12 Best PC Games For Kids That Are Safe To Play

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Video games are great for all ages and there’s always going to be a game that everyone can enjoy. The ones that benefit the most, though, are kids. After all, they get to have fun and see a whole new world of possibilities on their screen. However, not all games are good for kids, specifically due to how impressionable they are. Thus, here are 12 games available on the PC that are great for kids to play. We’ll also go over what games are safe for kids to play later in the article as well. Let’s begin with our list of the Best PC Games For Kids.

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12 Best PC Games For Kids


ESRB: E for Everyone with mild cartoon violence

So, who here knows CatDog? The Nickelodeon TV show where a cat and a dog share 1 body? Well, this is exactly what PHOGS! is. Players control a 2-headed dog making its way through various themed levels and puzzles. Traversal is key here, and each player controls one head of the 2-headed dog in question. The doggo looks like a noodle by the way and is very cute. Anyhow, traverse environments, coordinate with your partner to control the doggo, and complete various challenges and puzzles. Adorable, get this game. Have your kid play with one of their friends, or with you as a parent.


2. Minecraft: Dungeons

ESRB: E for Everyone with fantasy violence

Next on this list is Minecraft: Dungeons, which is a spinoff of the Minecraft game with additional RPG elements. Specifically, games like the Diablo series. You’re on a top-down perspective and explore the world of Minecraft to defeat a rising evil. Luckily for everyone, Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t have things like blood and other more unappealing stuff. Even if you are fighting enemies and defeating them. Thus, kids can play this game without any worries.


3. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

ESRB: E for Everyone

Next on the list is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which is an action/platformer game that should be pretty familiar. If you’ve seen Wipeout on TVs before, this is that, but with small, sentient jellybeans. Some people would say they’re adorable, but we digress. Players need to navigate various tracks and attempt to get to the finish line. Those that don’t cut are immediately going, poof.

Anyhow, Fall Guys is a great game for a kid as it’s not a violent one. There’s no blood, gore, or anything that kids aren’t prepared to deal with yet. Your only goal is to get to the finish line and pass the various obstacles. Of course, you should probably be careful to not let your kid spend tons of money in the in-game store, but getting the Battle Pass for your kid might be a good idea.


4. Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

ESRB: 10+

Next on this list is the Spyro: Reignited Trilogy, which is 3 games in 1! Specifically, the Spyro trilogy that was released on the OG PlayStation, includes Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon. The fact that you’re getting 3 full games aside, Spyro is great due to its colorful aesthetic, varied platforming, challenging levels, and cute characters.

There are also a few major differences between the PS1 games and the Reignited trilogy. For one, the graphics are better, while also retaining the gameplay that made the original Spyro games so great. The cutesy style and more tame violence make Spyro: Reignited Trilogy one of the safer kid’s games you can give to your young tyke.


5. Minecraft

ESRB: 10+

Next on this list is Minecraft, which was released back in 2011. Minecraft is an old game, but it’s one of the best video games ever released. In Minecraft, players collect and place blocks to create various structures and tools to survive. There’s also a Creative Mode, which is perfect for kids as it allows them to create anything they wish with Minecraft’s various blocks and resources. Over the years, the game has expanded itself, creating new biomes and adding new features and mobs. The gameplay is simple, but the game itself has already expanded into something more.

The multiplayer aspect of the game alone is full of various servers with unique game modes and other shenanigans. Not only that, but the game is constantly being updated, given new features, and overall being made better. If you want a long-lasting game for your kid that can help expand their creativity.


6. Slime Rancher

ESRB: 10+

Next on the list is Slime Rancher, which came out back in 2016. However, the sheer fun value hasn’t diminished in the slightest. When playing, players take on the role of Beatrix LeBeau, who inherits a slime ranch at the ass end of nowhere. Specifically, in the “Far, Far Range.” Their job? To take care of, gather, and breed a motley variety of slimes. Examples of these slimes are Tabby Slimes (Cat slimes basically), Phosphor Slimes (Glowing slimes), and all sorts of other slimes.

As they take care of the slime, they’ll create Plorts, which are sold for money to improve their ranch, get more slimes, and take care of them. All in all, Slime Rancher is very family-friendly and very adorable. A great gift for any kid to play with.


7. Planet Zoo

ESRB: 10+ with Crude Humor, Mild Blood, and Violence

The next game on this list is Planet Zoo, a simulation game where players create and manage a zoo of their own. They can create enclosures and habitats for animals, feed said animals, and open the zoo for guests. Of course, you have to give each animal its own space, as you obviously can’t put carnivores like tigers in the same space as deer. Unless you’re into that, in which case go for it. Still, your kids will need to monitor the zoo to get maximum customer satisfaction, which is surprisingly realistic. Then again, this is a simulation game, so that’s par for the course.

Anyhow, Planet Zoo is another great game for those that want to teach some biology to their kids. Definitely a good grab if it’s available.


8. Worms WMD

ESRB: 10+ with Cartoon Violence, Crude Humor, and Language

Next on this list is Worms WMD, a multiplayer turn-based strategy game released by Team17. If you already saw previous games in the Worms franchise, then you already know the score. Players have a team of worms that they control in the fight against other teams of worms. These worms move in a 2D landscape and use various weapons (cartoony ones to be precise) to defeat them all. Whoever wipes out the opposing team wins. in a last-worm-standing battle. Overall, one of the more violent games on this list, but one that is very enjoyable for everyone. Not just kids.


9. Among Us

ESRB: 10+ with Fantasy Violence, and Mild Blood

Next is Among Us, a multiplayer social deduction game set in various locales like a spaceship, floating station, another world, and an airship. Up to 10 players can participate and are divided into 2 teams: The Crewmates and the 1 or 2 impostors. The crewmate’s job is to complete various tasks around the map, and if they complete all of them, they’ll win. Meanwhile, the impostors must prevent this by either killing every crewmate or blowing up the map with various methods.

If the players find a dead body that the impostors killed, they’ll do an emergency meeting, where they must figure out who killed their comrade. If they manage to get the impostors thrown off their facility, they also win. However, they might screw up and vent an innocent crewmate instead.

Overall, a great way for your kid to know critical thinking skills and test their abilities. You can also, as a parent, join up with them if you want as well. It can even be a family thing as it’s really easy to set up a private multiplayer lobby.


10. Untitled Goose Game

ESRB: E for Everyone

The next title is Untitled Goose Game, which puts you in the shoes of a goose. Yep, this is a thing. Your job, as the goose, is to be an absolute menace to the small town you’re turning into your hunting ground. You go around and cause as much mischief and chaos as you possibly can. This means taking keys, honking obnoxiously, ruining gardens, turning off hoses, and just general tomfoolery. If your kids want a quick laugh that keeps on giving, get Untitled Goose Game. It’ll give them as much chaotic energy that their hearts desire.


11. Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps

ESRB: E for Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence

The next game on this list is Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps. A Metroidvania game that has players traverse a forest with Ori, a forest spirit. Your job is to help Ori stop an evil force from corrupting said forest and to save your friends. Typical Metroidvania tropes apply here, from side-scrolling perspectives, platforming, et cetera. There are also some enemies that Ori must fight to progress through the game as well. This is where the Mild Cartoon Violence in the rating comes from. Still, the game is gorgeous in terms of graphics and is a must-have due to its gameplay, and message.


12. Stardew Valley

ESRB: 10+

Last but not least on the list of the best PC games for kids is Stardew Valley which is a farming game created by just 1 guy. Yes, 1 guy created this game and it’s absolutely beautiful. Your job is to go out there and build a farm. This means planting and harvesting crops, breeding various animals like cows and chickens, mining, and defeating monsters.

Yep, this ain’t just an ordinary farming game. Stardew Valley has a pretty complex system that expands the more you do in the game itself. There’s even a dating system added in that has players marry certain NPCs that they can interact with in the town they sell their crops. This, combined with being a solid game in general, makes Stardew Valley one of the best indie games to ever come out during its release date. Pick this up, it doesn’t cost much, but it gives your kid, and even you, a great time overall.


What Makes PC Games Safe For Kids?

Now that we’ve talked about what games are great for kids to play, let’s talk about what makes a game good for kids to play. Well, mostly. We’ll just talk about the things that various organizations like the ESRB take into account when they do their ratings.

Do note though that these ratings tend to be… subjective. After all, some games have “E for Everyone” but have… hidden depths (Looking at you, Stellaris). However, the ESRB is usually a really good metric to check to know what games are good for your kids to play. They rate games in “E for Everyone”, “E for Everyone 10+”, “Teens”, “Mature 17+”, “Adults Only 18+”, and “Rating Pending”. The last one is more for games that haven’t been given a rating by the ESRB yet as they were just released.

The ESRB is usually the one that people know more about, but don’t sleep on PEGI. PEGI has a different rating system, and generally follows something similar to TV shows. These are PEGI 3, 7, 12, 16, and 18, with additional content descriptors like “In-Game Purchases”, “Violence”, “Bad Language”, and “Sex”.


Violence Level

Let’s start with the obvious one first, the level of violence that a game has. If a game has things like death, killing, and all the bloody shenanigans, then the rating will immediately note it down. Usually, this means that the ESRB rating for games with this level of violence will be in the “Teen” or “Mature 17+” ratings and above. However, ratings like “E for Everyone” and “E for Everyone 10+” for the ESRB, or PEGI 3 and 7, are generally safe for kids to enjoy.



Language is another thing that parents need to keep a note of when it comes to games. Profanity is pretty much everywhere at this point. Thus, it’s usually a good idea for parents to keep an eye on their kids for cases like this. PEGI and the ESRB will usually have the “Bad Language” content descriptor stapled in on games they rated. However, if a game has an E for Everyone on the ESRB rating, it’s usually a decent enough game in terms of language.



Imagery is next, and this one is a bit more nebulous. This usually means what the game is presenting to the player when the player is playing them, and violence level is part of this as well. However, this is more of a catch-all term. For example, a game that has drugs, various forms of gambling, and sex is usually not a game that you’ll let a kid play. Thus the ESRB and PEGI will note this down and apply the appropriate ratings. Typically, games with those kinds of imagery will be relegated to the higher tiers of ratings like PEGI 18 or Adults Only 18+.



Last but not least is the gameplay, which bears the crux of many things like the imagery and levels of violence a game has. You don’t want a game with First-Person Shooting for your kid. You also don’t want your kid to play something like the Witcher 3. A game that is pretty graphic and has lots of things like gore, sex, and imbibing suspicious substances. In short, just be mindful of the games you’re buying for your kid, as even innocent-looking covers might hide things.


Final Word On The Best PC Games For Kids

These are the 12 best PC games for kids to play. However, this doesn’t mean that all other games are bad for kids. The ESRB and PEGI ratings are guidelines for games. Kind of like a movie rating. It’s usually up to parental discretion on a case-by-case basis for checking which games are OK for their kids to play.

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