Valley Investors Target Cow Burps To Fight Methane Emissions


Iconic Valley investors Zachary Bogue and Chris Sacca have joined forces to combat methane emissions caused by cow burps. A Sacca investment recently secured $20 million to address this unusual yet critical environmental concern. This move comes in the wake of COP28, a global conference addressing the pressing issue of the climate crisis, where methane has gained significant traction in the ClimateTech agenda for both investors and startups.

Key Takeaway

Valley investors are spearheading efforts to combat methane emissions by targeting cow burps, a significant source of agricultural methane. Startups like Mootral are leading the charge with innovative solutions aimed at reducing methane emissions from livestock, marking a crucial step in the fight against the climate crisis.

Understanding the Issue

Emissions from livestock, particularly cow burps, constitute a significant portion of agricultural methane, contributing to approximately one-third of all methane emissions. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the cow’s waste that is the primary culprit, but rather the methane gas expelled during their digestive process.

Addressing the Problem

Agricultural tech and bio tech companies are now directing their efforts towards mitigating these emissions. The pressure to do so has intensified, with major names in dairy farming committing to disclose their methane gas emissions. Furthermore, the recent COP meeting emphasized the need to reduce methane emissions, given its alarming impact on global warming.

The Impact of Methane

Methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas, has a far more detrimental impact than carbon dioxide, trapping significantly more heat in the atmosphere. While it remains in the atmosphere for a relatively shorter period, its heating effect surpasses that of carbon dioxide by a substantial margin, as highlighted by the Expert Panel on Livestock Methane 2023.

Introducing Mootral

One UK-based biotech startup, Mootral, has recently raised $20 million in a Series B financing round. This investment, led by Menlo Park-based climate investor King Philanthropies, aims to tackle the issue of methane emissions caused by livestock. Mootral envisions scaling its efforts to provide its feed additive to 300 million cows by 2033, with the potential to achieve up to 50 percent methane reductions by 2025.

Revolutionizing the Industry

Mootral’s innovative approach also includes “CowCredits,” allowing farmers to leverage the carbon credit markets as they reduce methane emissions from their herds. The company’s product, Enterix, has demonstrated promising results in reducing methane emissions from dairy cows, offering a potential reduction of up to 38 percent on commercial farms.

Competition and Collaboration

CH4 Global, backed by investor Zachary Bogue, is another key player in this space, employing seaweed in cow feed to curb methane emissions. Additionally, Dutch multinational DSM has pledged to monitor the environmental footprint of food products containing animal proteins, further highlighting the intersection of Climate Tech and AgTech in combating the climate crisis.

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