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15 Best Smart Home Gym Equipment to Keep You Healthy

Echelon Bike

Smart home gym equipment are tools that offer their users convenience and ease. While a relatively new market, many smart home gym equipment models have been popping up in stores, both online and offline.

These products, while always a sight to see, may be difficult to buy. Its price tags are not the friendliest, and there is a lot that stays unknown about them since they’re new technology. In this article, you will see your best picks for smart home gym equipment. These make the most out of your purchases and introduce you to a new world of at-home exercise.


15 Best Smart Home Gym Equipment Models

Tempo Studio AI Home Gym


The Tempo Studio Al Home Gym has everything you will need in a gym, so it is the best entry to this list. Smart home gym equipment models sometimes only cater to specific needs, but this is not the case here.

You get both equipment and guidance when you use Tempo Studio’s Al Home Gym. The entire set includes a barbell, dumbbells, plates, and personalized workouts. It does not leave you hanging after your training because it also has a recovery roll.

As for its other features, this home gym has a 42-inch touchscreen and 60-watt speakers. Standing at six feet tall, this home gym equipment model packs several uses into one.

One of the biggest perks of using Tempo Studio’s Al Home Gym is the personalized workouts. While the equipment learns with you, you need not worry about staring into cold empty screens when you exercise. Workouts are live and on-demand, with trainers that suit your very needs. You will need a membership to unlock this feature, though.


Peloton Tread Running Machine

Peloton Tread
Photo from Peloton UK


Balancing your cardio with strength and endurance training is the Peloton Tread Running Machine. As anyone in the world of fitness will tell you, running is not the only exercise you should be doing. At the end of the day, working out is about how strong and able your body feels.

This running machine gives you your daily dose of cardio but also includes weight training in its offerings. A lot of the classes it provides uses these methods to challenge users, keeping them on their toes and in top shape.

To cap this all off, Peloton’s Tread Running Machine can keep you charged with music. With a built-in soundbar and speakers in front of you, you can make a full escape with your workout regimens. You will have a lot of fun while getting fitter thanks to this feature.


The Echelon Reflect

Echelon Reflect
Photo from Echelon


People are often discouraged to buy home gym equipment because of their sizes. A lot of home gym equipment is bulky because it has weights, large gears, or long mats involved. In addressing this, the world of smart home gym equipment figured out a way to combine many of these workouts in one. Smart mirrors are a modern solution to the tricky question of working out in a home with little to no space to spare.

The Echelon Reflect is one of the pioneers in this industry. It takes no floor space and functions both as a normal and smart mirror in one conveniently crafted package. Meaning, this mirror is both your trainer and your night out’s next best friend.

When using the Echelon Reflect, you can take boxing, cardio, pilates, yoga, and yoga classes in the comfort of your own home. This is not all this device offers, though. It can also guide you through your daily stretching, among other exercises.


The Tonal

Smart mirrors are so useful that even other smart home gym equipment makers started incorporating this specific technology into their products. The Tonal features a 24-inch touch screen that functions like the Echelon Reflect. However, this is only the tip of The Tonal iceberg.

In totality, this smart home gym equipment is made for weight training. Tonal falls under smart strength training machines you can use at home, but it is a cut above the rest. Using electricity and magnets, this product has up to 200 pounds of resistance. It also has smart handles and a smart bar.

Another feature that makes this like smart mirrors is its wall-mounted setup. Resistance and weight training often take up a lot of space because it needs heavy equipment. Tonal tries its best to absolve its users of this problem. Now, all you have to do is lift, count reps, and join weight training classes that Tonal also provides access to.


The Mirror

Photo from


Another pioneer in the world of smart mirrors is The Mirror Interactive Home Gym. This home gym equipment tries to pack a punch with its features.

To begin with, using The Mirror gives you many trainers and on-demand classes to choose from. Meeting them and taking their classes are done with ease because it is all through The Mirror. The workouts you can join vary, too.

Take boxing, cardio, strength, pilates, yoga, and stretching with The Mirror. Weights for most of these workouts are optional. Either way, your concerns can be voiced out to your instructor/s in real time.

Other features of the Mirror include a heart rate monitor, playlist access, and Bluetooth speakers. The best part of this is that the Mirror has a vibrant community of at-home gym equipment users. You can work out with your friends and family without ever having to see them with The Mirror.


NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle

Photo from NordicTrack


Indoor cycling is one of the biggest workouts of the 21st century. Many indoor cycling gyms have begun popping up in the last year, and you can only expect this number to grow. Why? Its community is active and tight-knit. They are so close that many people who are part of this community want their own indoor cycling bikes at home. That way, they do not have to be at the gym to attend one.

NordicTrack’s S22i Studio Cycle does this job fast and easy. It even has its own 22-inch welcome screen and syncs to the iFit platform automatically.

Keeping your rides fun and unexpected, the S22i gives you many landscapes and routes to choose from. These are worldwide sceneries, including but not limited to Tokyo, Vietnam, and Patagonia. Levelling up the experience further, you can even choose to tilt your bike upward or downward.

Working out with the S22i is also fun because you have many classes and workouts to choose from. It has a good roster of studio classes and HIIT workouts that you can choose from, which makes it different from its competitors. The S22i’s engineers also gave the bike the ability to tilt upward 20 degrees or downward by 10 degrees. Those inclines and declines happen as you ride, giving you the sensation of cruising along a Tokyo bike path. It can also change according to an instructor’s lead during a live class.


Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer

Photo from TAXC


For people interested in getting quick and hassle-free cycling workouts at home, the Tacx NEO 2T Smart Trainer is another good choice. This smart home gym equipment model is immersive, quiet, but does all the work you need to be done for you.

This makes your indoor bikes the quietest of their kind. It is covered in magnets that keep it from moving and making too much noise. All its riders have to do is enjoy the scenery and the ride itself.

You can customize your rides and hit your personal goals with the Taxc NEO 2T Smart Trainer. If you want to get used to hilly bike rides, simply choose the route most similar to it. Should you want to be more precise with your biking, this smart trainer does not have ‘smart’ on its name for nothing. The NEO 2 gives you the pedal stroke statistics you may need in improving your rides.

Compared to other indoor cycling models, the NEO 2T can immerse you in road surfaces and in downhill drives. This is great for both training and getting a simple workout in.


WalkingPad S1 Foldable Workout Device

Photo from Amazon


Some of these smart home gym equipment are wall-mounted to save space. The WalkingPad S1 achieves this goal of space optimization in a different way: it is a foldable piece of smart exercise equipment. You can keep your WalkingPad S1 folded in half under your bed or couch. Bring it out whenever you need them, out of sight and out of mind.

Other than this, the Walking Pad S1 is one of the most beginner-friendly smart home gym equipment models you can keep at home. It is a treadmill that saves space but still has impressive features like feet sensors, a remote, and a compatible phone app.

To get a better idea of how space-saving this WalkingPad is, it is 20.4 inches wide and 32.5 inches long. Keeping it hidden under your furniture, it stands only at 5.5 inches tall. You can use it while you are on a standing desk, or with its detachable handlebar. These features make the WalkingPad one of the most accessible smart home gym equipment models today.



Photo from


FightCamp is a platform exclusive for people interested in home-boxing workouts. With a FightCamp subscription, you can enter your home boxing gym in a matter of seconds.

Basically, FightCamp users order equipment from their website. There are three available equipment bundles: FightCamp Connect, FightCamp Personal, and FightCamp Tribe. The most basic bundle includes only punch trackers and quick wraps. Next, the second tier includes a free-standing bag, a workout mat, and premium boxing gloves. The most exclusive bundle is FightCamp tribe. It has all these and extra boxing gloves, extra quick wraps, and even kids’ boxing gloves.

Regardless of the bundles you choose, you can start your boxing training through your phones, tablets, or laptops. FightCamp home gym equipment can track your punches and can function like your own personal trainer.

Those only interested in a FightCamp membership can still join through their website. This membership is only $39 a month, excluding taxes. As long as you are a FightCamp member, you have access to about more than four new boxing workouts every week. This is added to the platform’s large repository of online boxing workouts.


CLMBR Connected Climbing Machine

Photo from Clmbr


It is commonly difficult to practice safe and effective climbing methods at home. However, the CLMBR makes it all too easy—without giving you a healthy amount of challenge, of course.

This climbing machine has a large format display screen that gives you access to many climbing classes. You do not have to join these alone, too. Many CLMBR Connected users connect through these classes.

The CLMBR Climbing Machine is also compatible with a companion app. Through this app, you can set personal climbing goals and see how you are faring in reaching them.

The best part? This smart home gym equipment model makes the effort of keeping your body in its proper climbing form throughout your workout. Reach your fitness goals without having to strain your body.


Hydrow Rower

Photo from Hydrow’s Indiegogo Page


The Hydrow Rower provides both fitness and escape for its users. This smart home gym equipment gives you many different rowing exercises to choose from. One of these exercises are live classes with instructors. These classes remain immersive, as instructors often teach rowing while being in water themselves. If not in water, they are usually holding classes live from a studio.

Other than this, you can choose to row while watching a recorded river stream. This feature is available 24/7, so you need not wait for anyone to get started. For more relaxed rowing sessions, you can choose to exercise with a tranquil river on display. This even has chirping birds and relaxing sceneries.

The Hydrow Rower knows that it cannot only function as a rowing training machine. Smart home gym equipment models tend to have many uses, and the same goes for the Hydrow Rower. With this model, you can also access yoga, stretching, resistance training, and other workout classes.


Peloton Bike+

Peloton Bike+
Photo from Peloton


The Peloton Bike+, like the Hydrow Rower, focuses on a specific physical skill: cycling. This bike is also multifunctional like the Hydrow Rower. With a 23.8-inch rotating touchscreen, you can use your Peloton Bike without even biking.

While previous versions of this bike have had a touchscreen, nothing has been as advanced as the Peloton Bike+. Its screen can rotate to about 180 degrees left and right. Use it even when you are doing other workouts like resistance training or stretching.

As for this bike’s other features, the Peloton Bike+ is also compatible with Apple watches. Syncing your workouts will no longer be a winded process of pressing buttons and waiting. These being said, the feature Peloton is most proud of is the Bike+’s automatic resistance adjustment. Input your target metrics, and the bike will adjust its resistance scales for you.

This bike is not without criticism, however. While it boasts high-quality features, the Bike+’s screen may not be too compatible with floor workouts. Its screen cannot face the floor, and can only move side to side.

Still, this is a great choice for people who take their indoor cycling or bike training seriously. Smart home gym equipment is more or less always a convenient choice.

MYX Fitness

MYX Fitness
Photo from MYX Fitness


The rotational screen issues brought up with the Peloton Bike+ can be addressed by taking a look at the MYX Fitness. This smart home gym equipment packs a punch, covering almost all possible home workouts you can imagine.

To begin with, MYX Fitness is a commercial-grade bike indoor cycling tool. Like other smart home gym equipment, it is compatible with your Apple Health app and has an app of its own. These make it easier for you to track your workouts.

As expected, the MYX Fitness also has Bluetooth headphone compatibility and a touchscreen. Through this screen (and internet connection), you can access a lot of MYX Fitness workouts. There are different workout types to choose from: Bike, Floor, Mindful, and Cross-Training. To take it up a notch, MYX Fitness also offers heart zone training, depending on how you want it done.

Lastly, this all-around bike is one of the most accessible smart home gym equipment you can get in the market today. It can be used by people up to 350 pounds and does not require clip-in shoes to work.

Echelon EX5S

Echelon Bike
Photo from Amazon


The Echelon EX5S not only sells a healthy and easy way to do your indoor cycling at home. At the very most, this smart home gym equipment comes with an active, competitive, and vibrant community. It is your closest choice to indoor cycling hubs like SoulCycle.

You can find enjoyment with the Echelon EX5S, but you will not be missing out on your productivity, too. This smart home gym equipment gives you access to your cadence, resistance level, and work output. These metrics will act as a guide for you in reaching your fitness goals. The resistance level can be adjusted by knob from 0 up to 100.

If you do not know how to use them, you can rely on your instructors for help. These will be the basis of your Echelon leaderboards, making sure everyone is motivated to do their best. Take these classes on your 21.5-inch touch screen, which is more than enough to immerse you in the complete Echelon experience.


NordicTrack Commercial X22i Treadmill

Last on this list of the best smart home gym equipment is the NordicTrack Commercial X22i Treadmill. This is one of NordicTrack’s premium gym equipment, perfect for health buffs everywhere.

As a short rundown, this has a 22-inch interactive screen, dual-band Wi-Fi connection, and iFit training compatibility. When used together, you get an immersive cardio experience that is almost as good as a run outdoors.

This treadmill’s touchscreen is so key to its quality that it named itself after it (22i stands for 22-inch). Using this feature, you can go on bright and crisp runs using augmented reality or even Google Street views. If you do not have the time to choose where you want to run, you can opt to watch an iFit video workout instead.

Whatever you choose, NordicTrack’s X22i Treadmill will help you get the running experience you need. If that was not enough, you can even choose to incline or decline your treadmill. Use this as an added challenge or as a way to take an easy workout day.

What Are ‘Smart’ Home Gym Equipment?

‘Smart’ Definition

Photo from Franki Chamaki on Unsplash


A ‘smart’ product is a device that uses machine learning and data processing to better a user’s experience. In simpler terms, it is more than your common household item. These products learn what you do and adjust their functions accordingly. Most smart products use the internet to do these tasks.

Smart products can be phones, robot vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, and more. All these products interact with their users and give them as much control as possible.


‘Smart’ Home Gym Equipment

smart home gym equipment
Photo from Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Smart home gym equipment models aim to make at-home workouts easier for their users. It does this by connecting to the internet and by pairing up with other compatible platforms like apps or smart watches.

Most of these smart home gym equipment models have interactive screens. The features of each will vary. Most of the time, however, these connect you to workout classes that both live and pre-recorded. You will meet your instructors, work out with classmates, and track your fitness goals together.

Owning smart home gym equipment is like having your own personal fitness trainer. There is a big difference, though: these equipment are available whenever you are. Moreover, it makes programs that fit your fitness goals in an instant.

Stay connected and fit yet safe and relaxed with smart home gym equipment.

Price Range

Photo from on Unsplash


Smart home gym equipment is not as common as smartphones. Thus, prices are still steep for an average user. However, there are affordable choices you may want to consider. For example, Xiaomi’s WalkingPad S1 is priced at a minimum of at least $559. This is an affordable and space-saving smart home gym equipment model that offers convenience and health to its users.

Moreover, membership-based smart home gym equipment can cost you about $59 a month. FightCamp’s home boxing offers are within that range. The platform is exclusive to home boxing, though. So, it really depends on your device’s smart features and class offerings.

Expect the prices of other smart home gym equipment models to range from $500 to over a thousand dollars.


Pros of Using Smart Home Gym Equipment

Photo from Jonathan Borba on Unsplash


Like smart kitchen appliances, smart home gym equipment models bring convenience to your home. Working out is not everyone’s favorite activity, and it can sometimes be hard to fit in a schedule even if it is the thing they love to do most.

By getting smart home gym equipment, you have a device almost as good as a personal trainer. The main difference between the two would be its accessibility: gym equipment is available at all times. No scheduling conflicts will be experienced with your own smart gym equipment.

Moreover, plenty of these gym equipment have memberships and classes built into them. From the confines of your home, you can still make connections and join an active workout community.

Lastly, these smart home gym equipment are multifunctional as mentioned above. Its smart features give them the capability to do so. This way, you get to experience different workouts that push you outside of your comfort zone. You might get a smart bike for cycling, but you can also discover a love for yoga in the process. The best part is that you can do both and even more.


Cons of Using Smart Home Gym Equipment

Photo from Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash


The most obvious con of getting smart home gym equipment is its prices. There are affordable choices, and you do get what you pay for. Still, ‘affordable’ is subjective. A multifunctional bike is a personal trainer and gym built in one, but it can also cost you over a thousand dollars. It is affordable in that it can save you from gym membership fees, but its price up front is still no joke.

Another con of using smart home gym equipment is that it cannot always replace real-life experiences. There are great, crisp, and HD immersions in most of these. However, there is nothing quite like rowing down a real river. The sounds, the feeling, and the natural landscape can never be duplicated on a screen.

Lastly, these can consume a lot of space in your home. Other than the WalkingPad and the FightCamp bundle, many of these choices take up a lot of space. These might not be as convenient for people living in apartments or condominiums.

Final Word

home gym equipment
Photo from Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash


A smart home gym equipment absolves you of any gym-related problems you may have. Not having enough time or energy to go to the gym will no longer be a problem. Also, first-timers need not worry about first-day gym judgment. Try whatever you want, when you want, and how you want.

Getting these smart home gym equipment models are a convenient way to get healthy from the four walls of your own home.

15 Best Smart Home Gym Equipment to Keep You Healthy

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