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Welcome to the exciting world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), where digital assets are bought, sold, and traded on the blockchain. NFTs have revolutionized the art, gaming, and collectibles industries by providing a unique and secure way of owning and transferring digital assets. From digital art pieces to virtual real estate and rare virtual items, NFTs have gained immense popularity and have created a booming market.

As an avid NFT enthusiast, you may be wondering where to find upcoming NFT projects and stay updated with the latest trends. With numerous platforms and communities dedicated to NFTs, discovering new and exciting projects can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, we have got you covered! In this article, we will explore various avenues where you can discover upcoming NFT projects and join the ever-growing NFT ecosystem.

Whether you are an investor, collector, or simply interested in exploring the world of NFTs, these resources will help you stay ahead of the curve and uncover promising projects before they gain mainstream attention. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and explore where you can find upcoming NFT projects.


NFT Marketplaces

NFT marketplaces are the primary platforms where creators and collectors come together to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. These marketplaces host a wide range of NFT projects, from digital art and collectibles to virtual real estate and domain names. They provide a central hub for discovering upcoming NFT projects and connecting with artists and creators.

Some of the most popular NFT marketplaces include:

  • OpenSea: OpenSea is the largest marketplace for NFTs, offering a wide variety of digital assets across different categories. It allows users to browse, buy, and sell NFTs from various projects.
  • Rarible: Rarible is a community-owned marketplace that enables creators to mint and sell their own NFTs. It features a wide array of unique and original art pieces.
  • SuperRare: SuperRare is a curated marketplace dedicated to digital art and collectibles. It focuses on showcasing high-quality, limited edition digital artworks.
  • Nifty Gateway: Nifty Gateway is an NFT marketplace known for its partnerships with popular artists and brands. It offers a wide range of digital artwork and collectibles.
  • Foundation: Foundation is an invite-only marketplace that focuses on supporting emerging artists in the NFT space. It features a curated selection of unique and innovative creations.

These marketplaces often have features such as bidding, auctions, and secondary sales, providing opportunities for collectors to engage with the NFT community and potential investment opportunities. They also offer ranking systems, search filters, and trending sections to help users discover new and upcoming NFT projects.

Remember to do your due diligence when using NFT marketplaces. Research the project, verify the authenticity of the creators, and read the terms and conditions before purchasing or trading any NFTs.


NFT News and Communities

To stay updated with the latest news, trends, and upcoming NFT projects, it is essential to be a part of vibrant NFT communities and follow reputable news sources. These communities and platforms provide valuable insights, discussions, and announce new project launches.

Here are some popular NFT news and community platforms:

  • Crypto Twitter: Twitter is a hotbed of NFT discussions, where artists, collectors, and enthusiasts share news, insights, and upcoming project announcements. Following NFT influencers, artists, and project founders on Twitter can provide a wealth of information about upcoming NFT projects.
  • Reddit: Reddit has several dedicated NFT communities, such as r/CryptoPunks, r/NFT, and r/CryptoArt. These subreddits are a great place to engage in discussions, discover new projects, and stay updated with the latest news and trends.
  • NFT Discord Channels: Many NFT projects and communities have their own dedicated Discord servers. Discord is a popular platform for real-time discussions, community building, and project updates. Joining these channels can give you exclusive access to insider information and upcoming project launches.
  • NFT Blogs and Publications: Various blogs and publications focus specifically on NFTs. These platforms, such as NFT Bible,, and The Defiant, provide in-depth articles, interviews, and guides about the NFT ecosystem. Subscribing to their newsletters or regularly visiting their websites can keep you informed about upcoming NFT projects.
  • NFT Podcasts: NFT podcasts, such as “The Nifty Show” and “The Art of the NFT,” feature discussions with artists, collectors, and industry experts. These podcasts delve into the latest trends, upcoming projects, and insights into the world of NFTs.

Being an active member of NFT communities and staying informed through reliable news sources can be a game-changer when it comes to discovering upcoming NFT projects. Engaging in discussions, attending virtual meetups, and participating in AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions can offer valuable networking opportunities and insights into the NFT space.

Remember to seek out credible sources and engage with communities that align with your interests and values. Being an active and engaged community member can lead to exciting new connections and valuable project discoveries in the world of NFTs.


Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have become a hub for NFT enthusiasts, artists, and collectors to connect, share, and discover upcoming NFT projects. These platforms offer a wide range of features, including hashtag searches, trending topics, and community discussions, making them a valuable resource for finding new and exciting NFT opportunities.

Here are some popular social media platforms to explore for upcoming NFT projects:

  • Instagram: Instagram is a visual platform where many artists and creators showcase their NFT projects. Following NFT artists, collectors, and NFT-related hashtags can help you discover upcoming projects and stay informed about the latest trends.
  • TikTok: TikTok has become a popular platform for NFT content creators to share their projects and insights. The short-form videos offer a quick and engaging way to learn about upcoming NFT projects.
  • YouTube: YouTube is filled with NFT-related content, including interviews, project reviews, and educational videos. Subscribing to NFT-focused channels can provide you with valuable information about upcoming projects and developments in the NFT space.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is not typically associated with NFTs, but it can still be a valuable platform for connecting with professionals, artists, and organizations involved in the NFT ecosystem. Engaging in discussions, following relevant hashtags, and connecting with industry leaders can lead to exciting opportunities and project discoveries.
  • Facebook Groups: Facebook has numerous NFT-focused groups and communities where members share upcoming projects, news, and insights. Joining these groups can provide you with a network of like-minded individuals and help you discover upcoming NFT projects.

When using social media platforms to find upcoming NFT projects, keep in mind that due diligence is essential. Research the projects, verify the credibility of the creators, and engage in discussions to gain a deeper understanding of the project’s potential. It’s also important to be mindful of scams and be cautious when considering investment opportunities.

By leveraging the power of social media platforms, you can tap into a vast network of creators and enthusiasts, expanding your reach and staying informed about exciting new NFT projects.


Discord Channels

Discord has become a popular platform for NFT communities and project collaborations. It offers real-time communication, organized channels, voice chats, and direct messaging, making it an excellent platform for connecting with like-minded individuals and discovering upcoming NFT projects.

Here are some ways you can utilize Discord to find upcoming NFT projects:

  • Official Project Discords: Many NFT projects have their own dedicated Discord servers. These servers provide a space for the community to interact, ask questions, and receive updates about the project. Joining these official project Discords can give you exclusive access to upcoming project announcements and opportunities.
  • NFT Marketplace Discords: Popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible also have their own Discord channels. These channels often have dedicated sections for upcoming NFT projects, allowing creators to showcase their work and buyers to discover new and exciting projects.
  • Community-Run NFT Discords: There are numerous community-run Discord servers dedicated to NFT discussions, project discoveries, and collaborations. These servers bring together artists, collectors, developers, and enthusiasts, creating a fertile ground for discovering upcoming NFT projects.
  • NFT Collectors’ Clubs: Some Discord channels are exclusive to collectors’ clubs and invite-only groups. These channels provide a more intimate and curated space for collectors to connect, share upcoming projects, and discuss investment opportunities.

When joining Discord channels, take the time to read the rules and guidelines of each community. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and contribute positively to the community. Participating actively in Discord channels can open doors to exciting new project discoveries, collaborations, and networking opportunities within the NFT space.

Remember that Discord channels can be fast-paced and dynamic, so it’s important to stay updated with the latest discussions and announcements. Set up notifications for important channels or use discord bots that provide alerts for upcoming project launches.

Discord offers a vibrant and interactive space where NFT enthusiasts can connect, learn, and discover upcoming projects. By utilizing Discord channels, you can be at the forefront of the NFT community and uncover exciting opportunities in the ever-evolving NFT landscape.


Cryptocurrency Forums

Cryptocurrency forums have been a hub for discussions, news, and project discoveries within the digital asset space for years. These forums provide a platform for crypto enthusiasts, investors, and traders to engage in conversations about various cryptocurrency-related topics, including NFTs.

Here are some well-known cryptocurrency forums that can help you find upcoming NFT projects:

  • Bitcointalk: Bitcointalk is one of the oldest and most popular cryptocurrency forums. It covers a wide range of topics, including NFTs. Exploring the Altcoin Announcements section or dedicated NFT threads can lead you to exciting new projects.
  • Crypto Reddit: Reddit has many cryptocurrency-related subreddits where users discuss the latest news, projects, and investment opportunities. Subreddits like r/CryptoCurrency and r/ethtrader often feature discussions and updates on NFTs, including upcoming projects.
  • Bitcoin Forum: Bitcoin Forum is another well-established forum where you can find discussions about NFTs and upcoming projects. It provides a platform for community members to share insights, discoveries, and engage in conversations about the NFT space.
  • Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups: Telegram is known for its active and engaged cryptocurrency communities. Joining relevant Telegram groups focused on NFTs or general cryptocurrency discussions can provide access to valuable resources, project announcements, and discussions around upcoming NFT projects.
  • Crypto Discord Servers: Discord servers dedicated to cryptocurrency discussions often have channels specifically for NFTs. These servers bring together a diverse range of crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors, who share insights and discuss upcoming NFT projects.

When participating in cryptocurrency forums, it’s important to do your own research and exercise caution. Scammers and misleading information can be present, so always verify the credibility of the projects and individuals mentioned in the forums.

Cryptocurrency forums can be a treasure trove of information for discovering upcoming NFT projects. By actively engaging in discussions, asking questions, and staying informed about the latest trends, you can uncover exciting opportunities within the NFT ecosystem.


Online Art Galleries and Platforms

Online art galleries and platforms have embraced the NFT revolution, providing a virtual space for artists to showcase and sell their digital creations. These platforms not only offer a wide variety of NFT artwork but also serve as a hub for discovering upcoming NFT projects.

Here are some popular online art galleries and platforms to explore for upcoming NFT projects:

  • KnownOrigin: KnownOrigin is an online art gallery and marketplace dedicated to showcasing and selling digital artwork. It features a diverse collection of NFTs and offers a platform where artists can gain recognition and buyers can discover upcoming talent.
  • SuperRare: SuperRare, mentioned earlier as an NFT marketplace, also operates as an online art gallery. It focuses on showcasing limited-edition digital artwork from both established and emerging artists. Exploring SuperRare can lead you to discover upcoming NFT artists and projects.
  • Async Art: Async Art is an innovative platform that supports programmable art, where NFT artwork can evolve and change over time. It incorporates different layers and allows collectors to interact with the art. Exploring Async Art’s marketplace can introduce you to unique and upcoming NFT projects.
  • DADA: DADA is a social network and marketplace that focuses on digital art and NFT collaborations. It offers a vibrant community where artists can engage, collaborate, and showcase their artwork. Discovering artists on DADA can lead you to exciting upcoming NFT projects.
  • Art Blocks: Art Blocks is a curated platform that features generative artwork. It showcases algorithmically generated NFT art projects, often with limited editions and unique characteristics. Exploring Art Blocks can introduce you to upcoming generative NFT projects and talented artists.

These online art galleries and platforms provide a curated environment where artists can showcase their creativity and collectors can explore a wide range of artistic NFT projects. By browsing these platforms and engaging with the artwork, you can discover upcoming NFT projects before they gain mainstream attention.

Remember that art appreciation is subjective, so take the time to explore different styles and artist portfolios to find upcoming NFT projects that resonate with your personal preferences.

With online art galleries and platforms embracing the NFT revolution, there’s no shortage of exciting artwork and projects to discover. Immerse yourself in the digital art world and uncover upcoming NFT projects that captivate your imagination.


Token Launch Platforms

Token launch platforms have emerged as a popular avenue for launching and discovering new NFT projects. These platforms offer a streamlined process for creators to mint and distribute their tokens, while also providing enthusiasts with opportunities to explore and invest in upcoming NFT projects.

Here are some well-known token launch platforms to explore for upcoming NFT projects:

  • Polkastarter: Polkastarter is a decentralized token launchpad that operates on the Polkadot network. It offers a platform for NFT projects to conduct initial token offerings (ITOs) and allows investors to participate in these offerings. Exploring Polkastarter can lead you to discover promising upcoming NFT projects.
  • Binance Launchpad: Binance Launchpad is a token launch platform operated by the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. While primarily focused on cryptocurrency projects, Binance Launchpad occasionally hosts NFT projects, providing opportunities to discover and invest in upcoming NFTs.
  • Ethereum Launchpad: Ethereum Launchpad is an ecosystem of platforms and services dedicated to hosting token launches on the Ethereum network. Projects launching on Ethereum Launchpad may include NFTs or NFT-related platforms, offering potential opportunities to explore upcoming NFT projects.
  • DAO Maker: DAO Maker is a platform that specializes in token launch services, including NFT projects. It provides a launchpad for NFT creators to raise funds and engage with the community. Exploring DAO Maker can lead you to discover upcoming NFT projects and investment opportunities.
  • Balancer: Balancer is a decentralized exchange protocol that also offers token distribution services for projects. While not exclusive to NFTs, Balancer occasionally hosts NFT projects, allowing users to discover and participate in upcoming NFT launches.

When exploring token launch platforms, it is important to conduct thorough research on the projects and perform your due diligence. Assessing the team behind the project, evaluating the whitepaper or project documentation, and understanding the underlying technology are crucial steps to identify potential upcoming NFT projects.

Token launch platforms provide a structured environment for both creators and investors in the NFT space. By exploring these platforms, you can access exclusive opportunities and discover upcoming NFT projects and investment options.

Keep in mind that investing in NFT projects carries risks, and it’s important to assess the project’s potential, team credentials, and community reception before making any investment decisions.


Initial NFT Offerings (INOs)

Initial NFT Offerings (INOs) have gained popularity as a way for NFT projects to launch and distribute their tokens to the community. Similar to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in the cryptocurrency world, INOs provide an opportunity for enthusiasts to support and invest in upcoming NFT projects.

Here’s what you need to know about INOs and how they can be a platform for discovering new NFT projects:

What are INOs?

INOs are token sales events specifically focused on NFT projects. They allow creators to raise funds for their projects by issuing a limited number of tokens, typically in exchange for ETH or other cryptocurrencies. These tokens are often utility tokens that grant exclusive access, benefits, or ownership rights within the NFT ecosystem.

How to Discover INOs for Upcoming NFT Projects

There are several ways to discover INOs for upcoming NFT projects:

  • Platform Launchpads: Many token launch platforms, such as Polkastarter and DAO Maker, host INOs for NFT projects. These launchpads provide a curated environment for discovering and participating in upcoming NFT token sales.
  • NFT Communities: Engaging with NFT communities and platforms can often provide insights into upcoming INOs. Discord channels, social media groups, and NFT-focused forums may share information and discussions about upcoming INOs.
  • News and Influencers: Following reputable NFT news sources and influencers can provide updates on upcoming INOs. News articles, interviews, and social media posts from industry experts can offer valuable insights and announce upcoming token sales.
  • Project Websites and Social Media: Visiting the websites and social media accounts of NFT projects that catch your interest can help you discover if they have any upcoming INOs. Many projects announce their token sales events on their official platforms.

What to Consider when Participating in INOs

Participating in INOs for upcoming NFT projects can be an exciting opportunity, but it’s important to exercise caution and consider the following:

  • Project Fundamentals: Evaluate the project’s viability, whitepaper or project documentation, team credentials, and roadmap to determine if it aligns with your investment goals and values.
  • Community and Hype: Assess the project’s community engagement, online presence, and reception within the NFT community. Consider the level of hype and demand surrounding the project.
  • Risks and Rewards: Understand the risks involved in investing in INOs, including regulatory and market risks. Consider the potential rewards and benefits that participating in the INO may offer.
  • Token Utility: Evaluate the utility of the tokens being offered in the INO. Understand the purposes, use cases, and potential value of the tokens within the NFT project’s ecosystem.

Participating in an INO can be an opportunity to support promising upcoming NFT projects and gain early access to their tokens. However, always perform thorough research and exercise caution when investing in INOs.

Remember that investing in INOs and cryptocurrencies carries risks, and it’s important to never invest more than you can afford to lose.


NFT Project Discovery Platforms

NFT project discovery platforms have emerged as valuable resources for enthusiasts looking to explore and discover upcoming NFT projects. These platforms curate and showcase a wide range of NFT projects, making it easier for users to find and engage with exciting new opportunities within the NFT space.

Here are some popular NFT project discovery platforms to consider:

  • NFT Calendar: NFT Calendar is a platform that provides a comprehensive list of upcoming NFT events, including project launches, drops, and auctions. It offers a curated calendar that allows users to stay informed about the latest NFT project releases.
  • NFT Marketplace Aggregators: NFT marketplace aggregators like and consolidate listings and data from various NFT marketplaces. These aggregators provide helpful filters and sorting options, allowing users to discover upcoming NFT projects based on criteria such as rarity, price, and category.
  • NFT Rankings and Analytics: Platforms like DappRadar and offer rankings and analytics for NFT projects. These platforms provide insights into the popularity, sales volume, and historical performance of different NFT projects, giving users the ability to discover trending and upcoming projects.
  • Curated NFT Collections: Curated NFT collections platforms, such as Nifty Gateway Drops and Immutable X Showcase, highlight hand-picked NFT projects or collections. These curated platforms showcase upcoming and established artists, providing a space to explore and discover high-quality NFT projects.
  • NFT Aggregators and News Websites: NFT aggregators and news websites, such as CryptoSlam and NFTCulture, aggregate NFT-related news, project releases, and announcements. These platforms act as centralized sources of information, helping users discover upcoming projects and stay updated with the latest news and trends.

When using NFT project discovery platforms, it’s important to explore different platforms and consider multiple sources of information. Each platform may have its own approach to curating and showcasing NFT projects, so broadening your search can reveal a range of upcoming opportunities.

Additionally, performing due diligence and research on NFT projects of interest is crucial. Evaluate the project team, read project documentation or whitepapers, and analyze the community engagement and reception to make informed decisions about potential investments or participation.

NFT project discovery platforms can be powerful tools for staying informed and discovering upcoming NFT projects that align with your interests and investment goals. By utilizing these platforms, you can navigate the rapidly evolving NFT ecosystem and explore new and exciting opportunities within the space.


Blockchain Events and Conferences

Blockchain events and conferences play a significant role in the NFT ecosystem by bringing together industry professionals, enthusiasts, creators, and investors. These events provide opportunities to discover upcoming NFT projects, learn from industry leaders, and network with like-minded individuals within the blockchain and NFT communities.

Here are some ways blockchain events and conferences can help you find upcoming NFT projects:

  • Keynote Speeches and Panels: Industry experts and thought leaders often deliver keynote speeches and participate in panel discussions at blockchain events. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including NFTs, and can provide insights into upcoming projects and trends within the NFT space.
  • Pitch Sessions: Some events feature pitch sessions where NFT projects present their ideas, concepts, and upcoming plans to a panel of judges or potential investors. Attending these sessions allows you to discover new and promising NFT projects before they gain mainstream attention.
  • Exhibition Areas: Many blockchain events have dedicated exhibition areas where NFT projects showcase their work and engage with attendees. Exploring these areas provides an opportunity to interact directly with creators, learn about their projects, and discover upcoming NFT opportunities.
  • Networking Opportunities: Blockchain events and conferences offer valuable networking opportunities. Engaging in conversations with fellow attendees, speakers, and project representatives can lead to insights about upcoming NFT projects, partnership opportunities, and potential collaborations.
  • Workshops and Hackathons: Events often include workshops and hackathons where participants learn and collaborate on NFT-related projects. These interactive sessions allow you to connect with creators, discuss ideas, and potentially discover new paths for upcoming NFT projects.

Keep an eye out for both virtual and in-person events, as the blockchain community embraces online conferences and hybrid formats. Virtual events can offer the flexibility to attend from anywhere in the world, while in-person events provide the opportunity for immersive experiences and face-to-face interactions.

Stay updated with the latest industry news, subscribe to event newsletters, and follow prominent speakers and organizations in the blockchain and NFT spaces to be informed about upcoming events and conferences.

Attending blockchain events and conferences can be a transformative experience, offering a deeper understanding of the NFT ecosystem and opening doors to exciting upcoming projects. Make the most of these opportunities to expand your knowledge, network, and discover new and promising NFT ventures.



The world of NFTs is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve requires actively seeking out upcoming projects. By exploring a variety of platforms and communities, you can discover exciting new opportunities within the NFT ecosystem.

NFT marketplaces, NFT news, and communities serve as excellent starting points for finding upcoming NFT projects. Platforms like OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare offer a diverse range of digital assets, while social media platforms and Discord channels provide real-time updates and discussions.

Engaging with cryptocurrency forums, online art galleries, and token launch platforms can deepen your understanding and lead you to uncover hidden gems within the NFT space. Additionally, NFT project discovery platforms and blockchain events provide curated spaces for discovering upcoming projects and networking with industry professionals.

As with any investment or participation in NFT projects, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and exercise caution. Evaluate the project fundamentals, team credentials, community engagement, and token utility before making any decisions.

By leveraging the resources and platforms discussed in this article, you can position yourself at the forefront of the NFT ecosystem and discover exciting upcoming NFT projects. Embrace the creativity, innovation, and potential that the NFT space offers, and enjoy the journey of exploring, collecting, and engaging with exceptional digital assets.

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