possesses a brilliant set of features that even average marketers and business owners can work with.

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Constant Contact

Constant Contact Email Marketing
Screenshot from constantcontact


Constant contact is another email provider for marketing that packs a punch. The company designed the software for smaller companies or even medium-sized businesses that don’t exceed more than 20,000 subscribers at a time. The company custom-fitted their email plans for beginners in the field with little to no experience in email marketing. This includes tools to manage contacts lists, campaign ad builders, audience segmentation, and email management, among other things. The company included features such as marketing automation, integration, segmentation, and personalization. Besides functionality, the software also features a modern and familiar design with an intuitive user interface (UI).

Companies with more sophisticated needs can turn to Email Plus, which is an expanded version of the basic email plans. This package includes features like analytics, automated email services, marketing and registration services, online survey creation, and more. Just last year, the company added social media integration in the form of an in-app ad maker and monitoring tool for Facebook and Instagram. They also added a new feature that allows you to manage your very own Google My Business entry from inside the software.

The pricing for this email provider begins at just $20 for up to 500 subscribers, and you upgrade your subscription to $335 per month for up to 50,000 subscribers. There’s also a free plan that gives you unlimited campaigns and allows you to send emails to a limit of 100 contacts. However, the free option only lasts for 60 days, after which you can upgrade to a premium plan.

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What Is an Email Marketing Provider?

What is an Email Provider for Marketing
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An email provider for marketing is an online platform or software that you can install on any computer in order to create and send emails for marketing purposes. Business owners and advertisers usually use it to execute their email campaigns. Software of this type often comes with tools to build your email platform, along with campaign automation tools to streamline operations across several teams and target groups. Normally, sending emails in bulk via Gmail or free software involves time-consuming processes. This might include preparing a list, segregating the list into subgroups, or sending the actual emails in bulk. Email providers that are dedicated to marketing help small business owners and corporate groups do away with these by automating much of the manual work.

There are three types of email providers to cater to your marketing needs. They include on-premise systems, SaaS systems, and cloud-hosted systems. On-premise systems are more expensive and require comprehensive setup procedures and maintenance. You can install SaaS systems directly on the server and this shouldn’t take much of an effort to do. Nevertheless, you can also go for cloud-based email providers which are more user-friendly and cost-effective than standard systems.

Email marketing providers save you significant time and effort to focus on what matters. The best platforms on the market offer reasonable and progressive pricing packages. The number of your subscribers and the number of emails you need to send determines the monthly or annual costs. Most also come with workflow scheduling features, email management, and other creative tools to help you create effective and well-targeted campaigns. Nevertheless, most email providers and services don’t exceed $100 per month, even for premium features. Small businesses with less than 5,000 subscribers commonly charge less than $30 per month, which is extremely reasonable.


The Importance of Email Providers for Marketing

The Importance of Email Provider Software
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The email platform has existed for ages. But email marketing remains an important part of the business mix. Emails are transmitted almost instantaneously. As such, it remains one of the fastest and most efficient forms of communication, not to mention environment-friendly as all messages as sent in a paperless manner. It does not matter if you sell your products in an actual shop or via an e-commerce website that delivers products straight to your customers’ doorsteps.

Having a set of analytical and automated tools will help you respond to your customers faster, quicker, and in a more professional manner than if you do everything manually. These tools will help you let your leads know that you exist. Then you can inform them about what you do, what products you have launched, and your pricing schemes. You can also attract them with customized efforts based on data.


Benefits of an Email Provider for Marketing Campaigns

Final Thoughts Email Provider Software
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There are many advantages that come with a well-planned email marketing campaign but the team would have little control over public response once each email has been sent. Below we outline some top benefits of using email providers for executing marketing campaigns:

Targeted to Your Audience

Data analytics can help you determine which of your target audience might actually be interested in what you’re offering. Perhaps these are the people who clicked on links or looked through your catalog. You can focus on people who fit your target market profile. You can limit your emails to those who might actually be interested and avoid sending them to people who will likely get annoyed.


Personalized for Each Individual

You can tailor your messages based on the demographics of your audience. You can create separate messages based on age, sex, social status, etc. The content would depend on what is relevant and interesting to each of the sub-groups knowing their demographics.


Excellent Timing Based on Client Behavior and Insight

Timing is also important for marketing. And with the help of email providers, you can schedule messages and have them sent when certain conditions have been met. These conditions should take into account when your customers make a purchase, when they click on a campaign, or when they visit a specific link, and more. Marketing automation has pushed email marketing farther than any other development in the field, and it is by far the best innovation that all marketers can benefit from.


Email Marketing As a Platform of Its Own

Email Marketing is a Platform of its Own
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No other marketing medium offers the same level of benefits as email marketing. Other methods like TV, radio, and display ads don’t give much room for personalized messages compared to email ads. This is an extremely effective strategy for maintaining customer attention and for helping your customers along in the customer life cycle. If they try your service or product, they will find reasons to stay. But before you can accomplish that, there is one key factor and that is learning about their needs and interests. Knowing what your target market wants will help you create a memorable and relatable marketing experience. And to get that information you might have to undergo full-blown market research.

For example, if your products cater to mothers, then you need to single out the mothers from your list of potential leads and focus on them. You also have to distinguish your target market according to age, race, gender, social class, occupation, personal preferences, etc. There are many ways to segment your target market. Being able to form a contacts list with the right mix of characteristics is just as important as maintaining the quality of your products and services. The golden rule in marketing is to always make sure your content stays relevant and interesting. We also need to note that an efficient mailing service can’t make up for a bad campaign, and vice versa.


Final Thoughts on Email Providers for Marketing

Final Thoughts Email for Marketing
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Yes, there are many other methods of communication available. But emails still stand out as it blends in well with both digital and physical channels. Customer behavior may be highly unpredictable, and there are admittedly barriers to the effective use of email. Nevertheless, the one thing that you can control is the quality of the content on the emails that you send out. The selection of recipients and the timing of the emails are also very important.

Emails have a dual characteristic to them as a communication method. The email constantly switches from the personal to impersonal, the creative and the automated, and the private and the public. This dual nature of emails makes it the ideal platform for highly personalized marketing and customer engagement.

Best Email Providers for Marketing Your Business

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