35 Best Indie Games You Are Probably Sleeping On

Indie games are the hidden gems of the gaming community. There are so many underrated and creative titles hiding under the shadow of your favorite AAA games. With little to work with but everything to show for it, indie game developers have built some amazing games you definitely don’t want to miss.

If this genre is something new for you, then don’t worry. In this list, we have compiled some indie titles that are the best games to play with friends or even just by yourself.


Best Indie Games You Are Probably Sleeping On

1. Oxenfree

Oxenfree: One of the best indie games
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Oxenfree is a uniquely-styled supernatural coming-of-age indie game. It is an adventure story centered on making the right choices. You play as Alex, a girl attending a bonfire with friends in the seemingly haunted Edwards Island. After a mysterious incident has everyone waking up in different parts of the island, you must reunite the motley crew and get out. The catch? Edwards Island is riddled with ghosts from a tragic accident years before, as well as time loops. You will find yourself replaying the same scenes over and over again but achieving different results.

The game has some sci-fi elements reminiscent of Netflix shows like Stranger Things. If the mystery doesn’t keep you playing, then the heart-wrenching story and character dynamics will. It almost plays out like a movie, which is something backseat gamers will love. The eerie atmosphere combined with the claymation-like graphics brings us a fun and spooky game you’ll want to keep repeating, or may even have to.

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2. Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game: : One of the best indie games
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If you’re looking for a game that is both pure insanity and a lot of fun, Untitled Goose Game is perfect for you. In this quirky indie game, you play as a goose wreaking havoc in a small town filled with interesting characters. There is a series of tasks you must accomplish to unlock new settings and even more tasks. These include things like stealing fruit from the store or trapping a little boy in a telephone booth.

While the premise seems simple, the chaotic tasks you have to accomplish make for a hilarious gaming experience. On top of this, the game has impeccable graphics and amazing sound effects. It isn’t at all fast-paced, so you can play at your own leisure. It is a game better experienced than explained. So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a goose, then you should definitely check this out.

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3. Cart Life

Cart Life: One of the best indie games
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This black-and-white slice-of-life game is a love letter to vintage video games. With its pixelated art style and retro musical score, this charming and meaningful game has won over many a game critic. Cart Life centers on three main playable characters: Melanie, Andreus, and Vinny (the latter if you have the full version). Each of these characters has to operate a cart business of some sort. Coffee for Melanie, newspapers for Andreus, and bagels for Vinny.

Managing each cart has you completing a bunch of tasks such as typing, doing math, and much more. And while it may seem simple enough, the forefront of this game is its heart and story. For each of the characters, the “cart life” is merely one aspect of their day-to-day lives. What gives them depth is their motivation for running it. Each character’s story will give you a reason to keep returning to this deep and philosophical game.

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4. Invisible, Inc.

Invisible, Inc.
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Jet-setting around the world, having access to cool gadgets, defeating bad guys? Being a spy sounds like a lot of fun. But it’s definitely risky. Plus, you’ll most likely die. Our solution? This tactical sci-fi puzzle game that will have you living out your espionage dreams in no time. The game lets you infiltrate the enemy stronghold as you control a bunch of spies that must navigate through minefields and risky decisions.

At the beginning of the game, you get to pick a team of spies, each with their own specializations and weapons. With each level you unlock, a completely new map and mission are set out for you. Here, you are in a race against time. With the looming threat of getting caught, you must think and act fast to accomplish your mission. This game of wits and perfectly-timed moves is the closest you can get to real-life espionage.

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5. Cuphead

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If you have an appreciation for classic Disney and complicated game mechanics, you might want to check out Cuphead. Cuphead is most notable for its unique, 1930s-like hand-drawn animation. The game’s characters and overall art direction induce such a nostalgic feeling. Cuphead is mostly a side-scrolling shooter game where you play as, well, a character with a cup for a head.

You can play Cuphead as a co-op game, where you can choose to play as Cupman or Mugman. These two brothers must traverse the Inkwell Isles to collect souls for the Devil. As the players progress further into the game, the harder and harder it becomes. While the run-and-gun mechanics sound pretty simple, there seems to be a little something added with every new environment. All in all, it is a beautiful game you will love to get lost in.

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6. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight
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The hauntingly beautiful world of Hollow Knight introduces us to a vast open world made for curious minds. The creators of Hollow Knight have designed an intricately mapped out underground kingdom filled with adventure in every direction. It also houses lore much deeper than it seems on the surface.

Hollow Knight follows you, the Knight, as you travel through Hallownest and explore the dying, plagued kingdom. If you’re not enchanted by the beautiful art style or the score, you will definitely love the replay potential in this game. Because there are many hidden hallways to explore in the game, there is no one way to play Hollow Knight. This is good news for us because it only gives us an excuse to play it again.

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7. Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind

Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind
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Set in an underground labyrinthine world, this co-op game is as intriguing as it is fun. In Red Rope, you play as a couple who are connected to each other by a red string. You must work together to navigate the labyrinth, and unlock various parts of the story in the process. The game is best experienced as a two-player, but you can opt to play on your own as well.

The vast underground city in Red Rope is filled with a colorful cast of characters and deep lore you would not expect. It is also created in a pixelated art style to give it that classic video game feel. All of this is layered on top of a game that attempts to answer existential questions about the meaning of life and what the afterlife is like.

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8. The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable
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We often play games to escape the daunting reality that awaits us. That said, a game about a man’s adventures in his corporate office may not be what you expect to go to on your off days. But do not be fooled, Stanley Parable is such a quirky and fun game you definitely don’t want to miss.

The game is simple enough. You, Stanley, are surprised to discover that everyone in your office has mysteriously disappeared. Guided by a self-aware and snarky narrator, Stanley must explore every corridor in the office to piece together what has happened. It is a witty and surprisingly fun game with a unique plotline.

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9. Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods: One of the best indie games
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Night in the Woods is a quiet and inspiring game about going back to your roots and reconnecting with people. You play as Mae, an anthropomorphic cat who has just dropped out of college and has to return to her small hometown. You have control over dialogue options depending on who you interact with and how it will follow a unique storyline.

Not only will you be in awe of the beautiful environments and art design, but you will also love the meaningful conversations and each character. There are also fantastic dream sequences from Mae that will blow you away. All in all, it’s a game that reminds us that, no matter how old you are, you can always find your way back home.

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10. Ib

Ib: One of the best indie games
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Get lost in a twisted version of Alice Through the Looking Glass, as we follow the story of Ib, a little girl who visits an art museum and wanders off on her own. That is until a sudden power outage causes her to be transported into a distorted alternate world. A world filled with the living manifestations of the paintings that threaten the lives of Ib and her newfound companions as they try to escape the haunted museum.

This free psychological horror game contains a mixture of straight-forward puzzles and adventure-type gameplay. But apart from that, Ib is also a choice-based game, making the small decisions you make affect the survival of Ib and the friends that she makes along the way.

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11. Mutazione

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Mutazione is another great indie title that will definitely warm your heart. Many fans have described this as a game like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, only stripped down and much more soulful. In this quietly beautiful game, you must move to an island inhabited by mutants and reconnect with a grandfather from whom you are alienated.

As you explore the town, you get to interact with each member of the community and learn more about them. With each interaction and accomplished task, you learn more about the town and your grandfather as well. The game design is exquisite, with graphics in warm tones and music in beautiful tunes.

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12. One Shot

One Shot
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One Shot is a puzzle adventure game that lets the player guide Niko, a cat child, through a post-apocalyptic world without a sun. The goal is to restore the sun and get Niko back to his home. However, Niko isn’t the only playable character in this game. You are, too. The game continuously breaks the fourth wall to make you feel as if you are also a part of this beautiful and magical journey.

The world of One Shot is subtly crafted with a quiet yet whimsical atmosphere. As you explore the world, you must solve various unique puzzles scattered all around the areas you go through. The catch, however, is that you need to play it correctly in one run-through. Failure to do so will take you right to the beginning all over again. Overall, you will grow to love the world of this interesting game and each character you encounter. But remember, you only have One Shot.

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13. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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Fall Guys is one of the newest battle royale-like indie games in the market. You play as a customizable bean-shaped character that must get through multiple obstacles and be crowned the winner. The goal is to be the last remaining survivor after four rounds of various mini-games.

If you want to experience Wipeout without getting wiped out, then this game is perfect. But does that mean you won’t be frustrated with it? Absolutely not. The combination of four mini-games is chosen at random. From there, you can play either solo or team mini-games, trying to outlast the 60 other players you started with. Some of our favorites include Perfect Match, Jinxed, and Fall Mountain.

Fall Guys will have you literally clamoring to get to the top and will most definitely bring out your competitive side. It’s a fun and mindless game with tons of replay potential.

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14. Dream Daddy

Dream Daddy: One of the best indie games
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Dream Daddy is a stunning and hilarious visual novel game from the creative minds of the Game Grumps. It is a “dad-dating simulator,” and if that doesn’t have you hooked, we don’t know what will. You can even customize your own Dad avatar and pick out your own name. (Pro tip: if you change your name to “Dad,” you can make “Hi, I’m Dad,” jokes all you want. You’re welcome.)

Jokes aside, the game is definitely one of the most unique in its genre so far. It has an interesting storyline, and even more interesting characters. Everyone, from the lovable Amanda to the slightly unnerving Joseph, has a unique and distinct character design to make them unforgettable. But perhaps its most noteworthy quality is the parent-child relationship you cultivate with your daughter, and the heartwarming feeling it induces. Plus, did we mention the other dads are very attractive?

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15. Undertale

Undertale: : One of the best indie games
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This wouldn’t be an indie game list without mentioning Undertale, a cult-classic indie title beloved by many for its soul and charm. In this beautiful tale, you play as a human child that has fallen into what seems to be an underground world filled with monsters. As you progress through the game, you discover that all these monsters simply wish to rejoin the surface. And the further along you get to going back to the surface, the more you wish you wouldn’t leave.

The game is filled with such unique and colorful characters that each has its own storylines and quirks. This also affects how you interact with them. Everything, from the charming town of Snowdin to the magnificent yet lonely castle of Asgore, comes with unique design, characters, and even music.

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16. Forgotten Fields

Forgotten Fields
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Forgotten Fields is a peaceful and gorgeous game that deals with creative burnout and finding inspiration again. In this slice-of-life indie game, you play as Sid, a man who is pressed for time, trying to submit a grant application by sending in a short book summary. However, with so much riding on this, Sid feels uninspired and lost. So, he sets off on a journey back to his hometown, hoping to find more inspiration.

This is surely the case for Sid, as we see him develop his plot based on the various tasks we have to do around the town. As he interacts with old friends and finds old haunts, we also get to choose how this affects the story of the girl with the magic powers. The overall ambiance of the game gives off a warm, cozy vibe. The peaceful fields of Sid’s hometown, coupled with the warm colors of the graphics, makes you feel as if you, too, are reminiscing. Forgotten Fields will make you nostalgic for a time in your life when you felt the most curious, creative, and inspired.

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17. Kind Words

Kind Words: One of the best indie games
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Kind Words is a sweet and wholesome game that helps you send and receive anonymous letters all over the world. The game is set inside a warm, well-lit room. Your character is sitting on a desk by the window, where a magical deer delivers all of the letters through. As you write and answer letters, light, lo-fi beats play in the background, giving you a sense of peace and calm.

The Kind Words community is very helpful and understanding, and you will indeed be greeted by kind words from each pen pal. Much like real pen pals, you get cute stationery and stickers to decorate your letters with. You get sticker packs in the game, which you can collect and exchange with other players.

The developers of Kind Words created this game with mental health in mind. And with a subtle, quiet, and calming atmosphere, it surely is the game we need the most when the outside world gets too fast and too intense.

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18. Inside

Inside: One of the best indie games
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Inside is an existential horror-adventure game from the developers of Limbo. This game focuses on a boy’s slow journey through a dark, dystopian world overrun by zombies and corporate greed. The boy has to avoid detection from watchmen and dogs that seem to be corralling other humans up for experimentation. Aside from this, the story tells us next to nothing, but the players can come to their own conclusions.

The game is eerie and quiet, with no dialogue or combat scenes. This makes for an unsettling, spooky atmosphere, wherein we don’t know what is going to come for us next. The minimalist art is hauntingly beautiful, perfectly depicting a desolate post-apocalyptic world that might not be far from reality.

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19. Low-Fi

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Cyberpunk fans, it’s time to grab your best VR headset and prepare yourself for the wild ride that is Low-Fi. In this sci-fi cyberpunk game, you are thrust into an open world of high-rise buildings, neon lights, and cyborgs. The world has descended into a lawless, chaotic world, and you play as a cop being transferred to a new block. As it is an open-world game, you can explore any area of this futuristic world at your own risk. Your goal is simply to gain more credits to progress through the game.

Thanks to the nature of this game, you will be fully immersed in your role. You have complete and total control of your actions in this game. Will you be a good cop or a bad one? The game has not yet been released, but the hype surrounding it is understandable. With a ton of support on Kickstarter, this game promises to help you live out the sci-fi world of your dreams… or nightmares.

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20. Deliver Us the Moon

Deliver Us The Moon: One of the best indie games
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Frustrated astronauts can now live out their childhood dreams in this cool indie game, Deliver Us the Moon. In this first-person RPG, the Earth has lost most of its natural resources and remains dependent on a power source that only comes from the moon. This changes, however, as the supply mysteriously and suddenly stops.

You play as an astronaut who is part of the mission to figure out what is going on at the moon base. The game is not combat-heavy, and, much like most indie games, relies heavily on puzzle-solving and mini-games. It is almost cinematic in itself, with stunning scenes and settings. The game delivers not only the moon but also an interesting storyline to captivate any space-lover.

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21. Inscryption


Next on the list is Inscryption, from the same mind that brought us Pony Island, which was another indie hit. We’ll talk about Pony Island as well in a later part of the article. For now, let’s talk Inscryption and how much it screws with its players.

For one, when you boot up Inscryption, you’re not playing a New Game. Instead, you’re shown a Continue option, with the New Game option grayed out. This alone should raise warning signs to the player but when you click it, that’s when the fun begins. Straight out the gate, you’ll be put into a really interesting card game against a game master by the name of Leshy. Leshy is… obsessed with his game, and if you lose, you’ll be turned into one of the cards in the card game. However, he’s also fair, which is a dichotomy in and of itself.

From taking out your eye to fiddling with various console commands for lore, to ARG shenanigans, this game has it all. So just play Inscryption, you won’t regret it.

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22. Pony Island


Next on the list is Pony Island, made by the same guy who made Inscryption, which is also on this list. This alone should tell you that you’re in for a weird ride.

For one, the player plays as a titular pony, which has superpowers. From shooting lasers, double jumping, et cetera. However, the game goes on a more sinister turn when it’s revealed that Pony Island is a game created by someone that we’d rather not say here for PG purposes. Still, your job is to try and find a way out of this game alongside the others.

This mission leads the game to some pretty weird places, with the game’s creator doing everything in his power to make you fail. Still, if you’re determined to find out how this story ends, try out Pony Island. The game’s just great overall.

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23. Celeste


Celeste is a game that can and will make you cry, no exceptions. Only those with hearts of stone wouldn’t cry when playing this game. As for why it does this? Well, the story is stellar, the graphics are great, the music is stunning and it’s a very challenging platformer with precise maneuvering and a lot of charm.

The player controls Madeline, and Madeline, a very determined young woman, decides that she wants to reach the summit of the titular Celeste. This is a hard endeavor, as the mountain can and has claimed numerous lives trying to climb it. But with a little determination, perhaps Madeline can climb the mountain and reach the peak. And maybe, face her demons along the way.

All in all, a tough but satisfying platformer game to play for those that want a challenge. For those that only played the game for the story, never fear. The game also has a simplified game mode that can give you a break from the tough levels. Still, just play Celeste. It’s great.

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24. Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights


Next on the list is Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights, a sleeper of a Metroidvania indie game that really shouldn’t go under the radar.

Ender Lilies puts you in the shoes of Lily, an amnesiac little girl who wakes up in the middle of what can be considered a biological disaster. At least mystically. The rain of blight has affected Land’s End, and everything’s gone to hell. Luckily for everyone involved, at least those still alive, if any, Lily can purify the Blight. Unluckily, she’s alone.

Nah, not really, a spirit of a Knight helps her in doing the purification, defending her from the various enemies they encounter. When she purifies the bodies of other knights and bosses they help her as well. All in all, a cool way to get new weapons and abilities for the player’s usage. Combine this with a great, yet haunting soundtrack, beautiful, yet depressing graphics, and tight combat and you have another really good Metroidvania on this list.

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25. Library of Ruina


Next on the list is Library of Ruina, a cool deckbuilding indie game that combines interesting mechanics with good storytelling. It tells the story of a Fixer who became the Librarian of a library after an… unorthodox job interview. And by unorthodox we mean the owner, Angela, proceeds to cut his limbs off after a few pointed questions.

Still, she does change her mind after a few moments and gives our character his limbs back. Now, your job is to invite people into the library, with a twist. Anyone who goes inside the library has a chance to get a book that’s important to them in some way or another. Perhaps there’s information they want to find, a person they’re looking for, or knowledge they want to learn. Anything at all, they’ll obtain it in the library. The only thing is, they need to fight other people for it, and if they lose, they get turned into one of the many books inside the library itself.

Combine this really interesting story with a cool gameplay loop of choosing cards and making new ones from the defeated enemies that you encounter? That’s how you get Library of Ruina. If you’re still hesitating, don’t. Just play it for yourself and you won’t regret doing so.

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26. Hades


Next on the list is Hades, Supergiant Games’ hit roguelike inspired by Greek Myth and by God is it good. You play as Hades’ estranged son Zagreus, Prince of the Underworld, who wants to escape from it because he wants to explore the mortal realm. However, he’s stuck at the bottom part of the Underworld, Tartarus itself. Thus, he’ll have to fight his way out of Hell to enter the mortal realm of Greece.

Still, that wouldn’t be easy, lost souls, traps, and all manner of nasties bar Zagreus’ way towards the mortal realm. Not to mention, the rest of his dad’s entourage wants to prevent him from ever reaching the surface. It’s really up to Zagreus to fight his way out, with some help from his stepmother Nyx increasing his power of course. Combine this with a cool progression system, boons from the Olympians themselves, and several unique weapons, and mayhaps he can fight his way out of Hell.

All in all, Hades is a great addition to any gamer’s Steam Library, and a great Roguelike and indie game to add to this list. It’s also not the only Supergiant game on the list to boot, because Pyre is here, and we’re talking about it now.

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27. Pyre


Next on the list is Pyre, a visual novel, action-adventure, sports game from Supergiant Games. First off, this game is criminally underrated and deserves way more praise than what it got. Why? Because of the awesome story, unique gameplay leveraging the characters you have, the cool music, and the great-looking graphics.

Pyre’s story starts with the game’s protagonist, the Reader, who went down to the Downside because they can read. Yes, that’s a thing. They were rescued by the Nightwings, who told them that there was a way to escape. However, they can’t read the way to do so and are thus prevented from participating. That’s where the Reader comes in.

The game’s main draw isn’t just the story though, but also the graphics, and the surprisingly deep sports game that it has. You have several characters that will join your team on your quest to be the best and free a team member from the Downside. Oh, you think that your whole team gets freed? No, you can only have one free team member per Liberation Rite, the Rite that allows for a team member to be freed from the Downside.

So combine the tight sports gameplay with a gripping Visual Novel story and a lot of drama and hard decisions with far-reaching consequences? And a bopping soundtrack from Zagreus’ voice actor, and you have Pyre.

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28. Enter the Gungeon


Next on this list is Enter the Gungeon, a game so good that it’s a bit sad that it went under the radar when it was released. The game is a bullet hell roguelike with one basic premise: You have several characters who went to the titular Gungeon who have a regret that they want to erase. They do this by getting the Gun That Can Kill The Past, which does exactly what you think it does. Anyhow, barring your way are monsters that look like bullets, bosses that can kill you quickly, a dragon made out of spent bullet casings, and a literal Lich.

All in all, Enter the Gungeon is a fun bullet hell roguelike with a great progression system and a lot of nice references. If you have the money to buy it, you really should get it, it’s worth every penny.

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29. Disco Elysium


Next on the list is Disco Elysium, an Urban Fantasy RPG created by ZA/UM with clear inspirations from detective fiction. It sets place in Revachol and follows after an amnesiac detective who got into a 3-day drinking binge. After that debacle, he’s asked to solve a pretty horrendous murder, all while trying to figure out what the hell happened those last 3 days.

There’s no combat to speak of in Disco Elysium, it might make more sense to put this as a Visual Novel RPG. However, the sheer awesomeness of the writing, as well as the art design, holds its own and gives it a great appeal. Martinaise, the harbor district of Revachol that our detective is investigating, has a lot of personalities and it shows. From the dingy, trash-covered walkways to the people who just want to live their lives.

All in all, if you’re looking for a great detective story, try out Disco Elysium.

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29. Risk of Rain 2


Next on the list is Risk of Rain 2, another Roguelike game with a lot of hilarious item combinations that can lead to fun times. The game’s main draw is the amount of stuff you can stack to become an unstoppable killing machine. And if we’re being honest, it works. The sheer chaos of bullets spraying all over the place as you walk around and revel in the destruction is sublime.

Still, that level of destruction is only on the mid to late game parts of the run. In the early parts, you’re stuck trying to survive with your original weapon. But the journey to get that overpowered is the draw of Risk of Rain 2. There’s no overarching story, no evil plot, just plain old fun, and you just need some of that in your life every once in a while.

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OMORI is a bit hard to describe, all told. If I want to generalize it, it’s that Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate, and Hate leads to depression, which, oddly enough, will help you slay your foes in this RPG Maker adventure. Yeah, this is one of those games and it’s not shy about it.

OMORI tells the story of, you guessed it, Omori as he travels an imaginary expanse called the White Space. Omori is a depressed kid, who doesn’t even want to get out of his bed. However, he finally musters up the courage to do so and meets some of his friends, both old and new.

Your job, then, is to guide this sad young boy and to try and help him find his way. That’s not an easy job, though, as one of his friends vanishes, and Omori and his remaining friends try to find him. Eventually, he’ll remember some things that he’d rather forget, and depending on how the story goes, well, it won’t be pretty.

Anyhow, OMORI is a cool Psychological/Surreal Horror RPG for the ages. If you want something a bit different and thought-inducing, you may want to try this entry.

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31. Into the Breach


Into the Breach is a game that would probably slip past the radars of a lot of people. However, don’t let it, as it’s one of the best indie strategy games that came out in 2018. Into the Breach is a tactical turn-based strategy game created by Subset Games with a very simple premise: Use your giant mechs and tanks to save the world from bug monsters called the Vek which were breeding under the Earth’s surface.

In addition to just being a cool strategy game, Into the Breach keeps the action in an 8×8 grid. This not only simplifies the game a bit but also adds a breadth of depth to the game’s strategy and tactics. Combine this with each level being randomly generated for the fun of it, and you have a game that can surprise you if you’re not careful. Oh, and there might be some times when it’s easier to delay the Vek rather than killing them outright because of some missions.

All in all, Into the Breach, is a great game that makes you think about your decisions depending on the situation. If you have it, good for you. If you don’t, get it for your library.

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32. Dead Cells


What else can be said about Dead Cells that was already said? A devilishly difficult action roguelike, with fast and furious gameplay emphasizing speed and power, cool bosses, tough maps. We can keep going and going but the description will still go on and on. Developed by Motion Twin, Dead Cells’ gameplay is a pretty addicting mix. You always want to kill everything, to go faster, to get everything, Dead Cells gives the player that, and combines it with the incredible art style, bopping tracks, and well-crafted enemy variety.

If you’re playing Roguelikes, and you like playing them, having Dead Cells on your Steam Library is a must. Its design is tailor-made for the genre and it’s still being given updates and DLCs. Just recently, Dead Cells got its third DLC, the Queen of the Sea, which adds more biomes, weapons, and new features. All in all, if you’re itching to play Dead Cells again, you’re in for a treat.

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33. Darkest Dungeon


“Ruin… has come to our Family…” Those words start the player on one of the most brutally difficult games on this list, Darkest Dungeon.

For those not in the know, Darkest Dungeon is Resource Management (if your characters are the resources) RPG game created by Red Hook Studios. Your character is the Heir, no discernable gender, who was told by their Ancestor to return to their Estate to deliver it from unspeakable evil. Now, this would be where you hire a plucky band of adventurers to set your Estate in order. But in this game, your plucky band of adventurers can and will die. And dying is one of the game’s constants, with the other being Madness.

Do you have an adventurer with a high level? Bam! Death by Stress. What about that one Apothecary with the right skill combination for your team healer? Whoops, he got sniped by the Bandit Boss with the huge cannon. Mayhaps you have a Leper that you’ve built to the point of overpowered shenanigans? Well, better take note of the Shambler.

Seriously though, if you’re the kind of gamer that wants a challenge and a lot of it? Try out Darkest Dungeon. It comes with a lot of cool DLC, the community is thriving, and the game’s mods are great.

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34. Worldbox – God Simulator


Who here has ever wanted to become God? I’m sure there’s someone in the world that thought: “I can do better than God in creating the world and managing it!” Well, now you can prove it with Worldbox – God Simulator! Where you create your world, populate it, and eventually destroy it with an alien invasion.

As you can tell, the premise is simple: Create a world, populate it, and watch as the populace live their lives. After creating the world, giving life to it, et cetera, your job is to make sure that they live in prosperous union with themselves and nature.

Oh, who are we kidding? Just pit each of the various races and nations to war with each other and watch the world burn to a smoking ruin. That’s Worldbox in a nutshell. Can you do it better than God? Well, it’s time to find out.

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35. Vampire Survivors


Last but not least is Vampire Survivors, a game where you try to survive various monsters and gain immense power. Only to get ganked by Death after 30 minutes. The game’s still on Early Access though, so there might be more to it when it finally comes out for real.

Still, the game has a surprising amount of stuff in it, from weapon upgrades, characters, and gameplay progression. If you’re looking for some mindless fun, then you might want to try the game out, it’s pretty cheap as well at $3 on Steam.

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Best Platforms to Publish and Buy Indie Games

Part of the charm of indie games is stumbling upon it when you least expect it. That said, not many indie games can be found so easily. If you’re wondering where to get these awesome titles, or even discover some of your own, here are a few sites to check out.



The official Steam logo.
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Steam is a popular game download site where you can get any game for your PC or console. Steam’s game library is vast and widely known by many gamers. It is also a great platform to showcase any indie game imaginable. Steam even allows you to share your Steam library with multiple users.

Learn how to download Steam games and get your hands on some great hidden gems in no time.


Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Put your indie game on the Play Store
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The best way to test out any mobile game is to get it on the App Store or Play Store. With smartphones becoming more and more powerful, mobile gaming is enterprising more than ever. If you are an indie game developer, it is much cheaper and easier to get your game on any mobile app store. It will also give you reach to non-console gamers, which is always a plus.



Kickstarter logo
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Kickstarter is one of the most notable crowdfunding platforms available online. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how crowdfunding works, then this is the best place to start. For gamers, this is also the best place to find many underrated indie games to introduce you to the genre, as well as support independent developers. With Kickstarter, there are options for beta-testing and reviewing these indie games right before they grow and become popular.

Photo from PCMag is home to many on-the-rise indie games. The website houses thousands and thousands of games from many developers all around the world. It’s a great platform to both find and sell your indie games on. From horror games to visual novels, caters to any kind of gamer. If you are new to the indie gaming scene and want to try to find something right up your alley, you will most likely find the best one for you here.

35 Best Indie Games You Are Probably Sleeping On

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