X (Twitter) Pays $20 Million To Creators, Says CEO


The popular social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now rebranded as X, has made a substantial payout of nearly $20 million to its creators, as revealed by X CEO Linda Yaccarino. This move comes as X aims to boost its appeal to content creators and enhance monetization opportunities on the platform.

Key Takeaway

The rebranded social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, has paid out almost $20 million to its creators. By sharing a portion of the ad revenue generated from replies to creators’ posts, X aims to attract more content creators and improve monetization opportunities on the platform. The move highlights X’s commitment to incentivizing engaging conversations and providing an avenue for creators to profit from their contributions.

Celebrating Creativity and Economic Success on X

Since July, X has been compensating creators for their contributions by sharing a portion of the ad revenue generated from ads displayed in the replies to their posts targeted at other verified users. To be eligible for this program, users must meet certain criteria, including being subscribed to X Premium (previously known as Twitter Blue), having over 500 followers, and generating more than 5 million tweet impressions over the past three months.

The initial payments made in July, which encompassed earnings accumulated since February, amounted to approximately $5 million according to Elon Musk, the company’s owner. The total payout of nearly $20 million suggests a significant increase in the number of creators participating in the program or a rise in the ad impressions generated on the platform.

Encouraging Engaging Conversations and Maximizing Engagement

X is now incentivizing creators to encourage users to engage and reply to their tweets. While fostering conversations is a positive objective, it is worth noting that platforms such as Facebook have shown that extreme emotions tend to drive the highest levels of engagement.

Historically, Twitter has been less attractive to creators due to the difficulties in converting a large following into financial gain. In contrast, platforms like YouTube have allowed creators in their partner programs to receive a share of ad revenue for over a decade. However, the introduction of monetization opportunities on X provides a compelling reason for creators to consider X Premium and actively contribute to the platform’s content.

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