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Nest Thermostats: A Comprehensive Guide

A lot of household owners consider the Nest Thermostats as one of the essential appliances that they should have. This is because they know that Nest Thermostats are reliable, safe for use, and guaranteed to provide the benefits that thermostats should provide. Thus, if you are presently in search of a good thermostat, try to consider the Nest Thermostats as one of your options. For you to know why you should continue reading.


What Are Nest Thermostats?

The Nest Thermostats are popularly known as the Nest Learning Thermostat products. The popular Nest Labs developed these smart thermostats. Additionally, Ben Filson, Fred Bould, and Tony Fadell designed them. Every unit of the thermostat is programmable, electronic, self-learning, and Wi-Fi enabled. Besides, it is capable of optimizing the heating and cooling of households and even businesses dwelling to boost energy conservation.

The Nest Thermostats have specially-designed learning algorithms. However, to provide the expected output, you need to regulate the temperature settings for the first weeks. By doing this, the machine will have a set of data that will be its basis. Eventually, it will serve as its guide in automatically setting the temperature to a certain level at a particular time. Additionally, the machine’s built-in sensors and the location of the phone, its control, enable the thermostat to be at energy-saving mode upon realizing that nobody is home.


Why Are Nest Thermostats Considered The Best?

Nest Thermostats are quite popular. They are among the most trusted brands when talking about self-learning thermostats since these are made from high-quality materials. Moreover, each unit is a product of careful research and world-class manufacturing procedures. Aside from that, these thermostats are among the most preferred because of the following:


1. User-friendly

Nest Thermostats are very easy to operate. Using this does not require a longer learning curve. This can be readily used and operated right after the unboxing and installation procedures. Furthermore, it also comes with a manual that you can easily read and understand. Also, the processes in operating the device are also easy to master.


2. Safe And Reliable

Nest Thermostats are safe for use and very reliable. To achieve the expected results and avoid inconveniences, make sure to read the user’s manual on how to use and maintain the device in good working condition. Also, these thermostats make use of the latest technology. This serves as an assurance that every unit is capable of getting the job done.


3. Worth The Price

Buying a unit of Nest Thermostats allows you to get the best out of your money. This is because the machine is capable of controlling your home’s temperature and maximize energy savings. Furthermore, Nest Thermostats are durable and will remain in good working condition for a longer period despite continuous use.


Best-Selling Nest Thermostats

Nest Labs is known for regularly offering the smart thermostat market with a range of reliable options. Nest Labs does this by introducing a solid product lineup each year or whenever the company sees it fit. As for the current year, the following are few of the best Nest Thermostats for sale.


1. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation T3007ES

Nest T3007ES Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation
Photo on Amazon

The Nest T3007ES when first released into the market has been a quick hit. Additionally, it became a hot object of every Nest Thermostat review. The T3007ES is a highly-programmable Wi-Fi learning product that automatically learns your temperature setting habits. Furthermore, it automatically regulates your home’s temperature based on the schedule that it has learned.



  • Compatible with most heating and cooling systems
  • Has convenient Wi-Fi setting features
  • Downloadable app operated
  • Has the farsight feature that illuminates the unit’s display for clear reading


  • Might not be compatible with some of the newly-released heating/cooling system
  • Requires the purchase of the separate Nest Protect to automatically turn off the gas furnace when carbon monoxide is detected


  • Just like most Nest Thermostats, the T3007ES remains a heavyweight in its class for its excellent compatibility, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, and apparent information display.


2. Nest Thermostat E

Nest Thermostat E
Photo on Amazon

The Nest Thermostat E is often mistaken as the model that will usher the release of the Nest 4th generation series. But despite such, the Thermostat E became a significant product in its class. Besides, it has a long list of useful features that made it a bestseller.



  • Sold at a relatively affordable price
  • Equipped with smart features like the expensive one
  • Very lightweight


  • Made of plastic that looks cheap
  • Has a relatively lower resolution
  • Not compatible with most HVAC systems


  • Although cheaper than most Nest Thermostats, the Thermostat E remains a decent choice for buyers with a limited budget. This is because it still offers a lot of smart features like the more expensive ones provide.


3. Nest Thermostat E T4000ES

Nest Thermostat E T4000ES
Photo on Amazon

The T400ES is a remarkable addition to the Nest Thermostats product line. Moreover, it comes with a straightforward design and frosted display that allows it to blend easily with the background.



  • Blends with the background
  • Controllable via an app
  • Has the Nest Thermostat sensor that allows it to turn itself down when you leave home
  • Comes with an efficient wireless connectivity


  • Might not work well with older HVAC systems
  • Might provide poorer resolution


  • The Nest Thermostat E T400ES is a top performer at a reasonable price. Besides, it works best when controlled remotely via an app compatible with Android 4 and iOS 8.


4. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation T3019US

Nest Thermostat T3008US
Photo on Amazon

This significant member of the 3rd generation Nest Thermostats is capable of programming itself despite the shorter learning time. Additionally, many buyers like the T3019US for its convenient setup and installation.



  • Has an auto-schedule feature
  • Comes with energy history feature and home/away assist
  • Compatible with most phone models for remote control
  • Comes with the farsight feature


  • Might not be compatible with older HVAC systems
  • Requires to be teamed with the separate Nest Protect to perform some functions


  • Despite its relatively pricey price, the T3019US is one of the best Nest Thermostats. Besides, it is proven to control almost half of your energy bill.


5. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation T3008US

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation T3008US
Photo on Amazon

This 3rd generation member of the Nest Thermostats series can effectively make your mornings comfortable, your afternoon cozy, and your night cool.



  • Works with Alexa
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Proven to control half the energy consumption
  • Offers clearer resolution


  • Relatively pricey
  • Might not be compatible with older HVAC systems


  • Although dubbed as one of the pricey Nest Thermostats, the T3008US is still a top pick among buyers due to its compatibility with Alexa. Moreover, it has effective energy optimization.
Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation T3008US
Photo by Bruce Brown on Digital Trends


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