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Are Purple Carrot Reviews Correct? (Meal Delivery Review)

Purple Carrot Reviews

Let’s admit it: most people are meat-eaters. Not everyone wants to touch a meal—much less, eat it—when it doesn’t have any meat in it. Nonetheless, the world is forever evolving, and most people are now looking for healthier alternatives to prevent disease, build a better immune system, and eradicate excess cholesterol build-up. There are even meal delivery service companies that solely cater to vegans. Among these vegan food delivery companies is Purple Carrot.  We collected several Purple Carrot reviews to get an idea of how it works and help you pinpoint the best food delivery service company that you can use.


What is Purple Carrot?

Vegan Food
Photo by silviarita from Pixabay


Purple Carrot is a company that delivers ingredients for various vegan or plant-based dishes. They provide your orders every week. You can quickly come up with your unique dishes or check out the web for different recipes you can use. Many customers consider Purple Carrot to be the best meal delivery service because they even provide you vegan recipes with the foods you order that you can just follow.

If you do not know how to cook a vegan meal or would like to try out a new vegan recipe, you can order their veggie packages. Each box includes the ingredients for a particular dish that are already measured and labeled for you. They even have a vegan food recipe card that specifies each ingredient’s use, the step-by-step process of preparing and cooking the dish, and the utensils or appliances needed for the dish. The Purple Carrot recipe card contains pictures to help you conveniently understand the cooking procedure.

To know more about meal delivery services, here is our review of Freshly Meals and Green Chef menu options.


How to Sign Up for Purple Carrot?

Before you can use Purple Carrot’s meal delivery services and check if Purple Carrot reviews are correct, you must sign up and create your own Purple Carrot account.



Signing up is pretty straightforward. You just need to have the following information to become a Purple Carrot member:

  • Email address
  • Password (should be a minimum of 8 characters)
  • Shipping details
  • Payment methods

Once you become a member, you can already opt for the different meal plans indicated via their site, provide your shipping details, and pay for your orders.


Step by Step

  1. Launch the Purple Carrot website.
  2. Click the Person icon located at the upper right-side corner of your screen.
  3. A pop-up window opens, requiring you to provide your login information.
  4. Click on ‘Sign Up’, which is found at the bottom of the said pop-up window. Alternatively, you can also use your Facebook account to log into the Purple Carrot meal delivery service.
  5. Provide your email address.
  6. Enter a password. Note that your password must contain a minimum of eight characters.
  7. Provide your shipping information, which should include the following:
    1. Full name
    2. Home address
    3. Phone number
  8. Enter your payment information.


How to Cancel the Subscription?

If you no longer need the meal delivery service provided by Purple Carrot, you should know that you can also easily cancel or pause your subscription. Below are the steps you should do:

  1. Tap on your ‘My Account’ page.
  2. Go to ‘Account Settings.’
  3. Navigate to ‘Subscription Status.’
  4. Tap’ Change’.
  5. Scroll down to ‘Cancel My Account.’
  6. Answer the quick survey that appears.
  7. Do the succeeding instructions given to complete your cancellation.


Purple Carrot Features


Once you subscribe to Purple Carrot (considered the best meal delivery service for vegans in the US), you are already given the option to thoroughly browse their site, check out the different recipes posted there, and purchase various vegan food packages available. The great thing about Purple Carrot meal delivery service is that they deliver your food packages straight to your doorstep. This is a superb option when you don’t have the time to go out and do grocery shopping regularly. To see if Purple Carrot reviews are correct, check out the service’s features below. Speaking of reviews, we also have Tech Reviews for various programs, services, and products.


Plant-Based Ingredients

Purple Carrot ingredients are all 100% plant-based. Nonetheless, it would help if you didn’t mistake the term ‘plant-based’ for bland, uninspiring food. In fact, what makes Purple Carrot one of the best meal delivery services in the country is that their vegan food packages are all prepared and developed in such a way that they all taste delicious. Several ingredients, including nut milk, tempeh, beans, yogurt, and beans, are organic and GMO-free. Purple Carrot’s organic options are limited, however.


Healthy Recipes

The company’s vegan food selections use plant-based ingredients. Hence, they are guaranteed to be excellent alternatives for vegans and people who plan to modify their diets. People who are suffering from various debilitating ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease can further improve their health by opting for Purple Carrot’s vegan food options.


Multiple Food Preferences

You can choose various preferences like gluten-free food packages, quick and easy recipes, and high-protein options at the Purple Carrot website. Since Purple Carrot food packages contain specific ingredients for particular recipes, you can select those that are recommended based on your health and dietary restrictions.


Recipe Cards

Each Purple Carrot vegan food package contains a set of ingredients for a particular vegan meal. These ingredients are already labeled and measured for you. The said package includes a recipe card. This card contains systematized instructions on how to prepare and cook the specified dish. It mentions the different appliances or kitchen utensils to be used as well. The recipe card also contains photos to guide you as you prepare your dish to make cooking easier.


Weekly Delivery

Purple Carrot delivers vegan food packages every week. They conduct deliveries in 48 US states except Alaska and Hawaii. You should also check your specific zipcode via the site’s chat bubble to confirm if your area is covered.


Help Center

If you encounter various problems on your Purple Carrot account, you can visit the Purple Carrot’ Help Center’ tab. Included in the said tab are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a dedicated chat bubble that’s located in the lower left-side corner of your screen.



Purple Carrot vegan food packages are comparably priced to other organic and health-focused meal packages. Prices are displayed on the Purple Carrot website. You get to save money because Purple Carrot delivers these vegan food packages for free. Shipping costs are excluded from the package cost which makes Purple Carrot the best meal delivery service all over the United States. Of course, this goes without saying that you get to save more money when you opt to order bulk deals.

For instance, instead of ordering the 2-servings plan, choose the 6-servings plan. This is an excellent money-saving tactic since you can just store the rest of your fridge’s servings and cook them when you want to.


Gift Cards

Another of the Purple Carrot perks is the Gift Card option. The company offers gift cards that you can purchase for loved ones and friends—a perfect gift, especially for family and friends who may want to switch to a vegan diet but do not know how to start.


How to Use Purple Carrot to Order Meals?

Photo by dbreen from Pixabay


To use Purple Carrot to order meals, log into the website and start browsing through their available vegan food packages. This is a good way to see if other Purple Carrot reviews are correct in terms of how can you order meals through this service.


Choose a Vegan Food Plan

After pinpointing your intended food package, you can opt to have either of the two plans:


2-Servings Plan

This option lets you select three meals per week, which includes two servings each. Purple Carrot provides you with eight meal options every week for you to choose from.


6-Servings Plan

This option allows you to choose two meals with six servings each. For this plan, Purple Carrot selects the meals for you.


Extra Food

You can add extra orders, as well. These bonus recipes include snacks and breakfast packages.


Weekly Deliveries

After you choose and purchase your vegan food packages, Purple Carrot delivers them to your doorstep. Note that the company makes deliveries on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. It would be best if you timed your deliveries based on these schedules. As mentioned earlier, they deliver to all states except Hawaii and Alaska. Also, remember to check if the website’s dedicated chat bubble covers your zip code.


Change, Pause, or Cancel

Purple Carrot permits you to change your specifications any time you want. You can change, pause, or even cancel your Purple Carrot vegan food subscription. This is extremely convenient, especially when you do not wish to order vegan food each week.



Payments are made weekly, so you only pay for the packages that you receive.


Pros and Cons of Using Purple Carrot

Photo by b1-foto from Pixabay


Purple Carrot is specifically intended for people who prefer plant-based food dishes. It’s a specialized food delivery service that guarantees only plant-based ingredients—highly beneficial, especially for those who have special dietary requirements due to chronic ailments, allergies, and specific food preferences. Nonetheless, here is a list of Purple Carrot’s pros and cons to help you see if Purple Carrot reviews are correct.



100% Plant-Based Menu

Purple Carrot is labeled by most as the best meal delivery service for vegans because all ingredients are made out of plants. You get scrumptious meal boxes with the assurance that they do not have any meat in them.


Pre-Labeled and Pre-Measured Ingredients

For people who do not know how to cook or those who aren’t familiar with the chosen recipe, Purple Carrot makes it easier to prepare meals by providing pre-labeled and pre-measured ingredients. Once the Purple Carrot vegan food package is delivered to your front door, you only have to read the ingredients’ labels and use them accordingly.


Easy-to-Use Recipe Cards

Each vegan food package comes with a recipe card. This recipe card contains a step-by-step procedure for meal preparation. It also states which kitchen appliances and utensils to use. The card even has photos to emphasize its instructions.



One of the goals of Purple Carrot is to offer environment-friendly ingredients and promote healthy eating among its subscribers. Plant production is more sustainable than meat production. It allows us to save more water, for instance, because plants use less water than livestock does.


Cooking Tips

Since Purple Carrot provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your vegan food, you get to improve your cooking skills, too. You can even keep these recipes for future use. The website also offers a variety of recipes that you can do on your own.


Quick 5-Minute Meals

Because Purple Carrot aims for convenience, some of its vegan food offerings can be prepared in five minutes or less. Lunch and breakfast food packages, for instance, require minimal preparation. You can start eating in a few minutes or so.


Change, Pause, or Cancel Option

Purple Carrot makes it even easier for you to change your plans. You can change, pause, and cancel your subscription anytime. These options are already available via your ‘Account Settings.’ You don’t have to contact customer service to make these modifications.


Additional Orders

Of course, there may be instances when you want to add some dishes to your order. You can fully pack your week with Purple Carrot dishes since the company offers dinner, lunch, breakfast, and snack packages.


Gluten-Free Preference

If you are allergic to gluten or simply don’t like gluten, you can also indicate a gluten-free plan with your puchase. This is especially important and life-saving for people with celiac disease. Purple Carrot offers gluten-free meals that do not require you to scour the stores for gluten-free products and attempt to come up with dishes that do not taste like paper. You can just order mouth-watering gluten-free meals via Purple Carrot.


Flavorful Choices

Let’s face it. Vegan food can be a bit bland and unappetizing, primarily when you aren’t used to that kind of diet. Nonetheless, Purple Carrot makes you enjoy your food while you attempt to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Their vegan food selections are incredibly flavorful, and you get to have your money’s worth when you opt for their service.



No Meat-Based Ingredients

Purple Carrot merely offers plant-based food. This can be severely frustrating for people who aren’t used to a vegan diet. All Purple Carrot ingredients are guaranteed to be plant-based, even the accompanying spices used in the recipes.


Limited Meal Options

While the company provides multiple choices, including gluten-free, low carb, high protein, soy-free, and nut-free selections, the actual vegan food plans are limited. Of course, you can order the 2-servings or 6-servings plan, but what if you want more?


Multiple Steps

Since Purple Carrot provides step-by-step instructions for each meal preparation, this can become tedious and annoying for people who do not have too much cooking time or patience to cook the meals themselves.


Purple Carrot vs Other Meal Delivery Services

food delivery
Photo by DarkWorkX from Pixabay


There are, of course, other vegan meal delivery services in the market aside from Purple Carrot. Here are several of them, and let’s see how Purple Carrot stands up to them.



HelloFresh offers meat dishes aside from vegan ones. They also provide family-sized package deals so you can order more food for you and your family. HelloFresh is best for people who might want to learn how to cook and for those who might not want a purely plant-based diet.


Blue Apron

Similarly, Blue Apron provides meat options as well. They also offer fish aside from their vegan food selections. You can even include wine in your order since Blue Apron has a wine subscription service available. This food delivery service is best for foodies and wine enthusiasts.


Home Chef

Home Chef offers meat, fish, and vegan food options. This food delivery service company is also a good option for family-sized meals since their food prices are incredibly affordable.



Freshly provides meals that are peanut-free and gluten-free. Their meals are already prepared, so you don’t have to worry about following various instructions to develop a read-to-eat dish. This food delivery service is highly preferable for busy people who might not have the time to cook their meals.


Sun Basket

Sun Basket offers purely organic food and provides 18 dietary selections. This food delivery service is recommended for people who prefer organic food.


Are Purple Carrot Reviews Correct?

Purple Carrot is an excellent food delivery service that mainly caters to vegans and people who have special dietary requirements. Vegan food is better since it provides various health benefits like preventing cholesterol build-up, heart disease, and hypertension. Plant-based food contains almost the same nutrients you get from meat-based ones. Also, eating vegan food allows you to save the environment since plants use less water than animals. If more people eat more plant-based meals, more water is saved in the process.

Because not everyone has the time nor the skills to come up with delicious vegan (or even meat-based) food, Purple Carrot enables people to eat delicious meals by providing pre-labeled and pre-measured ingredients with recipe cards in their vegan food packages. You simply need to follow the given instructions, and you already get to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal after a few minutes. They even make it more convenient for you since you can make weekly orders to fill up your fridge with food packages to cover the whole week.

Of course, there are food delivery service companies that offer vegan dishes as well. However, most of them provide meat options, too. On the other hand, Purple Carrot offers purely plant-based food, making them the best food delivery service option for people who don’t want their food to contain traces of meat-based substances.

After reading this and other Purple Carrot reviews, why not try out their service and see if they’re the vegan meal-delivery service you’ve been waiting for?

Are Purple Carrot Reviews Correct? (Meal Delivery Review)

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