Telegram Introduces New Discovery And Customization Features For Channels


Telegram, the messaging platform owned by Meta, has recently unveiled an array of new features aimed at enhancing its channels. These features include improved discovery of similar channels, emoji customization for reactions, and stats for stories. The platform’s global launch of broadcast channels took place in September.

Better Discovery of Channels

In order to improve the user experience, Telegram now suggests similar channels when a user joins a new channel. This allows users to easily explore and discover various channels within their interests.

Key Takeaway

Telegram is continuously innovating its channel features to stay competitive in the messaging app market. The latest updates include improved discovery suggestions, emoji customization for reactions, and advanced story features. The addition of channel stats and the gamified leveling system further enhance the channel experience for both administrators and users.

Emoji Customization for Reactions

With the latest update, Telegram enables users and channels to personalize their reactions by customizing emojis. This feature enhances engagement and adds a touch of personalization to interactions within channels.

Advanced Story Features

Telegram introduced stories for all users in August, and the recent update offers additional features for users and channels to enhance storytelling. Channels can now repost their stories on their own pages, allowing them to reach a wider audience. Users can add text, images, or video commentary while reposting, providing a richer storytelling experience.

Channel Leveling System

Channels on Telegram can now add custom emojis based on their level. Users can boost any channel of their choice, with premium subscribers receiving one boost included in their subscription. As channels accumulate more boosts, they unlock various features, such as the ability to post stories. While the process may seem slightly complex, it adds a gamified element and rewards active channel participation.

Enhanced Stats for Stories

Telegram now provides channels with comprehensive statistics for their stories. Channel administrators can access statistics such as the number of views, reactions, and shares, along with a timeline of activity. This information enables channels to evaluate the performance and engagement of their stories effectively.

Other Notable Updates

Besides the channel-related features, Telegram has introduced several other updates. Free users now have access to the voice-to-text feature for audio messages, with a weekly cap of two transcriptions. Additionally, there are enhancements such as a better highlighting block for code in messages, a two-sided wallpaper for premium users visible to both parties in a chat, and an improved topics view in groups.

Telegram’s drive for innovation in its channel features is partly due to the recent rollout of a similar feature on WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg, on his WhatsApp broadcast channel, announced that the channels feature had surpassed 500 million monthly active users. While WhatsApp boasts over 2 billion monthly active users, Telegram has an impressive user base of over 800 million.

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