HBO Max Not Working? 5 Easy Ways to Fix It

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“Why can’t I connect to HBO Max right now? Is HBO Max not working properly?” When these thoughts pop up after encountering problems with the platform, it can be easy to give in to frustration. However, these errors have been quite common since the HBO Max app launched. Thankfully, these issues aren’t permanent and you can resolve the issue. All it takes is trying a few different fixes to see what works.



HBO Max Not Working: 5 Easy Ways To Fix


1. Check For Server Outages

HBO Max works similar to almost every other streaming platform. It has main servers from which you can watch movies and shows using your account. You cannot store its shows or movies locally on your device unless you download a few of them intentionally.

This comes with its pros and cons. On the plus side, it’s a good way to keep your storage clear while accessing a massive library of content. However, the downside of this — apart from lack of ownership — is that an outage on HBO’s part has great repercussions.

An outage means HBO itself is having problems with its servers. They could have problems with electricity or their network connection. Regardless, if it ever occurs, it means you cannot access HBO’s library of shows at all. Sometimes, it may even result in the HBO Max not working on your Samsung TV or any other device.

Thankfully, you can find an HBO Max outage map online without too much trouble. For example, you may visit websites like Downdetector to find out if there are outages in the past 24 hours. Apart from this, you may also check HBO Max’s social media platforms for any announcements.

If you find that there’s no outage reported anywhere, then the problem may have something to do with your app. In this case, we recommend proceeding with the next fixes. Otherwise, if there is an outage, then you know that neither your device nor the app has issues.

Unfortunately, if there truly is an outage, there’s nothing you can do on your end. You just need to wait until HBO resolves the issue and announces that the problem has been fixed. We recommend checking the app and its social media pages now and then for updates.


2. Restart Or Update HBO Max

If an outage isn’t the cause of HBO Max not working properly on Roku, your TV, or your phone, then we recommend fiddling with the app. That’s because the app itself has shown errors and bugs since it first launched. Hence, if an outage isn’t the issue, it’s likely the app is causing problems.

Thankfully, you can fix minor bugs easily. One way is to conduct a simple restart of the app. You can do this easily on your mobile device by exiting HBO Max and closing it on the app switcher.

On the other hand, if you’re on a TV or streaming device, exiting the app should work. You may also try closing the TV or streaming stick itself for good measure. If HBO Max is not working on a laptop, simply exit the browser that has HBO Max open.

Once you’ve closed the app on your respective devices, launch it again after one or two minutes. Then see if the HBO Max not working problem still exists.

If it does, then we recommend trying to look for app updates. However, this is only applicable to devices that have the HBO Max app, like mobile platforms and streaming devices.

On mobile, you can look for app updates on the App Store and Play Store. Meanwhile, smart TVs and streaming sticks will have a proprietary app store that you can look through to find updates.

Regardless of the platform, once you’ve launched the store, just type “HBO Max” and look for the app. If an update is available, it should showcase an “Update” button beside the icon.


3. Watch A Different Film Or Series

HBO Max not working doesn’t always mean that the app itself won’t run. That’s because, at times, it may be referring to only one show or movie. Perhaps HBO Max is stuck on a loading screen and won’t continue playing what you want.

In such instances, we recommend trying to watch a different film or show. It could be that the episode or movie itself is having problems and not the app. You can verify this by going back to the media library and clicking on a random show or film.

If the random movie you clicked on plays as normal, then the problem is likely with your specific show. It could even be isolated to one specific episode.

Unfortunately, you can’t resolve this issue by yourself because there’s likely a problem with HBO Max itself. However, you can contact HBO Max’s support team to report the problem.

You can do so via The website has a chat you can contact to solve issues faster. Alternatively, you can also email them at or call 1-855-442-6629.


4. Check Your Internet

Why is HBO Max not working on my TV? Sometimes, when you find HBO Max not working properly, the problem doesn’t lie with the app or server. In certain cases, the root cause could be your internet connection. Fortunately, this is an issue that’s somewhat within your control. Just try the fixes we’re about to suggest one by one.

Firstly, we recommend ensuring that your streaming device is getting a strong signal from your router. You can confirm this by opening the settings and looking for “WiFi.” In this area, you may see whether or not your device’s WiFi signal is poor. If it is, we suggest moving to an area that’s closer to your home router.

Secondly, if your device does have a strong signal, we suggest fixing the router itself. Something could be obstructing the signal. To ensure that nothing gets in the way, we recommend placing your router in a somewhat open space. Don’t block it with large furniture such as couches or shelves.

In addition, it’s better to put the router in a high place where it can distribute the signal evenly. However, if no obstacles are obstructing the signal but you still have network issues, we suggest restarting the router.

The router’s rear end should have a button that can reboot the device. Press it to turn off the device and then wait for two minutes. Afterward, turn the router back on and try to reconnect.

Finally, if none of the previous methods worked, it’s best to call your internet service provider (ISP). You should easily find their support team’s details online. Give them a call to troubleshoot the problem if you can’t fix the issue yourself.


5. Clear App Cache

Finally, if the HBO Max app is not working on a phone, we suggest clearing the app’s cache and data. This should help refresh the app much like doing a restart.

However, the process is slightly complex because most people don’t do it regularly. Nonetheless, if you’re determined to fix the issue of HBO Max not working properly, you can accomplish this yourself. Simply open your Android device and refer to the instructions given:

  • Launch the Settings app
  • Navigate to “Apps”
    • Note: you may need to dig for this option as different Android devices hide it behind different settings
  • Scroll through the list and search for “HBO Max”
  • Upon finding the app, tap on it and choose “Storage & cache”
  • Press “Clear cache” and wait for the device to clear your cache


Unfortunately, this method is only applicable to Android operating systems. That’s because iOS doesn’t offer its users a way to clear an app’s cache or data themselves. Hence, if you find HBO Max not working on your iPhone, you clear the data this way:

  • Launch the App Store
  • Find “HBO Max” using the search bar
  • Tap on “Uninstall” beside the icon
  • Once uninstalled, tap on the download icon to reinstall HBO Max


Sadly, uninstalling and reinstalling HBO Max is the only way you can clear the app’s cache and data on iOS. This method will erase all your custom settings related to the app. Thus, you’ll need to set up the app again after you reinstall it. Moreover, you must redo your HBO Max sign-in as the app will not remember your login details.


Why Is HBO Max Not Working?

When someone asks, “why is my HBO Max not working?”, there could be multiple potential causes. The first is that the streaming platform’s servers could be experiencing an outage.

If it’s not an outage, it could just as easily be an app-related issue. After all, people reported several bugs and issues regarding the app when it first came out. Alternatively, the issue could be isolated to your network connection. You could have a poor signal or your ISP may be having problems on their end.

Finally, if HBO Max not working properly isn’t because of the other issues, it may be because you’re streaming on too many devices. Like other streaming services, HBO Max limits the number of concurrent viewers on one account. Hence, if you’re unable to use the app, it’s worth checking whether your account is already streaming on multiple devices.


Alternatives To HBO Max


Netflix is a streaming giant and is a well-liked choice internationally. It was a pioneer in the streaming service industry and offers thousands of shows and movies from various studios. Of course, as the industry became more competitive, Netflix no longer offers certain content exclusive to Disney or Warner Brothers.

Nonetheless, Netflix is a solid streaming platform that’s reliable and full of great content. It has even distinguished itself by producing Netflix Originals like Stranger Things. Moreover, it’s one of the most diverse platforms available as its selection includes media from foreign countries. It also includes K-dramas and anime and releases new original titles every year.

However, Netflix is somewhat expensive compared to the alternatives. It starts at just $10 monthly for the basic plan. However, if you want better resolution and simultaneous streams, you might need to pay much more than that amount.



Despite its relatively recent entrance to the streaming industry, Disney+ already has a large market share. It’s no surprise why, considering the platform offers all of Disney’s intellectual property (IP). With it, you can stream all of Disney’s originals.

These include classic Disney films like Cinderella or Frozen and even include IP from Marvel and Star Wars. Hence, it’s the best way to catch up on all of the MCU’s recent releases like Loki or She-Hulk. In addition, Disney+ has even expanded its selection and has ties with channels like National Geographic.

The platform has also diversified its offerings and has started to provide anime and K-dramas to its users. Moreover, Disney+ is relatively affordable in the ad-free streaming space so it’s certainly more appealing than its competitors.



Hulu is one of the cheapest streaming services available. Its ad-supported tier only costs $8 monthly so it’s more accessible than its rivals. Moreover, Hulu has a solid variety of content from studios like CBS, Fox, and ABC. You can even watch content from these channels soon after they release.

In addition, Hulu has a lineup of exclusive media like “Only Murders in the Building.” However, its selection is a little lacking compared to Netflix and Disney+. Nonetheless, it’s a decent option if you want an HBO Max alternative.


Final Word

There are many solutions you can try if you find HBO Max not working properly. Fortunately, issues like these aren’t usually permanent and the developers are quick to act whenever there’s an issue. You only need to try a few fixes to make HBO Max work again. Otherwise, contacting the platform’s support team is a good last resort.

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