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Google AR Maps Can Now Tell You Exactly Where To Go

Google Augmented Reality(AR) Maps

February this year, Google rolled out a test of its latest augmented reality feature – Augmented Reality (AR) directions in Street View. Unlike your typical street map, Google AR incorporated the technological advancement to show users the exact paths and directions in a more engaging and interactive way.

It works by activating the app to pick up the user’s location via the Global Positioning System (GPS). Once it collects the required data, it then uses Google’s Street View data to narrow down the exact location. Subsequently, when the final location is pinned, a direction is generated with clear navigation instructions on your device’s screen.

Also, earlier this year, though Google AR has first released this feature exclusively on Pixel phones primarily with the use of phone’s camera; this feature now works on most android phones too. All a user needs to do is by holding the phone upright and directing it next to the streets and its surroundings. Then Google AR will display the directions and optimizing the best route to your destination.

In August of this year, Android devices that support AR Core or iPhones with ARKit support will now be able to use the Google Maps Live View in beta.

Users can test out the Live View through these simple steps:

  • Search for a location you want to go to on the map
  • Click on the directions button at the bottom
  • Choose walking directions at the top of the screen
  • Select the new Live View option at the bottom of the screen

How Google AR Maps Works?

To make this augmented reality work for Google, they researched deeper into finding the best technology to use.

That means when a user takes a view from the camera and sends a compressed version up to the cloud, it gets analyzed via its unique visual features. This way, Google is able to capture a good idea of the user’s whereabouts via the GPS’ signal from its devices. By using the Street View data for the surrounding area to look for what’s nearby such as building features, statures, etc.

With this new feature, it only gives us hints that Google has big plans on expanding its mapping service. Google aims to make its Travel and Maps features as a hub for users to plan their trips from start to finish.

Other Google Updates

Google also rolls out an update for Google Flights that will feature travelers guides on famous destinations based on the country and time of year. It allows users to set specific travel dates and destinations to acquire historical data on flight prices. Ultimately, the goal is to help users save cost by finding the best times to book a flight.

For a complete update, Google also offers guides on where to stay when the flight is booked. When everything is all set, Google will get the itinerary data under ‘Your Places’ in Google Maps. To get your bookings organized, the new Google Timeline update let users search through the location history by categories. So, based on these places, users can build a list that can be shared with other people. The list can also be made public to allow more users to access such guides.

Google vs. Apple

Apple IOS
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When it comes to talks about Google updates, it is very common for its competitor to come up in any conversation. With this augmented reality (AR) technology being rolled out by Google, Apple also has its own developments.

Apple has its AR software developing Kit for IOS users; which seems to be the world’s most popular platform for developing AR-powered mobile apps.

According to reports, Apple is preparing an AR/VR headset that they could launch in 2020. The headset will feature various sets of AR-related features.

In the end, it will not be impossible for Google and Apple’s AR technological advancement to complement each other. If Apple launches its AR headset with third-party support, chances are, Google will want some of their features to be available on it.

The Future of Augmented Reality (AR)

With AR technology slowly taking over today, people should learn how to adapt in these ever-changing times. The convenience that it brings may be good but it will also hit businesses that may need to reassess huge chunks of their marketing strategies to fully comply with the latest technologies.

With that being said, rethinking the key elements of marketing strategies and diving deeper into advanced technology developments are surefire ways to stay on this technological fast-moving track. So, prepare ahead for what’s to come especially in our modern world is key to success.

As Google continues to make our lives easier, it also brings forth opportunities for growth for businesses today.

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