Elon Musk Announces Algorithm Update For X: Showcasing Smaller Accounts And Enhancing Discoverability


Elon Musk, owner of the newly rebranded X, recently unveiled plans for a major update to the platform’s algorithm. This latest development aims to highlight posts from smaller accounts and expand users’ exposure to new and interesting content. Musk’s announcement signals X’s continued evolution into a creator platform, offering smaller creators the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Key Takeaway

X, under the ownership of Elon Musk, is gearing up for a significant algorithm update that will prioritize smaller accounts. By broadening the range of content available to users and empowering creators to monetize their posts, X aims to enhance user engagement and encourage the discovery of new and exciting content. The algorithm update will roll out in the coming days and will be an open-source project, subject to continuous improvement.

Unveiling the New Algorithm

Musk’s vision for X includes a revamped recommendation algorithm that will roll out in the coming days. The update will prioritize posts from smaller accounts, challenging the dominance of popular and trending content in users’ For You feed. This strategic shift will introduce users to accounts they may find appealing, but have yet to discover. By surfacing content outside users’ friend and follow networks, X aims to foster a more diverse and engaging user experience.

Empowering Creators

This algorithm update aligns with X’s overarching goal of becoming a creator platform. The company has introduced several features tailored to support content creators, such as extended character limits for paying subscribers, the ability to upload longer videos, and an ad revenue-sharing program. These initiatives have already generated close to $20 million in payouts to creators. X seeks to cultivate a space where creators can grow their audiences and monetize their content through ad revenue sharing and exclusive subscriptions.

A Platform for Fan-Creator Connections

X is not only focusing on monetization opportunities, but also on enhancing the connection between creators and their audience. Features like message requests from subscribers, audio and video calling, and even the potential to rival platforms like Cameo indicate X’s commitment to nurturing a strong bond between creators and their fans. This personal touch may differentiate X from other social media giants and establish it as a viable alternative for content creators.

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