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Sun Basket Review: Is It Better Than Other Meal Kits?

SunBasket Review

Imagine yourself starving after a busy day at work, your stomach insistently growling, and you have no energy left to do the grocery. You rush your work so you can finally reward yourself with something satiating enough to halt the hungry yells of your poor, neglected tummy. Oh, if only you have some food near you, but the fast-food joint near you doesn’t offer anything appealing. How many of us have this all-too-familiar scenario that happened daily, right? Fortunately, there are food delivery services  like Sun Basket nowadays. Below is an in-depth Sun Basket review that might hugely help you sooner rather than later.


What Is Sun Basket?

SunBasket Website
Screenshot from Sun Basket


Sun Basket is a food delivery service that provides you with organic edibles that you get to choose from. The company delivers the ingredients right to your doorstep each week so that you don’t have to do that meticulous food shopping for yourself. Although it’d be great to have someone cook the food for you, the company assures you of step-by-step instructions so that you can easily prepare the food in just a few minutes or so.

The company offers 18 meal categories to check out. You are even required to tick off the different food ingredients that you avoid so that they aren’t included in your future choices. You can opt to change or cancel your subscription anytime, as well.

Once you enter all your required details, you can easily order your weekly meal packages and wait for your food delivery service to arrive.

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What Does Sun Basket Offer?

The great thing about Sun Basket is that its ingredients are all organically produced. Their meat is free-range. Their vegetables and fruits aren’t full of harmful chemicals. Packages delivered to you are all guaranteed to be fresh, as well. To know more, continue reading our Sun Basket review.


How to Create a Sun Basket Account?

To begin enjoying Sun Basket’s offers, you need to create an account on their website. You can create a Sun Basket review yourself, but it is better if we teach you how to sign up for their service first.

Sun Basket sign up
Screenshot from Sun Basket


Signing Up

You can quickly sign up on their site by using your Facebook account, your Apple account, or your email address. Below are several steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit the official Sun Basket website.
  2. Then, locate and click on the “Get Started” button.
  3. This brings you to the “Set Up” stage.
  4. You will be prompted to answer several questions regarding your diet preferences, the food you avoid, the number of people you cook for, the number of dinners you want per week, plus your specific zip code.
  5. After ticking through your preferred options, you will be asked for your email address.
  6. Click “Choose Dinners” after entering our email address.
  7. Lastly, go and complete the process by selecting the “Select Meals” option.


Bear in mind that you can change these options whenever you want. Sun Basket uses your current options when preparing your subsequent food delivery orders.



Of course, the service will require you to input your contact details as well as your preferred payment method. You are also prompted to place your desired first week of delivery.

Remember to include the following when creating your account:

  • Full Name
  • Billing and Delivery Address/es
  • Phone Number
  • Credit, debit, or PayPal details


Payment Methods Accepted

Payment is done through the following modes:

  • Credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club)
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay


To edit and update your preferred payment method, here’s how:

  1. Click on your registered account name.
  2. Access the “My Account” section of your profile.
  3. Click the “Pencil” symbol beside your “Billing” information.
  4. Enter your new billing information.
  5. Tap “Save.”


Note that delivery cut-off is Wednesday at noon Pacific Time or 3 PM Eastern Time a week before your scheduled delivery. If you plan to forgo a delivery, cancel your Sun Basket subscription, or modify your orders, you should do so on or before the said cut-off.


Customer Service

If you have any problems or questions regarding the food delivery service, you can quickly contact Sun Basket’s customer support by doing the following:



The Self-Service option is Sun Basket’s solution for immediate customer assistance. You get quick answers to issues related to your meal orders, package deliveries, and Sun Basket account.


Ask an Expert

If you cannot find solutions in the Self-Service category, you can also use the Ask an Expert option. Here, you get expert advice from Sun Basket customers who may have the perfect solutions to your queries. This option is preferable for questions regarding password modifications, meal or delivery schedule set-ups, and other meal-management topics.

However, keep in mind that these answers aren’t provided by Sun Basket employees but customers who are just like you. So, do not share personal account details such as passwords, debit/credit card information, specific billing addresses, and email addresses. Rest assured, though, that Sun Basket does not share those details with strangers, as well. You may use this help solution 24/7.


Contact Customer Support

If you wish to speak with an actual Sun Basket employee, however, you are also given the option to do so.

  • Call Customer Service by dialing 866-SUN-BSKT (866-786-2758) on Mondays through Fridays, 8 AM-5 PM Pacific Time.
  • Text Customer Service via +1732-402-0156 on Mondays through Fridays, 8 AM-5 PM Pacific Time.
  • Email Customer Service anytime and get a reply from them during the next business day.


Sun Basket asks customers to bear with them as their employees work from home. Hence, you may experience some background noise if you call them for assistance.


Sun Basket Meals Menu

Shrimp Tacos
Photo from Sun Basket


After creating your account, you can already start customizing your meal plan. Bear in mind that these meals are for either two or four people per package. So, if you merely plan to have a meal for yourself, you can still have some extra for another meal or even share it with someone else. As part of our Sun Basket review, let’s take a look at what their menu consists of.


Classic or Family Menu

The Classic and Family menus are simple and wholesome meals. Both are tailored to suit family gatherings, as well. They are guaranteed to be kid-friendly, too.

If you’re curious, here is what Sun Basket’s meal plans are.

  • Paleo
  • Gluten-Free Package
  • Lean and Clean (Protein)
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Mediterranean
  • Pescatarian
  • Diabetes-friendly menu


The Family Menu provides six meal options, while the Classic Menu offers 18 meal choices.


Chef’s Choice

If you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to let Sun Basket choose your meals for you. Sun Basket uses your specific food preferences to prepare your food packages. Plus, they also include special meal options like the following:

  • Chicken with green romesco
  • Steak with artichoke butter


How to Order From Sun Basket?

Chicago Pork Blade Sandwich
Photo from Sun Basket


Ordering from Sun Basket necessitates subscribing to their delivery service first. After successfully creating your account by following the steps mentioned above, you can now easily order their food packages or allow Sun Basket to choose your meals for you.

You can use PayPal or your debit/credit card to pay for your subscription. However, make sure you understand the fine print, though. Sun Basket’s default option is to deliver the same customized meals in the future. Nonetheless, you also have the choice to cancel or modify your orders after your first order—or any other time for that matter. Just make sure to do so the week before the next delivery schedule, which is Wednesday at noon Pacific Time or 3 PM Eastern Time. You can do this by visiting the My Account section.


Sun Basket Costs

Below is a general breakdown of the different meals that you can order from Sun Basket. You can also avail of a $35 off plus four gifts amounting to a $60-value.


Family Menu

  • 2 recipes per week with 4 servings each – $87.92
  • 3 recipes per week with 4 servings each – $131.88
  • 4 recipes per week with 4 servings each – $175.84


Classic Menu

  • 2 recipes per week with 2 servings each – $51.96
  •  2 recipes per week with 4 servings each – $103.92
  •  3 recipes per week with 2 servings each – $71.94
  •  3 recipes per week with 4 servings each – $143.88
  •  4 recipes per week with 2 servings each– $87.92
  •  4 recipes per week with 4 servings each– $175.84


Pros and Cons of Subscribing to Sun Basket

Korean Chicken Japchae
Photo from Sun Basket


As with other food delivery services, however, Sun Basket has a list of its pros and cons. You must know these before deciding to order from the said website. In this Sun Basket review, we also need to take a look at the service’s pros and cons.



Good Packaging

Sun Basket provides neat, streamlined, and recyclable packaging. Hence, you are assured of clean and proper handling of your meals. You can even conveniently keep them in the fridge since they are all adequately labeled for your convenience.


Step-by-Step Instructions

You do not have to worry about failing your cooking attempts. Sun Basket provides step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each meal.


Organic ingredients

Fresh herbs and vegetables are a guaranteed feature of Sun Basket’s meal packages. This is an essential feature when you want to avoid food ingredients that are GMO-infused or massively produced.


Up to 18 Diverse Meal Choices

Sun Basket offers tons of options for nearly every dietary preference. Hence, you get to choose a specific dietary selection that helps you avoid food ingredients that might not work for you or your particular health instructions.



Repetitive and Limited Ingredients

Some of Sun Basket’s ingredients are a bit repetitive per delivery. This can be a bit boring, especially when you want more diversity in your meals. Nonetheless, you can change this by opting for more diverse meals per week.


More Expensive Than Others

Sun Basket is not cheap, especially when compared to some other meal delivery services available in the country. However, this trait is due to Sun Basket’s goal of providing its customers with purely organic ingredients, which, of course, makes each meal package pricier than the rest.


Limited Payment Options

Sun Basket merely accepts credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, or PayPal payments.


Sun Basket vs Competitors

There are different food and meal kit delivery services available in the country. In this Sun Basket review, it is essential to look into the different things that are offered by its competitors, as well.

Below are several food delivery services and their corresponding general descriptions:


Purple Carrot

Like Sun Basket, Purple Carrot delivers meal packages all over the country each week. However, they only do so in the 48 US states except in Hawaii and Alaska. Also, like Sun Basket, they only accept debit or credit card payments or through PayPal.

Since Purple Carrot caters explicitly to vegans, they do not offer meat-based meals, as well. Nonetheless, the company gives you the option to cancel, modify, or pause your subscription any time you want.



Freshly Website
Screenshot from Freshly


Freshly is another food delivery service. The company offers peanut-free and gluten-free meals. All their meals are delivered fully-prepared, so you don’t have to worry about cooking and following numerous steps to come up with ready-to-eat meals. Most food delivery services require you to cook your meals while providing you with the ingredients and instructions to do so. This food delivery service is excellent for busy people who like their meals fully-prepared because they might not have time to cook their daily meals.


Green Chef

Green Chef Delivery
Photo from Green Chef


Green Chef is similar to Sun Basket since they also offer organic meal packages. The company provides several meal categories to choose from: keto, paleo, plant-powered, and balanced living. This food service aims to provide meals to some of the basic options in the spectrum. However, they have limited offers and do not have particular categories as compared to Sun Basket’s 18 possibilities. Nonetheless, their meal packages are more affordable. Like Sun Basket, however, you are also required to cook your meals while they provide you with the ingredients and steps to do so.



Another food delivery service company is HelloFresh. Like Sun Basket, HelloFresh offers meat-based meals aside from plant-based ones. They offer family-sized servings. This is specifically a plus, especially for individuals who live with their families rather than alone. HelloFresh is a superb choice for those who might want to learn how to cook and for those who do not want purely plant-based meal options.


The Verdict

Poached Cod
Photo from Sun Basket


This Sun Basket review aims to provide you with in-depth information regarding this food delivery service. The company guarantees you purely organic ingredients—a specific feature that is especially important for individuals who might want quality meals made out of GMO-free and massively-produced ingredients. Sun Basket delivers your meal packages to you per week.

You can avail of their services by just visiting their website. Multiple food categories are given to you so you can conveniently opt for meals based on your diet preference. You can also choose to modify and cancel your Sun Basket subscription anytime. Nonetheless, it would be best if you did changes a week before your expected Sun Basket delivery guided by their cut-off schedule, which is Wednesday at noon Pacific Time or 3 PM Eastern Time.

As compared to other food delivery services available within the country, Sun Basket offers 18 meal categories to choose from. You can elect to have either the Classic or Family menu. You can also opt to have the Chef’s Choice and have the company select the meals for you based on your pre-entered categories and food preferences.

Admittedly, their meals are a bit pricier than most. However, you are assured of organic ingredients—a redeeming feature that is only offered by less than a handful of counterparts. Their meals are packed neatly and adequately, so you are guaranteed of correct and clean handling each time.


Save Time and Order Meal Kits

Not everyone has the available time to do food shopping and meticulous food preparation. There are many instances when we do not even have adequate time to cook our meals at the end of the day. Sun Basket provides purposely organic options that are systematically prepared for you, permitting you ample saving time as you merely need to cook the ingredients as soon as you get your weekly deliveries.

These meal packages do not even require you to allot several cooking hours per day. Cooking these meals merely requires you several minutes before you get to enjoy a scrumptious meal by yourself or with a companion. You may even save some extra for snack time as these meals are adequately portioned to give you your money’s worth.

That concludes our Sun Basket review, and if you’re interested to try it out, let this article be your guide by bookmarking it for reading later!

Sun Basket Review: Is It Better Than Other Meal Kits?

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