Telegram To Launch Ad Revenue Sharing With Toncoin Next Month


Telegram CEO and founder Pavel Durov has announced the upcoming launch of the company’s ad platform, which will enable channel owners to receive financial rewards. The ad revenue sharing will be facilitated using toncoin on the TON blockchain. Channel owners are set to receive 50% of all revenue generated from displaying ads in their channels.

Key Takeaway

Telegram is set to introduce ad revenue sharing next month, allowing channel owners to receive 50% of the revenue generated from displaying ads in their channels. The rewards will be distributed using toncoin on the TON blockchain.

Monetization Opportunity for Channel Owners

Telegram channels serve as a platform for users to broadcast public messages to large audiences. Durov revealed that while broadcast channels on Telegram amass a staggering one trillion views monthly, only 10% of these views are currently monetized using Telegram Ads, the platform’s promotion tool. The opening of the Telegram Ad Platform to channel owners in nearly one hundred countries in March signifies a significant shift towards content monetization.

Utilizing the TON Blockchain for Fast and Secure Transactions

Telegram has emphasized the use of the TON blockchain to ensure swift and secure ad payments and withdrawals. Durov stated in his announcement on Telegram that the company will exclusively employ the TON blockchain for ad payments and revenue sharing with channel owners. The utilization of toncoin will create a cycle where content creators can either cash out their earnings or reinvest them in channel promotion and enhancements.

Market Response and Industry Comparison

Following the news, the TON token experienced a significant surge, soaring nearly 40% to over $2.92 and currently resting at $2.65. Telegram’s move aligns it with other major platforms such as YouTube and X (formerly Twitter), both of which offer ad revenue sharing with users. YouTube, for instance, provides a 55% share of ad revenue to creators in the YouTube Partner Program, while X initiated revenue sharing with users in July 2023. Meta has also been testing a new payout model for its Ads on Reels monetization program.

With over 800 million monthly active users globally, Telegram’s foray into ad revenue sharing is poised to have a substantial impact on content monetization within the platform.

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