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Is Lekfit the Answer to Your Home Workout Problems?

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Staying active and maintaining a consistent workout routine are necessary for taking care of our health. The pandemic, however, has pushed many of us out of our favorite gyms and into adopting workouts at home. It can be difficult to maintain consistent training at home by yourself, and that’s where different home workout programs and apps come in. Such fitness app that can help you solve the challenges of home workouts is Lekfit.


What Is Lekfit?

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Lekfit features a series of curated fitness programs utilizing different methods to work the body using intervals of low impact and high-intensity cardio exercises. These exercises are great for fat burning and muscle sculpting to strengthen and tone your body. The Lekfit workout experience is offered both online and in their studio in Los Angeles, California.

What makes Lekfit workouts impressive is that they feature fun and musically-driven workout routines that are effective and safe to follow at home. Lekfit also makes sure that they maintain a body-positive and inclusive program for anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change while maintaining a healthy mindset.

Their inclusive and body-positive fitness space is established with the recognition that each client progresses differently from each one. The needs of your body may vary from another person, and you may need a different workout intensity. Lekfit recognizes this fact and strives to maintain a safe space for those who avail of their services.


Lekfit Subscription & Cost

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Many celebrities have recommended using the Lekfit workout in staying in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you’re wondering how much a Lekfit class is, here is a quick breakdown of the expenses for a premium subscription to all concept classes of Lekfit.


Subscription Tiers

For just $20 a month or less (around $200 per year), you can have access to the three concept classes of Lekfit. You will also get three new workouts every week, usually on Tuesdays, and a set of throwback workouts to complete your weekly exercise.

The Lekfit Digitial is a unique platform that allows you to focus on specific areas of your body and suggests pieces of equipment you can use for working out. During the quarantine, Lekfit founder Lauren Kleban and her team have also developed new programs for Lekfit Retro and Lekfti Mama.

  • Lekfit Mama ($14.99/month) – This program has 12 videos and counting. This is perfect for pregnant women who want to maintain a healthy and safe pregnancy. Each video in this program is about 50-55 minutes each.
  • Lekfit Retro ($6.99/month) – These videos are from Lauren’s archives. This program currently has 15 throwback videos from the Lekfit archives.


Accepted Payment Methods

You can use the credit card connected to your email to pay for your membership. You can also do this online if you are unable to go out of your house.


Lekfit Classes

The philosophy of the Lekfit workout revolves around finding the perfect exercise that is both efficient and effective depending on what your goals are. At Lekfit, there are three class concepts designed to work with each other so you can choose based on your personal physical fitness needs every day. For more information and benefits, you can check out their method page.

These three class concepts are:



This is Lekfit’s signature cardio and muscle-forming full-body workout. The exercises in Boost are great for warming up because they are low-impact and high in intensity. If you are aiming to work out your legs, arms, and core, this is the class concept for you.

The Boost workout usually involves a quick arm workout using weights followed by cardio boosts on the trampoline for 15-20 minutes. This is also Lauren’s signature workout.



The Hype class is similar to the Boost class but without the trampoline. It also features the Lekfit signature cardio plus full-body muscle-sculpting workout. You will do a quick warm-up followed by a series of cardio intervals in between.

The Hype class is a little bit more intense than Boost. It is advertised in Lekfit Digital as a dance workout because it is easy to follow and has a fun rhythm. Your workout routine here will be focused on your core and muscle sculpting.



This class concept is the signature intense full-body workout at Lekfit. If you want to try the Lekfit weight loss program, the Define class concept is ideal for you. This is perfect for those who want slow burn and high-intensity workouts. Define classes include a warm-up, legs, arms, core, and a series of stretches.

If you are looking for a series of exercises that will tone and sculpt your body without being exhausted by cardio routines, the Define class concept is for you.


Lekfit Features

Lekfit Workout
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There are also other features of the Lekfit program that you can mix and match according to your physical needs that day. If you feel like you are too tired to do any intense workout activity, you also have other options to choose from such as:



This series of exercises only last about 35 minutes and are just quick workouts. If you only have limited time to spare during that day, you can check out the Lekfit Basics library and find a wide range of videos from stretching, band basics, to light cardio.


Pre and Post-Partum Basics

This category in the Lekfit workout is for those who are either pregnant or just recently gave birth. They have two exercises that are created for women who need extra physical caution to avoid risky strenuous activities. You can check out the Lekfit Retro Mama program for more in-depth content.



The archives library has been part of the Lekfit Digital program since 2016. It includes many folders of library videos and tutorials that you can use for your workout routine. If you are tired of doing the same exercises every day, you can try the exercise in the Lekfit archive to change it up a little.


Lekfit Pros & Cons

For a more comprehensive Lekfit review, we have listed down the pros and cons of the Lekfit workout program based on the reviews of clients online.


  • There are many types of workouts for cardio and muscle sculpting.
  • The Lekfit concept classes are good for strength training.
  • Allows you the freedom to choose which workout you want for the day.
  • Great for beginners in physical fitness.
  • Has both digital programs for home workouts.
  • Fun routines with engaging music to keep you pumped up.
  • You can choose high-intensity or slow burn exercises.
  • Lekfit has programs for post and prenatal women.
  • Offers quick exercises for busy days.
  • New content every week, so you won’t get bored.
  • The Lekfit streaming services can be availed anywhere you are in the world.



  • Not the cheapest option for a fitness program.
  • The instructions could be more detailed.
  • Minimal coaching if you like to be guided thoroughly.
  • The number of workout videos is still limited.
  • Minimal functional and compound movements.


If you are keen on checking out the concept classes and videos on Lekfit before subscribing to their premium plan, you can still watch Lekftit YouTube videos for free. They feature steps that are easy to follow and light exercises so you can warm up before doing your cardio.


Lekfit vs Online Fitness Platforms

There are various types of audiences for every type of exercise. That’s why you must choose the right one for your physical needs. For those who want to find the right fitness platform for their specific goals, here are some of the other programs we found that are similar to the Lekfit workout.


Beachbody on Demand


The Beachbody on Demand fitness platform is another popular fitness program along with Lekfit. It includes gym memberships that compete against other major brands such as Obe Fitness, Planet Fitness, and 24-Hour Fitness. They also offer boxing classes for those who are into more extreme physical conditioning.

Just like Lekfit, you can also pay for premium membership for BeachBody on Demand. They offer various discount prices and promotions too. You will save more with this fitness platform compared to others without losing the quality services of a fitness program.


The Yoga Class

If you are someone who is looking to improve their flexibility and tone their muscles but don’t want to do physical activities that require a lot of constant moving, chances are you would love The Yoga Class fitness platform.

Created by model and yoga instructor Laura Dodd, this whole new experience of digital yoga is loved by many fitness enthusiasts out there. This program is fairly recent and was launched last November 2020, so you are guaranteed to be one of the first few patrons inf you subscribe to their membership for only £23.98 a month or £178.97 annually.




Another popular digital fitness program is the P.volve workout. Similar to the Lekfit workout, you can also have the option to choose the home workout via an app or through their streaming platform.

This fitness platform is designed for those who want to work out using specialized types of equipment like ankle weights. These are a series of low-impact workouts revolving around isolating your muscles using movements like pilates and barre.


The Lex Effect

The Lex Effect fitness program is similar to the Lekfit class concepts with its low-impact and medium to high-intensity workout routines. This is great for those who are looking for a cheaper alternative to Lekfit, which also features muscle-sculpting and cardio programs. Their subscription options include 9.99/month for the video library and $13/month for the live workouts.

Lex Effect also features high-energy yoga based on the Vinyasa techniques, which is used by many people who want to target specific areas of their body but only have limited time to do physical activities.


305 at Home


Another impressive digital fitness program you can try at home is created by the 305 at Home fitness team. They have integrated the art of dancing into calorie burning and cardio exercise. This fitness program is one of the most active routines you can try at home especially if you love dancing.

For only $29/month, you can turn your living room into a fun dance party gym with 305’s workouts that will boost your confidence while keeping you in shape. You can also get a 7-day free trial if you want to learn about their fitness program before subscribing.


DeadBoys Fitness


The last fitness platform on our list is created by Colby Lopez and Josh Gallegos called the DeadBoys Fitness. This program is designed for heavy and intense workout sessions for those who are aiming to be functional athletes or wanting to join bodyweight shows.

You can train using their daily workouts and transform your body within a few months of consistent effort. However, if you are a newbie, you can still also enjoy their Crossfit sessions using their digital platform. They also promote the use of light equipment for beginners such as barbells, kettlebells, and dumbbells.


Is Lekfit the Answer to Your Home Workout Problems?

Working out at home is made easier because of online apps and programs that can guide you toward your goal. You can have an app for each aspect of your life that you want to improve—whether it be your weight, diet, or general lifestyle. The great thing about fitness apps is that they can cater to almost all of your lifestyle change needs.

Lekfit is a great fitness app if you are someone who wants to maintain a fun and engaging workout routine that won’t burn you out in the long run. You must stay consistent so you can achieve the maximum goals you are striving for. What makes Lekfit impressive is its inclusivity programs for pregnant women, new mothers, and everyone else who is working hard to achieve their goals.

Fitness programs must promote a healthy way of achieving people’s physical needs because everyone progresses at their own pace. This also ensures that a positive mindset is maintained among their clients for more fulfilling and efficient workout sessions with Lekfit.

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