New York IndieBio Startups Set To Wow VCs


IndieBio, a startup accelerator with a focus on using biology to address significant challenges, is set to introduce its latest cohort of startups to potential investors in the coming month. The expansion of IndieBio to New York has coincided with a growing global interest in life sciences startups, particularly those involved in areas such as agriculture, diagnostics, carbon and methane upcycling, and cancer therapeutics.

Key Takeaway

IndieBio NY is set to showcase a diverse range of innovative startups, addressing critical challenges in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability, reflecting the growing interest in life sciences innovation.

FREZENT Biological Solutions

FREZENT is developing a unique class of bispecific antibodies aimed at targeting dormant cancer cells that have survived chemotherapy and may lead to recurrence. The company’s approach involves blocking the metabolism in dormant cancer cells to prevent their reactivation and survival.

Xias Bio Limited

Xias Bio has created a molecular platform for producing multi-functional, animal-free proteins for use in skincare, haircare, and other industries, addressing the rising concerns over the environmental impact of obtaining these proteins from traditional sources.

Earnest Agriculture

Earnest Agriculture has designed a microbial consortium to protect crops from diseases, pests, and drought while enhancing soil health, potentially leading to increased yields and reduced reliance on synthetic chemicals.


BioMetallica offers an eco-friendly solution for recovering rare metals from electronic waste using genetically modified bacteria that produce biogenic chemicals to separate these valuable materials from discarded electronics.


Afynia has developed a patented blood test for early diagnosis of endometriosis, with plans to expand into a digital platform providing diagnostics, virtual care, and prescription deliveries for various conditions.

Carbon Bridge

Carbon Bridge is working on a microbial process to upcycle carbon dioxide and methane into liquid methanol, potentially offering a sustainable alternative to traditional methanol production methods.


Aequor has discovered marine microbes that produce molecules capable of eliminating bacterial slime, with potential applications in water treatment facilities to reduce chemical and energy usage and improve access to clean drinking water.


Unibaio has developed a natural microparticle to enhance the efficiency of biological crop protectants, aiming to reduce the reliance on conventional chemical products in agriculture.

Terra Bioindustries

Terra Bioindustries has created a platform for upcycling brewer’s spent grain into edible sugars and proteins, offering a sustainable solution for utilizing this byproduct and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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