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Is the UFC Fight Pass Worth Subscribing To? (A Review)

UFC Fight Pass

There’s something cool about two people duking it out for martial supremacy. The flight of fists and feet towards the opponent is a heady feeling, even if you’re not the one doing the fighting. Thus, with the current situation right now, people are looking to quench that lust for battle, and the UFC Fight Pass is there to deliver.


What Is the UFC Fight Pass?

UFC Fight Pass
Screenshot from UFC Fight Pass


The UFC Fight Pass is a digital streaming subscription service that gives UFC fans the ability to access thousands of hours of UFC content and live events all over the world. The UFC Fight Pass gives you access to pay-per-view, live events, other combat sports, and shows on demand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into only MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, submission grappling, or any other style of fighting, take a look at the UFC Fight Pass’s fight catalog and you’ll find one for everyone. Find out why people have been calling the UFC Fight Pass the “Netflix for fight fans.”

The UFC Fight Pass is a site that offers premium content, in contrast with free sports streaming sites.


How to Sign Up for UFC Fight Pass?

Signing up for UFC Fight Pass is pretty easy and can be done in a few simple steps. Here’s how:

  1. Submit your credentials: The user has to submit their full name, their email, country, and zip code.
  2. Choose a subscription: You can choose from two subscription options that we’re going to be discussing later.
  3. Put in your payment options: You have the option to use a credit card, Mastercard, and Visa. Nothing more, unfortunately.


Payment Plans and Methods

UFC Fight Pass has two subscription payment plans. Their monthly subscription, and their annual subscription. Both of them essentially give you the same thing, with just one thing that makes them different: the cost.

The UFC Fight Pass’ monthly subscription currently costs USD 9.51. And with it, you can get all of the shows in the UFC Fight Pass’ compendium. The good news is the fact that you can cancel this at any time and you have the power to stop after you’ve watched what you wanted to watch.

However, if you’re in for the long haul and are going for value, it’s recommended to go for the yearly subscription.

The yearly subscription costs a hefty USD 91.40. And for some people, that might be a bit much. Do note, however, that going for a monthly subscription for a year costs more than the yearly subscription. And that you save money if you go for the yearly payment.

As how much you can save? A full year on the monthly subscription costs a total of USD 114.12. Making you save around USD 22.72 of money to use on other endeavors.

So if you want to go for the long haul, go for Annual Payments. It’s cheaper that way in the long run.

As for methods of payment, you can pay for the UFC Fight Pass subscription through the use of Visa and Mastercard, as well as a debit card. Unfortunately, there’s no option to pay for the subscription service through the use of ways like PayPal or other similar methods.



You can easily cancel your Fight Pass subscription on the settings menu. Simply select the “My Account” tab atop the UFC FIGHT PASS page.

Next, you’ll have to visit the “My Subscriptions” option. Then, select the “Cancel Subscription” option and a confirmation will be needed to proceed.

If you want to revive your subscription, you can do so anytime as long as your payment information is up to date.


UFC Fight Pass Features

UFC FIght Pass Library
Screenshot from UFC Fight Pass


Access to live shows and events such as the following:

  • PPV Early Prelims
  • Invicta FC
  • GLORY Kickboxing
  • QUINTET Events
  • Eddie Bravo Invitational
  • Polaris Events


Past UFC PPVs and Events on Demand

UFC Fight Pass is your gateway to seeing the best fighters from the past and the present. It is also your avenue to see the best prospects in mixed martial arts.

UFC Fight Pass also has video libraries for defunct organizations such as PRIDE FC, WEC, Strikeforce, Affliction, WFA, and EliteXC. This platform also allows users to watch Invicta FC events. A FIght Pass subscription also gives users access to GLORY events, as well as boxing and other disciplines.


UFC Fight Pass Catalog: What Shows Are On?


The UFC Fight Pass has a huge library that combat sports enthusiasts can enjoy on-demand. From TV Shows to competitions, to fight replays, if it’s something related to fighting, it’s probably on the UFC Fight Pass. Now, without further ado, here are the things you can watch in the UFC Fight Pass.


The Ultimate Fighter


The Ultimate Fighter is a US reality TV series and MMA contest made by Fox Sports 1 and the UFC. It used to air for 14 seasons on Spike TV, another TV Channel. The show features aspiring fighters training and living together. These fighters are separated into two teams, coached by two UFC athletes, who are most likely scheduled to face each other. The reward for the winner is a guaranteed contract with the UFC. Several former UFC champions are products of this show.

The Ultimate Fighter used to be an experimental series conceptually, financed by the previous owners of the UFC, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta III.


Cage Warriors

Cage Warriors is an MMA promotion that has its roots in London, England.

A lot of big MMA stars made their names when they were on the Cage Warriors banner, These include Michael Bisping, Conor McGregor, Bigfoot Silva, Gegard Mousasi, Jeff Monson, Dan Hardy, Martin Kampmann, Joe Duffy, Neil Seery, Dennis Siver, Cathal Pendred, etc. Cage Warriors is one of the few top promotions to have its sponsored events abroad, going and traveling throughout countries not only in Europe but also in North America and even the Middle East.

The promotion is seen globally through different broadcasting outlets.


Cage Fury Fighting Championships

The CFFC is a US (MMA) promotion typically shown in the northeastern parts of the USA. The infamous last-minute cancelation of the sixth event of the promotion under its ownership back in 2007 heralded the championship’s temporary shutdown. However, it was revived years after when it was under a new owner, Robert Haydak Jr. Since the revival, CFFC aims to be one of the top regional MMA organizations in the United States.

CFFC started the careers of a few UFC fighters that people know today. These include Paul Felder, Aljamain Sterling, George Sullivan, and Jimmie Rivera among other MMA Fighters. They’ve also played host to other fighters that appeared on the UFC roster—fighters such as Carmelo Marrero, Nick Catone, Jim and Dan Miller, Zach Makovsky, and Lyman Good.



Polaris Pro Grappling is one of the biggest and longest-running grappling competitions in Europe. As of 2019, it has organized multiple events in gi or no-gi disciplines. Polaris events were all held in England. Judged by a former UFC Welterweight competitor Dan Hardy, and UFC referee Marc Goddard, Polaris has some of the biggest and brightest names globally from various fighting disciplines like grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and of course, mixed martial arts.

Polaris has gained a great reputation with the jiu-Jitsu and grappling community for the quality of its events and the names that they’ve featured. It has also received praise for its treatment of athletes, quality of match-ups, and the different martial arts they’ve featured.

The main bouts in Polaris are usually 15 minutes long with almost all of their preliminary bouts lasting around 10 minutes. Matches end through submission or time expiration, which a judge will then decide the victor. This is different from other grappling competitions that base the decision on points scored.


Invicta FC

Invicta FC
Screenshot from UFC Fight Pass


The Invicta FC is a US professional MMA promotional competition for female fighters that are in the US. It was started in 2012 by both Janet Martin, former VP of MMA Org Blackeye Promotions, and Shannon Knapp. Knapp used to have positions at various levels including executive positions on the International Fight League, the World Fighting Alliance, Affliction Entertainment, the UFC itself, and Strikeforce. Invicta FC has strategic partnerships with a similar MMA promotion, Jewels, that is located in Japan.

When Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company bought rival promotional company Strikeforce back in March 2011, Shannon Knapp got several calls from female fighters that were unsure of what their future will hold for them on Strikeforce since the UFC never once promoted a women’s fight at that point. As they were calling for Knapp to represent them, she began to look at the issue and then met Janet Martin. Between the two of them, they managed to acquire the financial resources needed to start their own promotional company.

The name of the FC, Invicta, was derived from a Latin word for “invincible and incomparable.” It was picked by both founders since they felt that the terms invincible and incomparable sound very masculine. However, the term sounds feminine when said in Latin, and they thought it was a pretty good descriptor for their image of women’s MMA.


Titan FC

Titan FC is a regional American MMA organization that is based in Florida. During the beginning of Titan FC’s run, they only held shows in nearby locations but have then held shows in other states and internationally. Since 2015, Titan FC shows were available to UFC Fight Pass subscribers. These include live shows and past events.

The show was founded back in 2005 by Joe Kelly, Bellator Fighting Championships’ operations director at the time, as well as a veteran fight promoter. The organization was headquartered in Kansas City’s historic Memorial Hall at that point, where the Org had most of their early events. The Memorial Hall was exclusively leased to his sports and entertainment promotion company by the name of Titan Entertainment, which the MMA organization eventually took its name from.


Dana White’s Contender Series

Dana White’s Contender Series is a weekly show that features up and coming MMA talents. Back in 2017, the UFC started to show this program on the UFC Fight Pass. This show is somewhat similar to another UFC web series, “Looking for a Fight.” It has become an avenue for the UFC to discover upstart MMA prospects with Dana WHite traveling across different shows.

Like the Ultimate Fighter, all of the fighters don’t have UFC-exclusive contracts. The show is licensed separately from the UFC umbrella. This is Dana White’s brainchild and the UFC President even applied for a promoter’s license. Like its predecessors, the main goal of this show is to unearth the future stars of the sport.


UFC Unleashed

The UFC Unleashed is a TV series made by both the UFC and Spike TV. It showcases matches from previous UFC events. Episodes are usually one-hour long and show some UFC bouts and several “best of” compilations of many popular UFC fighters like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture.



UFC Now is a long-running weekly TV show with Karyn Bryant as the host. It’s grown in popularity over the years that it’s been running and is a show where UFC fighters like Cub Swanson, Alan Jouban, and Kenny Florian oftentimes appear as regular guests and fight analysts. It’s available on the UFC Fight Pass as well as on BT Sport in the UK.


Additional Purchases: How to Watch Pay-Per-View Content?

There are some things that people have to know about the UFC Fight Pass as some things aren’t part of the whole package. Case in point, the Pay-Per-View, which we’ll discuss below.

The first thing you need to know is that the pay-per-view events are separate from the UFC Fight Pass. You have to buy the right to watch them like buying a ticket for a live event. You can have access to view a show directly from the Fight Pass itself after you buy the ticket, so that’s something in your favor there.


Pros and Cons of a UFC Fight Pass Subscription

Fight Pass
Screenshot from UFC Fight Pass


The UFC Fight Pass allows fans of UFC and other fighting shows to watch them all on one platform. And credit is given to the great amount of care that the Fight Pass shows in that regard.

However, the Fight Pass only has shows related to the UFC and additional combat sports-related series, making it a bit daunting for those that are not enthused in the sports, as well as those that have no experience in the UFC or anything like it.

All in all, get the Fight Pass if you enjoy the UFC and other affiliates and want to watch competitors display their skill in fighting.

Is the UFC Fight Pass Worth Subscribing To? (A Review)

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