Best Netflix Shows to Binge Watch with Friends in 2022

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Netflix is the most popular media streaming service available for a reason. It’s a treasure trove of terrific movies and TV shows that you can stream on multiple platforms. Netflix offers a carefully thought-out combination of different genres that plenty of people will find interesting. And each show comes equipped with a gripping and engaging storyline.

If you like long-term commitment in terms of TV viewing, Netflix has a stockpile for you to choose from. These shows are enough to keep you occupied for days or even weeks on end. If you’re a certified TV series addict and need a new series to fill your need for quality programming, Netflix is the place to go. We’ve rounded out some of the best Netflix shows for your binge-watching pleasure.


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What is Netflix?

Netflix is the leading media services provider in the US. The company at the outset first launched as an online DVD rental store. This platform takes after he popular website YouTube where people can access content on-demand. Since then, the company has been able to expand its digital library to thousands of movies and TV shows as well as homegrown original content. It’s even now possible to view select Netflix VR movies on any of the best VR headset models.

As of April 2020, Netflix has over 193 million paid subscribers worldwide. If you’re thinking of making the switch to Netflix but are currently using other services, check out this comparative analysis of Hulu vs. Netflix vs. Disney Plus. If there is one notable thing about these streaming services, it’s that Netflix was certainly the first. Thus far, none of the Netflix competitors have been able to surpass the popular service in terms of the sheer number of content and available streaming platforms.

Best Netflix Shows to Binge-Watch With Friends

Netflix on Laptop
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Netflix has proved to be very convenient and relevant. They became the long-awaited break from traditional cable services that often require users to wait for specific shows at specific timeslots. Another perk Netflix offers is that they offer a wide selection of content without having to download anything. This allows users to play content virtually anywhere on any device, with the only requirements being a Netflix account and a stable internet connection. Of course, you will need to have a reliable pair of noise-canceling earbuds or headphones that lets you stay tuned in without distractions. Here’s a list of some of the best noise-canceling earbuds and headphones for your listening pleasure.

Aside from offering sheer convenience and accessibility, Netflix is also truly entertaining and addicting. Once you start, it’s very difficult to stop. You’re probably hooked if you find yourself watching multiple seasons straight in one day, or find yourself going through the list of new shows when you still haven’t finished your favorite series. If you can’t get enough of Netflix, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a list of the best Netflix shows to grace our screens in 2020. This list includes new shows with fresh plots and recurring shows with new episodes.

Best New Shows on Netflix

This year brings a new batch of well-written and directed TV shows. Regardless of your favorite genre and taste in TV shows, there must be something for you to binge on in Netflix. Sift through the newest and best Netflix TV shows to grace the digital shelves:


Immigration Nation: Miniseries (2020)

Immigration Nation is a documentary series about immigration in the US. The docuseries features the daily activities of the people making up the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), capturing events during the first three years of the Trump administration. Most of the footage was shot between February 2017 and February 2020. The series follows the federal agents as they track and arrest illegal migrants in New York, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas.

One of the most crucial aspects of the series is that it features the lives of the immigrants who are most affected by ICE’s implementation of the law. There’s also a smattering of testimonials from politicians and activists from both sides of the conversation. The series features plenty of content about ICE immigration policies and resources. The show is also notable for depicting the human cost of these policies, such families torn apart and parents separated from their children. We are also faced with people who lose their sense of identity under the threat of deportation.

We are also shown stock footage of the immigrants’ risky attempts to gain US citizenship. One of the most striking aspects the docuseries presents is the blind obedience that ICE agents employ to the law. Some people might also find it disturbing that ICE has an arrest quota they must meet every month. The series has been on Netflix’s top 10 list in the US for most of the time it’s been available. This is a clear indication of people’s love for true-crime documentary filmmaking. And of course, we just had to include it as one of the best Netflix shows today. The first season of the Immigration Nation consists of six episodes, each with an hour of screen time.


Japan Sinks (2020)

Japan Sinks is a ten-part Netflix original anime series. Based on Sakyo Komatsu’s disaster novel, it follows the events that take place shortly after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. A major earthquake hits Japan, causing the archipelago to sink at an alarming rate. The series hones in on the experience of the Mutou family: siblings Ayumu and Gou and their parents, Koichiro and Mari, must travel Westward towards a haven away from Japan. On the way, they must survive the after-shocks while gathering supplies.

They also encounter survivors from different backgrounds with their own backstories. This solid cast of characters contributes to the larger plot of Japan sinking. Japan Sinks is a shocking and realistic depiction of a natural disaster and its after-effects on a population trying to survive. This anime offers meticulously detailed backgrounds that make unprecedented destruction feel highly plausible. Excellent sound narration and visual design create an enlightening and realistic atmosphere.


Fear City: New York vs. Mafia (2020)

Fear City: New York vs. Mafia is a three-part documentary series. The series tackles the mob-ruled New York City in the 1970s and 1980s. The documentary shows the daily operations of the mob and the efforts of the federal authorities to tackle organized crime on the opposite end. It was decidedly outgunned as it was during the time before the Reagan era.

High-profile mob leaders like John Gotti and Paul Castellano make an appearance on the series. However, these two only appear in archival footage since they’re both dead. Nevertheless, the series presents the viewer with recent testimonies from living members of the then-Mafia about their days running the Big Apple.

There’s also a spattering of testimonies from detectives who worked day and night to bring them down and historians who know everything there was to know about the period. This provides a detailed picture of the extent the Mafia controlled New York City. This series also offers a visual glimpse into New York during the time.

The documentary presents us with pictures of blood-spattered sidewalks as well as images of federal officers in action and the Mafia hiding in the shadows. However, the ultimate gems of the series are the wiretap recordings taken from the Five Families, the leaders of the Mafia in New York City. The Bonanno, Colombo, Genovesse, and Lucchese families made up the infamous circle.  The use of archive footage and excellent storytelling makes Fear City a classic.


Cursed (2020)

Cursed is an exciting new fantasy series that takes a feminist spin on the King Arthur legend. The story posits that before King Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone, the Lady of the Lake chose a female warrior to wield it. That lady is Nimue, a young fairy or Fae who struggles to keep her emotions in check who lives in a community that accuses her of being a witch.

She soon ends up with the Sword of the First King and travels with a mercenary named Arthur. Then there are familiar names like king Uther Pendragon and his drunkard magician Merlin who can no longer use magic. And here’s the catch: Nimue turns out to be Merlin’s daughter!

New characters include the Red Paladins, whose goal is to eliminate all magical beings from the land. If you’re familiar with the Arthurian legend, you know that the original names got mixed up: Arthur is supposed to be the future king, with Merlin as his royal magician and mentor. And Nimue is the name of the Lady of the Lake. But the timeline of Cursed takes place before all that.

The story also harbors clear feminist themes, focusing on Nimue and her struggle to become a strong and level-headed warrior worthy of wielding the famous sword. Cursed has been compared to Witcher, another Netflix fantasy series beloved by many. While we must admit that they do have similarities, Cursed appears more tempered for younger audiences and does away with swearing, extreme violence, and nudity. Cursed is a highly entertaining fantasy series for viewers of all ages.


Love is Blind (2020)

Love is Blind is a reality show where contestants from different walks of life date each other to find love. The catch is that the contestants are only allowed to see each other once they become engaged. The show is essentially a social experiment to find out if love is, indeed, blind. Its objective is to find out if people can fall in love based purely on personalities and not looks.

The so-called social experiment starts with thirty men and women who are complete strangers to each other. The participants get placed inside isolated pods where they can talk to each other without seeing each other. The couples must then decide after ten days if they want to get engaged or leave the show.

Couples who go through with the engagement get to go on a vacation in Mexico. After that, they have a month to live together and prepare for the actual wedding. This is also where they get to meet the family and friends of the person they’re supposed to marry.

This show doesn’t have the most realistic or sensible premise, and most people would cringe about the thought of getting engaged to a relative stranger. But then again, the show tends to get under your skin. It encourages questions about whether genuine love can be forged under such circumstances. You might even start to question what marriage means and how it should be after watching this. And as we’ve discovered, people love to have a voyeuristic look at strangers’ lives. Love is Blind is an interesting show that does a romantic take on social experiments.

Unsolved Mysteries (2020)

Unsolved Mysteries is Netflix’s modern-day tribute to the 90s true-crime show of the same name. This series follows a series of unsolved murders, disappearances, and supernatural occurrences. This includes both cases in the US and in other countries.

The series makes use of contemporary and immersive storytelling that grips the viewers and keeps them watching from start to finish. We also get to look at different perspectives and opinions on the case through testimonies from witnesses, police officers, and crime experts.

And true to the original, each episode still closes without a real resolution. At the end of each episode, the viewer is still left wondering about what actually happened as there is still no indication of who is truly responsible for the crime. The victims’ families and the police are also clearly hoping for someone to help them solve the cases.

Despite not being able to find closure in the cases, viewers still get a fresh look at what would be considered cold cases. For most crime fans, this is more than enough to satisfy their curiosity. This is a serious, engaging, and intriguing reality TV.


Stateless (2020)

Stateless is an Australian TV drama series that tackles the topic of illegal immigration and deportation in the country. The setting of the show takes place in a detention center somewhere in the Australian desert where four strangers find their lives intertwined. The characters include an airline hostess who is trying to escape a cult, an Afghan refugee fleeing persecution, a young Australian father who becomes a detention guard to escape a dead-end job, and the bureaucrat caught in the middle of a national political conflict. The characters each have their own story on how they ended up in the detention center. Based on the true story of Cornelia Rau, this follows an Australian permanent resident who was unlawfully detained after being mistaken for an illegal migrant.

The series also includes similar true stories about Australian immigration and detention, giving the viewer a highly plausible and realistic depiction of what life is like as a detainee. It also provides us with a glimpse into the sacrifices and risky decisions asylum seekers take on a regular basis. And aside from that, viewers also get to see a prisoners’ dilemma in the form of guards and detainees trying to co-exist peacefully and doing everything they can to stick to legal and ethical boundaries. Stateless may be a fictionalized account of actual events that happened to real people, but it nonetheless offers a meaningful commentary on the Australian immigration system. It also tackles the crucial elements of human rights, family values, and personal responsibility.


The Stranger (2020)

The Stranger is a British mystery thriller. The stand-alone mini-series is based on the 2015 Harlan Cohen novel of the same name. The story follows a middle-aged couple, Corinne and Adam who were living in a charming suburban home with their two boys. Corinne tells Adam that she is pregnant, but suspicion blankets the marriage after a young woman, who calls herself “The Stranger,” reveals that Corinne isn’t pregnant. This results in the rapid deterioration of the couple’s marriage. Afterward, Corinne disappears and people find themselves getting blackmailed for their secrets.

As it turns out, the Stranger is a professional blackmailer who alternates as a do-gooder. She and her accomplice Ingrid dig up people’s darkest secrets to blackmail them. The series has several sub-plots involving the FBI and the family members of the lead roles. Nevertheless, there are two primary questions for the viewers to answer: who is The Stranger, and what happened to Corinne? The Stranger’s moral compass is a little hard to figure out, and it is a slow-burn thriller with a plausible plot and plenty of riddles.


Unwell (2020)

Unwell is another documentary series from Netflix focused on health. The series investigates the questionable claims of the so-called wellness industry, specifically alternative treatments that are not FDA-approved. These treatments range from essential oils, breastmilk, ayahuasca, to bee sting therapy. Underneath the far-fetched promises of wellness is a profound lack of scientific evidence, and many of these treatments border on the spiritual and the psychological but are actually purely driven by profit.

Nevertheless, the series balances things out with interviews from believers and skeptics alike. In the end, the docuseries doesn’t present us with a decisive conclusion. It doesn’t explicitly debunk the treatments’ effectiveness, but everyone gets the message to be wary of such unproven remedies. This kind of makes sense since the series relies on testimonial evidence. In the end, the viewers are left to decide what to believe in.


Nadiya’s Time to Eat (2020)

Nadiya’s Time to Eat is a cooking show sponsored exclusively by Netflix. The show features The Great British Bake Off alumni Nadiya Hussain as host and aims to produce simple, delicious, and affordable meals for everyday folks. It’s practically a cheat sheet for anyone who’s too busy to cook gourmet. And the best thing is they’re using ordinary and readily available ingredients. I mean, who has some homegrown herbs freshly picked out from their perfect garden? Other shows showcase ingredients that can be hard to come by, but this series uses only the simplest ingredients that most people have in their pantry.  Time to Eat is an excellent source of motivation for average cooks. It’s the best fit for those who want to make quick but straightforward and delicious meals. This is definitely one of the best Netflix shows for food lovers all over the world.


Trial by Media (2020)

Trial by Media is a stand-alone reality documentary series on Netflix. The show examines the impact of media coverage on famous legal cases during the past 40 years. The series aims to show the effect that the media has on the public perception of a case. In other words, media manipulation. This is especially poignant in the way the media paints the lives of the accused and how the media cashes in on public attention. The series examines cases like the Bernard Goetz case in New York during the 1980s and the Amado Diallo case. It also examines the Big Dan’s rape case, which inspired the movie The Accused.

People familiar with these cases in the 80s and 90s might develop a new perspective after watching these episodes. At the same time, those with no previous awareness will learn both case facts and the tricks of the trade. Executive producers Jeffrey Toobin and Steven Brill made sure to include the perspective of media players on their own actions and choices and their potential impact on viewers. Trial by Media is practically a meta-analysis of the media industry by its own players. The openness and honesty of the show is something almost close to public service, making it perfect for those who are already innately skeptical of the media. This is also great for laid-back Netflix fans who just want a true-crime show to enjoy. Regardless of your stance on the right to free speech, Trial by Media is easily one of the best Netflix shows this year.


Rise of Empires: Ottoman (2020)

Rise of Empires: Ottoman is a historical documentary series about the conquests of Mehmed the Conqueror. The events depicted in the first season takes place in the early fifteenth century when the Byzantine empire (otherwise known as the East Roman Empire) controlled Constantinople (now Istanbul). Constantinople was a valued territory due to its strategic position commanding the trade routes between Asia and Europe. The central figure Mehmed is the son of an Ottoman sultan who plans to take over Constantinople after taking over his father’s position. The Ottomans begin the so-called Quest of Constantinople by building fortresses on the Asian and European sides. What follows is the actual siege which starts on April 6, 1452 and ends on May 29, 1453. The battle marked the eventual downfall of the Byzantine empire and propelled additional conquests under Mehmed.

An aspect that makes the documentary unique is its focus on military strategy and battle planning. The show combines narration and expert analysis with dramatic reenactments. Viewers will also appreciate the smattering of beautiful animation and diagrams, which makes it a very informative documentary to watch. All of these combined make this documentary much more educational than perhaps a dramatized presentation of events. From ingenious acts of navigating spy-filled forests with ships to bombarding city walls with cannon-fire, there was much that happened in Constantinople during its seige. The six-part series also features critically-acclaimed historians such as Dr. A.M. Celal Şengör and Dr. Emrah Safa Gürkan. There’s a shortage of documentaries about the Ottoman empire, and the Rise of Empires gives the topic the attention it deserves.


Our Planet (2020)

Our Planet is an original geographical documentary series by Netflix. The show aims to showcase the diversity of animals and habitats. This ranges from the remote northern wilderness to the mysterious deep oceans. There’s Africa’s vast landscapes and the diverse jungles of South America. The show stars award-winning broadcaster and natural historian, Sir David Attenborough, with his signature narration that has become synonymous with outstanding nature documentaries.

The series is the latest attempt of the media giant to venture into the nature documentary genre. Truth be told, Our Planet feels a little bit too much like a Nat Geo documentary with its standard use of the same non-interventionist filmmaking. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, though.

Each episode is brimming with high-definition footage of animals in their natural environment. We get both close-up and aerial views. Aside from capturing nature in action, the show also uses excellent storytelling to add depth and meaning to otherwise bland and silent footage. It’s also a way to get the audience to empathize with and appreciate our fellow creatures. Our Planet is a treasure trove of natural beauty, and for that, it rightfully belongs to the list of the best Netflix shows.


Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area (2022)

If you’re a fan of the original, then this iteration of Money Heist will surely spark your curiosity. Featuring an ensemble cast, this version of Money Heist has that added flair that you would normally see in K-Dramas. If you’re a fan of another very famous Korean Netflix series, you’ll be happy to know that one of the featured actors from that shows is one of the leads here. As far as aesthetics, the Korean version looks more vibrant compared to its Spanish counterpart and will surely keep eyes peeled on the screens.


Squid Game (2021)

Speaking of that famous Korean drama series, Squid Game is an astonishing tale of grief, humanity, and determination. The show’s story revolves around 456 players all vying to win an absurd amount of money. However, they are put into this position because of existing financial problems and have been recruited to enter the game. There are six games and losers shall be eliminated until only one is left. However, what happens to these players after they get eliminated might shock you.


Best Series Renewals on Netflix

The best Netflix shows are here, so Netflix fans will have plenty of shows to binge on. From crowd favorites to more neo-noir pieces, Netflix has got you covered. Here are some of the best Netflix shows in the form of series comebacks:


Ozark, Season 4 (2020)

Ozark is hands-down one of the best Netflix shows on air today. The show centers on the criminal activities of Martin “Marty” Bryde who is part of a money-laundering scheme run by the Mexican Cartel. The problem is, he and his pals cheated the cartel out of their money, resulting in his friends getting killed. He and his family have to relocate to a remote summer resort community in Missouri. The place they transfer to is otherwise known as the Ozark. His mission is to establish a new money-laundering scheme in their new hometown.

Everything is of course done under the watchful eye of the Mexican Cartel. To be honest, we just can’t imagine the cartel granting anyone a second chance. Perhaps death, but not like this. Once there, the family becomes entangled with the lives of local criminals, and soon they are within the sights of the local Kansas City Mafia. The family must meet the Mafia’s demands to stay alive while also avoiding the FBI. Ozark is an intense and gripping piece for adults.


The Last Kingdom, Season 4 (2020)

The Last Kingdom is a historical fiction series. The show follows the struggles of warring factions during England’s fractious times, anytime between 866 and 910. This was a period when England was divided into seven kingdoms. The Danes, Vikings, and Anglo-Saxons each had their own territory. If you’ve seen the History Channels’ Vikings, this series takes place a couple of decades after the events of that show. While The Last Kingdom has many characters, it mainly revolves around Uhtred, the son of Lord Uhtred of Bebbanburg. After Uhtred’s father dies when Uhtred is still a child, the boy is taken to Viking-turned-Danish warlord Ragnar.

The lead character Uhtred is fictional, but there are plenty of characters in the series that represented actual people. The best-known figure would be King Alfred, who served as king of Wessex from 871 to 899. Other characters like King Ragnar, Aelswith, and King Edward are based on real people. Some of the military victories shown in the series also took place in real life. The Last Kingdom is similar to Game of Thrones in some ways minus the fantastical elements. If you want a serious but not boring historical drama, The Last Kingdom is the show to watch.


Peaky Blinders, Season 5 (2020)

Peaky Blinders is a period crime drama and is one of the best Netflix shows around. The story is set in 1919 Birmingham, England at the end of the first world war. The story focuses on the fictional Shelby Crime family in charge of Peaky Blinders, a criminal organization operating in Birmingham during the time, led by the ambitious and cunning Thomas Shelby. The group gets the attention of Major Chester Campbell who is in charge of cleaning the city up. His goal is to get rid of unwanted groups like members of the Irish republican army, communists, and gangs. As the series progresses, we witness the family’s expansion of their criminal organization. The family also makes attempts to avoid the police and rival gangs while on this mission.

The fifth series sees the family suffering from the aftermath of the financial crash of 1929. By this time, Thomas Shelby has ascended into a position of power as a member of parliament. The financial crash brings about opportunities and misfortune in equal measure. Aside from that, the family must deal with the growing threat of fascist sentiment in the country. The series is overall a complete family saga. It shows the human side to criminal organizations and depicts England at a tense but peaceful time between the two world wars.


Kingdom, Season 2 (2020)

Kingdom is the first original Korean series to air on Netflix. It effectively combines a Korean period drama with apocalyptic zombies. A mysterious plague hits Joseon’s kingdom as the dead comes back to life at a seemingly unstoppable pace. Crown Prince Lee Chang investigates the plague and finds a political conspiracy. We follow the Crown Prince and his allies in their quest to prevent the spread of the plague throughout his kingdom while protecting the royal dynasty from those who wish to usurp it. The second season sees the continuation of the Crown Prince’s struggle as new and emerging threats challenge the political stability of the kingdom. Kingdom is a hybrid-type show that effectively merges two distinct genres into one, and this makes the show worth the watch.


Money Heist, Season 4 (2020)

Money Heist (Spanish title: La Casa de Papel) is a heist crime thriller. The series follows a group of accomplished robbers recruited by a man called the Professor to execute two separate heists. These heists are the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain. The team must deal with hostages, police forces, and each other to pull off their plans.

Season four of the series follows the group at their lowest point. The group finds itself in dire straits after one of them gets killed and another gets arrested. The team also has an unplanned shootout which leads to casualties on the part of law enforcement. This series will test the loyalty of the remaining members and how well they can survive. We will also see how far some of them will go to save people that they love. This critically acclaimed masterpiece is one of the best Netflix shows this year.


Stranger Things


Stranger Things is a remake of the science fiction mystery-thriller of the same title. The story is set in a town in Indiana in the 1980s and follows a group of children as they search for their missing friend. This is for us a premonition of the things to come. Strange occurrences happen in the town as the children continue their investigation. Lights are blinking in bizarre sequences, and a mysterious CIA black site appears. Soon enough, we are introduced to portals and monsters from another dimension. One of the characters develops superpowers that proves useful against the creatures.

One thing you will notice about the series is that the children act normally as you would expect children to. Most children’s stories written by adults end up making their characters extra precocious and brave. In contrast, the kids of Stranger Things don’t know what to do most of the time, giving us the impression that they are just as confused and scared as we are. The fourth season of the series follows the children as they grow into teenagers who must deal with the supernatural entities while coping with the effects of puberty on their once-idyllic relationship at the same time.


The Rain, Season 3 (2020)

The Rain is a science fiction series with apocalyptic themes. The story takes place in an apocalyptic world where an airborne virus carried by the rain has eliminated most of the world’s population. The handful of people who survive have no choice but to take shelter in a bunker for six years before getting out. Siblings Rasmus and Simone choose to venture out to look for their scientist father.

The pair join a group of survivors and travel across Denmark and Sweden, and the group must find shelter each time it rains. The second season focused on Rasmus getting infected with the virus, which he turns out to be immune from. The infection also gives him special abilities that he must learn to control.

This development makes him a target for Apollos, an organization that plans to use Rasmus to save the rest of the population. Rasmus gets abducted by the group but is later rescued by his friends. The group can find sanctuary in a bunker with rebel scientists who are working on a vaccine.

But an accident causes the virus to get released, killing everyone inside. Rasmus reunites with Simone and the two are left to ponder how to save what’s left of humanity. The third season sees the final chapter of this story and will determine the ultimate fate of Rasmus and the rest of the survivors.


Dark, Season 3 (2020)

Dark is a German-based science fiction thriller on Netflix. The series is set in the fictional town of Winden across several years that seem to exist at the same time. The story focuses on four families whose fates are intertwined by time. Two bodies of children are found at a construction site, after which dark secrets begin to come to light. Soon, characters start to disappear and reappear at the wrong timelines. There’s a handful of years featured in the series, so we highly advise pretending that all the timelines exist in the present for the sake of the viewers’ sanity.

Aside from twisting your mind as to where the characters are and who they are, the main issue here is really about whether the characters can return safely to their original timelines. We see characters jumping from one timeline to another to save a loved one, or to warn a younger or older self.  Then there’s the secret organization that has been fiddling with the timelines on purpose to bring about the apocalypse. Dark is a complex and cerebral show that exhausts the possibilities of time travel. Its complicated storyline makes it a worthy addition to our list of the best Netflix shows.


The Umbrella Academy


The Umbrella Academy is a reimagining of the iconic comic book series, The X-Men. The premise of the story begins on October 1, 1989, when 43 women give birth to children when none of them were pregnant before the day itself. Billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves sees an opportunity and tries to adopt the children. Unfortunately, he only ends up with seven children who he trains into crime-fighting kids who hone their superpowers for the good. Fast-forward to more than a decade later, and the children are now adults with issues.

Soon enough, our heroes find themselves compelled to time-travel to fulfill heroic missions. During the first season, the siblings went back in time to prevent the apocalypse caused by their sister Vanya. Their time-traveling caused a distortion in the timeline, causing the siblings to find themselves scattered across different years of 1960s Dallas. They must find a way to regroup to avert two disasters which are the after-effects of their use of time travel. This includes killing Lee Harvey Oswald and preventing a nuclear disaster. Failing to do so will have dire consequences for the world and that they will not be able to return to their original timeline. The adopted siblings must also investigate the background of their father, Sir Reginald while battling ninjas and protectors of the timeline called The Mission. If only they were efficient at being superheroes and didn’t have issues.


The Crown, Season 3 (2020)

The Crown is historical drama show that tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II. The series grew out of the 2006 movie The Queen by Peter Morgan, who is also the main writer for this series. The series starts off with the marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. As the seasons progress, we see more of the personal and political events around the royal family. The viewers also get the rare chance to see a fictionalized version of the royal family members, which includes Princess Margaret, Camilla Parker Bowles, and Lady Diana Spencer. The show also includes some of the most influential politicians of the period such as Prime Minister Harold Macmillan and Winston Churchill. Aside from telling the story of Queen Elizabeth II, the Crown is also a depiction of the royal family and the British government from the 1950s until the present.


Mindhunter, Season 3 (2020)

Mindhunter is a crime thriller series on Netflix. The series focuses on a small group of FBI profilers on a quest to understand the criminal mind. The series features three main protagonists: Holden Ford, Bill Tench, and Wendy Carr. The Behavioral Sciences Unit (BSU) of the FBI hires these three agents, who specialize in behavioral science, to interview serial killers from all over the country. Their objective is to understand how serial murderers, rapists, and other criminals think to assist in the ongoing cases of the FBI.

Mindhunter is not exactly a modern piece as it’s set in the late 1970s to the early 1980s, which was the early days of criminal psychology and criminal profiling. Notorious serial killer Edmund Kemper makes an appearance. True to his real-life counterpart, Kemper is a serial killer who masquerades as an FBI agent. Mindhunter is a smart and beautifully paced crime thriller which drew comparisons to Showtime’s equally popular Hannibal. Mindhunters proves itself to be a highly thought-provoking crime thriller, making it a worthy addition to our list of the best Netflix shows.


Love Death + Robots, Volume 3 (2022)


If you’re a fan of epic animated shows, then this one is for you. Boasting different stories per episode, you can experience different interpretations of the sci-fi genre. From the technological to the more absurd, Love Death + Robots is something you have to check out. The animation spans from 3d to classic


After Life, Season 2 (2020)

After Life is a comedy-drama show that premiered on Netflix in the latter part of 2019. Netflix puts the show in the fictional town of Tambury. Lead protagonist Tony is a journalist for a local newspaper, an ordinary man in all respects. The story follows Tony in the aftermath of his wife’s death due to breast cancer. Because of his wife’s death, Tony contemplates suicide but decides to live long enough to take out his frustrations on the world by doing and saying anything that he wants. Unfortunately, his plan backfires when he meets people who connect with him on a human level. This makes Tony rethink his life and make him want to live. After Life may feel a bit too sappy at times but manages to impart lessons about the preservation and appreciation of life.


Which Netflix Subscription Should I Get?

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Netflix provides the best variety when it comes to entertainment options, but this level of performance comes at a cost. So how much does a subscription to Netflix cost, exactly?
Netflix typically has three streaming plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The basic offering comes at $9 per month. That gives access to one screen at a time with a standard screen resolution. However, if you find yourself with more than two devices or want HD streaming, you can go for the Standard option at just $13 a month.
But suppose you want high-definition viewing or you have other members of the family who want to stream Netflix at the same time as you. In that case, you can get Ultra HD viewing for more than four devices at a time with a Premium subscription. This allows for Ultra HD streaming for up to four devices at once. This allows any group to stream different content across multiple devices.
You can stream Netflix from any internet-connected device. The usual devices include desktop PC, tablets, and Android, and iOS phones. You can also stream Netflix via any device that supports the app. Devices that support it include DVD and Blu-ray players, and Smart TVs. There are also select set-top boxes and home theater systems that support it. You can check this complete list of devices compatible with Netflix as a reference. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Netflix Shows to Binge Watch with Friends

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This list is only a handful out of thousands of TV shows and movies on Netflix. The exact numbers of TV shows and movies on Netflix can be tricky, but reliable sources indicate that Netflix offers more than 1,000 TV shows and more than 4,000 movies at any time. And this number is just for the US audience alone.
Still, we are lucky that Netflix uses software algorithms. This keeps track of the viewer’s preferences in terms of genre and mode of entertainment. In turn, this generates recommendations that match your personal preferences. But if you don’t want to rely on algorithms to look for content, you can always search through the digital libraries yourself. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to browse the best content to watch on Netflix. 
Netflix is arguably the most successful streaming platform in the world, a fact that can be attributed to its excellent ability to harvest artistic talent. In other words, it has the largest congregation of writers and directors under its wing. Besides this are the large production budgets that Netflix pours in on its original shows. Netflix knows that intelligent writing and original storylines are what keeps audiences interested. To accomplish this, Netflix takes serious inspiration from a wide variety of sources. This includes everything from books, comic books, to classic TV series. And from these sources, they elevate the best stories, even those from other cultures.
This year Netflix presents us with original pieces from Korea, Germany, and Mexico. And to top it off, you can stream the best Netflix shows on almost any device. The best Netflix shows follow through on the promise of quality entertainment.

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