X Announces Audio And Video Calls As Premium Subscriber-Only Feature


Last month, X CEO Linda Yaccarino announced the addition of video calls to the platform, as it transforms into an “everything app.” However, recent code discoveries within the X app indicate that not only video calls, but also audio calls will be supported. The catch is that these features will only be accessible to X Premium members.

Key Takeaway

X is set to introduce audio and video calls as a premium feature, exclusively available to X Premium subscribers. The new feature will offer an enhanced messaging experience, allowing users to opt-in to receive calls from Verified users, followers, and contacts. X Premium, which includes various other benefits, aims to boost the company’s subscription numbers and compete with similar offerings from Snapchat and Meta.

Enhanced Messaging Experience with Audio and Video Calls

According to Chris Messina, a tech veteran-turned-investor, who examined the X app’s code, the upcoming feature will enable X users to receive audio and video calls from Verified users, those they follow, or contacts in their address book. It appears that the feature will be opt-in, allowing users to choose whom they are comfortable using it with.

In the code, there are also indications that when attempting to DM another user, a warning message will appear, notifying that “audio and video calls are a premium feature” and encouraging the recipient to “subscribe to gain access.”

Introducing X Premium

Access to audio and video calls will be part of the X Premium subscription, which was previously referred to as Twitter Blue. In addition to the new calling capabilities, X Premium offers a range of upgraded features, including verification, reduced ad load, post editing, support for longer posts, and prioritized rankings in search and conversations.

X has yet to successfully demonstrate the value of X Premium, with reports suggesting that the company has only sold around 1 million subscriptions. In contrast, Snapchat’s premium offering, Snapchat+, has already surpassed 5 million users. Analysts are also predicting that Meta’s subscription service, Meta Verified, will have 12 million subscribers by early next year.

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