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Most Popular IoT Applications To Check Out Today

IoT Applications

If you are into technology, pretty sure you’ve already come across IoT (Internet of Things) applications. It’s almost everywhere, especially this technology makes it possible for the physical devices into the digital realm. Despite its popularity, a lot of people are still in the dark when it comes to this type of technology, and a lot of people are not even aware that they are using this kind of application. Before we enumerate the most popular IoT applications, let’s first explain what IoT is.


What Is The Internet Of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated objects, computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, people or animals that can collect and transfer data without the need for human-to-human interaction or human-to-computer interaction. In the consumer market, IoT is synonymous with products about the concept of “smart home”, covering devices and appliances that are controllable via devices such as smartphones and smart speakers.

The Internet of Things is transforming every aspect of our lives, our home, our offices, and even the streets. IoT applications and products give us greater control over household appliances, lights, and also door locks. It also offers insights into resource consumption habits and streamlines business processes and helps us to better connect with people, systems, and environments that help shapes our daily lives. IoT manifests itself across different industries.

What Is The Internet Of Things?
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Segments That Uses The Internet Of Things



Adopting IoT applications for the retail environment allows the customers to interact directly and indirectly with everything in the store. It helps in giving the customers a unique and personalized experience in the store. And a new technology called voice-enabled commerce is also rising.

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Public Transportation

IoT applications are making innovations to the transportation industry. As for its public transportation sector, IoT applications make it efficient for commuters to check for departure and arrival time of some trains, making it easier for them to plan their commute.

Public Transportation
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Supply Chain


What IoT applications do to this segment is helping them optimized their operation. From tracking products by putting RFIDs or GPS and making inventory efficient more than ever. Delivery of products and goods can be easily monitored thanks to IoT applications.


Smart Homes

Some homeowners are proud users of IoT as gives them more freedom to manage their home. By connecting almost all appliances in one central system, they can now easily control lights and appliances via their smartphone or other devices.



Smart farming is a hi-tech system of growing healthy foods and sustainable for the masses with the use of IoT applications. This enable farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity ranging from the number of fertilizers used to the number of trips farm vehicles have made.



By using IoT applications in manufacturing, manufacturers can reduce their costs and improve safety in their workplace. Aside from this, they are also able to produce customized products in volume, making their production time lesser.


Smart Cities

The rise of IoT applications helped a lot of cities and municipalities around the globe, enhance their services, reduce costs, and improve interaction. Some of these improvements include more efficient water supply, innovative solution to traffic congestion, and public safety.



In the healthcare segment, IoT applications have changed ordinary medical devices by collecting invaluable additional data. It also gives extra insight into symptoms and trends. Aside from these, it also gives patients more control over their treatment and lives.


Smart Grid

It uses the IoT technology to remotely monitor and manage everything from lighting, traffic signs, traffic congestion, parking spaces, road warnings, and early detection of things like power influxes because of earthquakes and extreme weather.

There are many uses of IoT applications, and you probably used it in more than one segment. To further familiarize you with it, we listed examples of IoT applications.


Most Popular IoT Applications


Ray Super Remote

If you’re looking for an IoT application that is perfect for your smart home, Ray Super Remote is the one. No need to worry about misplacing one of your remote control or if you have changed the battery of all of your entertainment controllers. Ray acts as your central remote control for all your entertainment and TV devices. Name any entertainment device this ultimate touchscreen remote control has got you covered.

This IoT app stores your history and preferences. Besides, it can offer personalized recommendations. It learns what you like and helps you find it easily. Ray also has a search feature that let’s easily search anything you want to watch and can access all your favorites. No wonder this app generated quite a buzz and is one of the top Internet of Things applications of today.


Click and Grow

If you’re living in the city, you may find it hard to grow plants indoors. But not anymore, thanks to this new IoT app that would help you grow your plant with minimal supervision. No need to have a green thumb as this device is self-watering and self-luminous. It has hassle-free indoor gardening made for every age and experience level.

It’s as easy as choosing from their available plant pods. Install the system, and watering your garden will be automatic. This IoT application also offers smart soil, which is a perfectly balanced environment for the plants. They have a variety of plant pods available, so you’re favorite plant will surely be available!



For smart cities, this IoT application is for you. Telensa is building data-driven cities on smart streetlight infrastructure, providing power and connectivity to the place where people live, work, and travel. It is an efficient means to collect, protect, and apply data to enhance city life. This company uses the Internet of Things sensors to monitor lighting on a larger scale.

Several cities across the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the United States are already using this IoT application. Navigant named this company as one of the three global leaders in smart city lighting, making it one of the popular Internet of Things applications right now.


Skybell Wifi Doorbell

This is a great example of IoT application made for your smart home. Skybell lets its users answer their door through their smartphone. It’s as easy as that. You don’t need to open the door to check who rang the doorbell. It lets you see, speak, and hear your visitors even if you’re at home or work and even when you’re on the go.

Skybell has a genuinely impressive feature lists that allow you to live-stream your door via the Skybell mobile application. It has motion sensors and full-color night vision that allows you to see your guests at night. There are alarms integrated on the device, so you need not worry about burglars and safety of your home.



If you are thinking of traveling abroad or just going on a trip, this smart healthcare IoT application should be on your travel essentials. It tracks not only vital health data but also its users’ GPS and location to alert users’ caretakers of any emergency. This IoT application may just look like a bracelet, but don’t be deceived, for it has a lot of useful features.

MyMdBand automatically collects the user’s health data and deliver automatic updates on vaccinations, current medications, allergies, and more. It also has a personalized quick response (QR) code that will provide medical personnel with instant access to your medical information, anytime, anywhere, and securely.


June Oven

Have you ever wished to make cooking easier? Well, there’s an answer to your wish. Thanks to this IoT application that will surely change the way you cook. June oven, or what they call the “do-it-all oven,” offers its users a smart way of cooking with the help of your smartphone. You can control this oven anywhere, making it easy for people who only have a limited time to cook food.

This smart oven uses a camera to help you monitor your meals. It also provides you a handy suggestion on the right way to approach your meal. It’s also an air fryer, dehydrator, slow cooker, broiler, toaster, warming drawer and of course oven all in one. It also has built-in cook programs letting you cook anything easily. No wonder this is one of the most popular Internet of Things applications available.



For smart cities, this IoT app aims to facilitate recycling and reduce waste management costs. Hence, the company uses the Internet of Things sensors and analytical dashboards to collect data and create actionable reports. It also helps increase sustainability in the long run and proactively manage solutions.

This IoT app monitors your dumpsters filling level, which allows you to only pay for one needed pick-up. No need to worry about schedules when haulers would arrive since the sensors will automatically send a signal. Both municipalities and commercial organizations like retailers or restaurants can use this app.

Thanks to all these popular IoT apps, a smart future awaits everyone. Even if it’s for your business or your personal use, internet of things application will surely improve your lives.

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