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What is the Onyx Ring in World of Warcraft, How to Get It and the Main Advantages

World of Warcraft

WoW offers all players a huge number of unique items that suit all characters, or specific classes, and scattered such things throughout raids and dungeons, quests, and other locations to make it interesting and not so easy for players to get to really valuable items.

Some, of course, will simply buy WoW gold and redeem them from more fortunate players, but in general, they will have to work hard to get them.

The Onyx Ring with huge stamina for any hero and sockets for primal stones with selected stats depending on the player’s class has become such an item.

This item is a trinket and can be overclocked to impressive power and additional effects.

World of Warcraft


How to Get the Onyx Ring in WoW Dragonflight

The ring is obtained in the first assault on the Zker Vaults, which will be a logical epilogue to a series of quests that will help local NPCs explore these places and the treasures hidden there.

Most of the quests will take place in the Forbidden Land and will start in Valdrakken. Complete the tasks in order until you come across the Exploring Our Past quest, which will essentially take you inside the vault.

When you receive the task – Zkerskoe vault Az, then from that moment you will begin your immersion in this temporary zone for the purpose of research.

The zone is tied with keys, and you will receive the first 6 pieces for free from the pioneer.

When you move to the vault itself, immediately go to the center of the room and eliminate the monster that is there, a ring will drop from it, which will begin your path to getting the Onyx Ring.

You can turn in the task in a peaceful zone, but do not rush to leave the vault – look around.

You need to use all the keys you get from the trailblazer to open the doors and chests that you come across and start finding the first primordial stones that can be inserted into the Onyx Ring and endow it with the necessary parameters, in addition to the basic stamina indicators.

World of Warcraft


How to Get Primal Stones and How to Use Them

Stones of Primal Power are mined only in the Forbidden Land and the dungeon itself and can be endowed with special and unique effects and parameters.

They are inserted into an onyx ring in any of the three sockets, and in total you can get three large enhancements in addition to the basic capabilities of the accessory.


How Concentrated Magic Helps Create Primal Stones

While hunting in the Forbidden Jungle, you will receive elements of concentrated magic, they will be obtained from chests, random monsters, and initial bosses. Such items are the basis for creating primordial stones, and their effect can be random.

All stones can be associated with elemental magic and other types of enchantments of darkness and light.

All stones can be associated with elemental magic and other types of darkness and light enchantments, as well as unique effects:

Severe Frost – You gain a barrier that will absorb some of the damage and slow the attack and speed of all enemies that attack you in melee, the debuff lasts 5 seconds.

Broken dam – Randomly, allies can receive powerful and elemental healing of your health.

Blood – When dealing damage to an enemy, you can activate darkness magic, which will cause damage, and you will be replenished with a similar amount of health.

Thunder – During your movement, you accumulate the energy of nature and release it randomly, dealing damage to the enemy.

Chaotic Fel – Your fire-elemental attacks are empowered and become chaos magic by the power of the primordial stone.

Jets of steam – While receiving healing, you have a chance to activate the power of steam and restore additional health to yourself and other allies.

Timid flame – When attacking an enemy, there is a chance to activate fire magic and deal damage within 7 seconds from burns and fire.

Freezing Ice – When using skills, you have a chance to greatly slow down the enemy and inflict additional damage from the power of ice.

Shining Iron – If you do not move in battle, you will receive a bonus that will supplement your level of physical protection and increase the overall damage from automatic attacks without the use of skills.

Musical harmony – When attacking, there is a chance to increase non-core characteristics for yourself and allies by 364 points.

Buzzing magic – If you attack the enemy with magic, then there is a chance to release an elemental arrow equal to the presence of primordial stones in your inventory. If there are two stones of fire and ice, then such arrows will fly in the form of an additional attack.

Unshakable Ground – Gives a chance to activate a shield, absorb incoming damage for 12 seconds.

Necrotic death – When you are near the dead, you get bonuses of three stones – blood, frost and plague and poison. If you have any effect from the stone, then you will receive a significant increase in the strength indicator.

Blurred Pastel – The use of any physical and magical skill has a chance to activate a random effect of the primordial stone.

Poison Plague – When attacking, there is a chance to infect your target with a poisonous disease, which will also jump to opponents who are close to them and will steadily reduce enemy health.

Prophetic twilight – Change the meaning of those original stones that you have. All attackers become healing and vice versa – all auxiliary ones will deal combat damage.

Seething Lava – When you take damage, you have a chance to get a protective barrier that not only blocks a certain amount of damage, but also imposes a fire effect that will deal periodic elemental damage to everyone who attacks you in melee.

Burning Smoke – If you manage to interrupt an opponent’s spell during combat, you will have a chance to release a stream of steam in front of you, which will hit opponents at a distance of up to 8 meters.

Radiant Obsidian – If you have a primal stone effect that inflicts blocking damage, then you will strike around you and cause damage to all targets hit. Each hooked enemy will increase the duration of the effect and last up to 5 enemies.

Radiant Mana – Thanks to the power of ice, you will be replenished with 900 mana every three seconds.

Charged by the Storm – When dealing with critical hits, there is a chance of activating the power of lightning on the enemy with a jump to two adjacent targets.

Whirlwinds of Mojo – Being close to a dying creature, you will have a chance to get his Mojo and crystallize him.

Wild Spirit – If any auxiliary effect from the primordial stone is triggered, then you will begin to replenish the health of your allies within 7 seconds.

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