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Top 10 WiFi Thermostats For Your Smart Home

Best WiFi Thermostats

Why Should You Invest In A WiFi Thermostat?

Modern-day society is on the go with little time to waste and a lot to do. Therefore, the emergence of smart home devices come in handy. The best part is you can control them using your smartphone. Among such products is the smart WiFi thermostat.

Given your busy schedule, you may likely forget to switch off the heating or cooling system. However, with the creation of smart WiFi thermostats, calling your neighbor to switch off your air conditioning has now become a thing of the past.

Deciding on the best wireless thermostat to use isn’t easy. However, with several companies out there competing to make life easier, you have at your disposal well-crafted home devices to use. A number of these smart thermostats come in different designs, colors and unique features that fit consumer needs.

Nevertheless, you need to understand these features before investing in them. The more user-friendly a WiFi thermostat, the costlier it gets. Regardless, the best user experience is often worth the extra dollars. So, if you are in the market for a suitable WiFi thermostat for your smart home, we curated 10 of the best smart thermostats available in the market for your consideration. 


1. Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control

Ecobee WiFi Thermostat With Voice Control
Photo by

We start off our list with one of our top choices.  This is a perfectly designed WiFi thermostat, with added features that make your life a breeze. With its built-in Alexa feature, the thermostat offers more than temperature regulation. It can play music and sync with other devices such as the Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.

Besides helping you save significantly on energy consumption in your house, this sleek, touchscreen device has a smart sensor that keeps your essential rooms comfortable. The Ecobee Smart Thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature based on room occupancy. On the flip side, it will set you back a few bucks, but this is paid for by its easier installation.

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control retails on Amazon for $249.


2. Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen)

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen
Photo by Amazon

Nest Learning Thermostat first hit the market in 2011, revolutionizing the smart thermostat market forever. This 3rd generation wireless thermostat features the most advanced learning algorithm in the market, and multiple environment information-gathering sensors including a larger display, geofencing support, a furnace monitor, among others.

With a reliable mobile connection, the Nest Thermostat keeps you up to date on your HVAC performance through mobile phone alerts. Although pricey, the WiFi thermostat learns your routine and adjusts your HVAC according to your preferences. With easy installation guidelines, the Nest Thermostat is compatible with 95% of HVAC systems in the market, and the best part is it is complemented with a free mobile app.

The Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd gen) retails on Amazon for $221.57. 


3. Ecobee 3 Lite Thermostat

Ecobee 3 Lite
Photo by The Verge

This smart thermostat lets you control your HVAC system from anywhere using the Ecobee mobile app. It, therefore, helps you keep track of your home energy usage by helping you minimize the system’s runtime. It also has an easy-to-use touchscreen which pairs well with room sensors thus managing the hot and cold spots within the room.

Equipped with HomeIQ feature, this wireless device can significantly help reduce energy costs at home. This little gadget is compatible with most tech-savvy devices among them Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Smart Things, Wink, and IFTTT.

The Ecobee 3 Lite stands out because of its pocket-friendliness, yet it rides high with a gadget like Ecobee Smart Thermostat with voice control. With the addition of 7-day scheduling, this smart thermostat will be a most welcome addition to your smart home. 

The Ecobee 3 Lite Thermostat retails on Amazon for $174.99. 



Nest Thermostat E
Photo by Home Depot

A reasonably priced thermostat with features almost similar to some of the high rated thermostats in the market, the Nest thermostat E is a stylish, customizable and easy to install smart thermostat. Equipped with the home/away sensor feature, this WiFi thermostat power down when you are away to save energy.

Furthermore, you can schedule its activities using any of your smartphone devices. What Nest did to this device was lower the screen resolution and encase it into a plastic body instead of the signature metallic casing. However, these nifty gadgets still boast of Nest’s original features embedded in the Nest Learning thermostat.

Therefore, if you are a Nest fan you have at your disposal a gadget that is as good as the Learning Thermostat, with home/away features at an affordable price. The good part is that you can install it yourself!    

The Nest Thermostat E retails on Amazon for $174.99. 


5. Emerson Sensi Touch WiFi Smart Thermostat

Emerson Sensi Touch WiFi Smart Thermostat
Photo by Rakuten

This gadget is loaded with some of the best features in the market for a smart WiFi thermostat. It has a sleek design and multiple features that help you live a comfortable life. For instance, the gadget comes with Geofencing function, which adjusts the room to your preferred temperature even before you get into the house. Besides, using the Emerson app, you can remote access the thermostat and give it more instructions. It can also receive commands from Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assist.

In a more traditional sense, this Emerson thermostat has the 7-day scheduling functionality and remote control operations which maximize user experience. Finally, the gadget’s user reports are a smart way to keep track of your energy use around the house.   

The Emerson Sensi Touch WiFi Smart Thermostat retails on Amazon for $174.99. 


6. Honeywell Lyric T5

Honeywell Lyric T5
Photo by Sylvane

The Honeywell lyric T5 smart WiFi thermostat is among the cheaper models of smart WiFi thermostats in the market. Among its attractive features is the geofencing technology that turns your heating and cooling on/off depending on your proximity. Furthermore, it equipped with the Apple HomeKit and can receive commands from Siri and Amazon Alexa.

Although it looks inadequate because it lacks more advanced functionalities, this gadget makes for the best buy given that it touches on the primary home HVAC requirements. It, therefore, puts you in command of your heating and cooling hence managing your home better than letting technology run your life.

Like many WiFi thermostats, the Honeywell Lyric T5 can easily be installed into your house to manage your HVAC system. However, if you are not a DIY sort of person, it doesn’t hurt to contact the Honeywell customer service for assistance.

The Honeywell Lyric T5 retails on Amazon for $129.99. 


7. Honeywell RTH9580 WiFi Thermostat

Honeywell RTH9580 WiFi Thermostat
Photo by Home Depot

This device is another of those smart thermostats with ‘learning’ capabilities, which ensures that it adapts to your user preferences. You don’t necessarily have to keep on adjusting your HVAC needs whenever the outside climate changes. Furthermore, the gadget adapts to temperature and humidity changes hence allowing for less power usage.

Like many WiFi thermostats, Honeywell thermostat can be accessed remotely through the Connect Comfort App. The app allows the user to adjust settings as required and better still, track energy use while sending alerts to the phone. This significantly helps in the maintenance of the home or office HVAC system.

The Honeywell RTH9580 WiFi Thermostat retails on Amazon for $159.99


8. Honeywell RTH6580WF WiFi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell RTH6580WF WiFi 7-day Programmable Thermostat
Photo by Amazon

There are times when you are away from home for several days. With the Honeywell programmable thermostat, you can program your heating and cooling. This way, when you go back to the house, it will be at the perfect ambient temperature for your comfort. Also, the device connects to your home network and therefore, can be controlled using an android/ios app downloaded on your smartphone. It is the cheapest smart thermostat in the market.

The fact that it is cheap doesn’t mean it falls short in quality. It is capable of remembering your settings and can use them even when offline. Furthermore, with remote access to WiFi, you can adjust temperatures to your liking, and at the same time, reduce energy consumption when away for long hours. Finally, since it lacks the machine intelligence that comes with more expensive smart WiFi thermostats, it compensates for this inadequacy with a four-period program. The application allows you to switch to your preferred temperature in four periods, thus putting you in command of your daily schedule, which in turn cuts on energy costs.

The Honeywell RTH6580WF WiFi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat retails on Amazon for $99.00.


9. Lux Thermostat

Lux Smart WiFi Thermostat
Photo by Home Depot

The Lux WiFi thermostat comes in two functionalities. There is the Lux Geo which allows for home and away mode. This means that the smart thermostat can toggle from home to away modes when you are not in the house and vice versa. Then we have the Lux Kono which works well with Apple HomeKit. Both the thermostats are controlled via an app, and you can also connect them to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assist for voice control.

The app helps you significantly monitor your energy consumptions as well as keep track of the maintenance of your home HVAC system. The Lux WiFi thermostat offers a lot of information on your HVAC. This information can help you form an informed opinion on where you spend a lot of your energy and what is needed to cut on cost. Also, it comes with a battery back-up when power is down.

The Lux Thermostat retails on Amazon for $47.00.


10. Glas Smart Thermostat

Glas Smart WiFi Thermostat
Photo by Tech Hive

Glas smart WiFi thermostat is the device to go for if you love sophistication and class. This WiFi thermostat also gives you an air quality report, outlining any allergens that you might inhale through its medical-grade air sensor. It has a beautiful OLED touchscreen that blends well with your home. Besides that, this pricey smart thermostat adds ambiance to the home as well. The GLAS app allows you to control multiple GLAS thermostats if you have them. Besides, the Thermostats occupancy sensor and weekly schedule make it largely independent from user adjustment.     

The Glas Smart Thermostat retails on Amazon for $249.00.


*This article contains affiliate links.

Top 10 WiFi Thermostats For Your Smart Home

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