Greener For Business: Helping Australian SMBs Move To Net Zero


A new solution has been launched in Australia to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in their journey towards achieving net zero emissions. Greener for Business, a venture by Australian cleantech startup Greener, aims to help SMBs reduce their environmental impact and become more sustainable. With the goal of halving emissions for every SMB in Australia by 2030, the initiative has already gained traction, reaching nearly one million SMBs during its launch phase. Additionally, Greener has announced a strategic partnership with Origin, a leading Australian energy retailer, to further bolster its efforts.

Key Takeaway

Greener for Business has been launched in Australia to assist SMBs in their transition towards achieving net zero emissions. The initiative offers free action plans and resources that help SMBs make changes across various areas such as energy, waste, packaging, and logistics. By partnering with Origin, Greener also provides users with access to government rebates and offers for sustainable products.

The Challenge for SMBs

SMBs contribute significantly to the Australian economy, accounting for more than 98% of businesses and contributing around $506 billion. However, many SMBs face challenges in terms of time and resources when it comes to implementing sustainable practices. Statistics show that 43% of SMBs operate at a loss, with almost half failing within the first four years. Greener for Business aims to address these challenges by offering free and easy-to-follow action plans tailored to SMBs in any sector.

Action Plans and Partnerships

The action plans provided by Greener for Business are developed in collaboration with climate and behavioral experts, including Harvard’s Behavioral Insights Group. These plans are also aligned with the UN Race to Zero initiative. To estimate emissions savings for businesses, Greener uses carbon experts, such as Pangolin Associates, a leading carbon measurement and consultancy firm in Australia.

Greener’s partnership with Origin allows SMBs to access offers for sustainable products, such as solar energy and GreenPower. For example, by switching to GreenPower, Stitch Bar in Sydney, a Greener for Business user, was able to save over $2,000 annually and reduce emissions by the equivalent of 34 cars off the road. Other actions recommended in the action plans include switching to LED lighting, which could save SMBs an average of more than $2,300, and installing rooftop solar, which could save them $7,000 a year in less than five years.

Support from Local Councils and Associations

Greener has also formed partnerships with various local city councils, including Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney, Willoughby, Yarra, and Moonee Valley. These partnerships enable councils to work towards their net zero targets by helping businesses within their areas reduce emissions. The Australian Retailers Association (ARA), as well as companies like Mr Yum and Shopline, have also joined forces with Greener to support financially sustainable and greener businesses.

Backed by NAB Ventures and RealVC, Greener for Business aims to make sustainability accessible and achievable for SMBs across Australia. By providing free action plans, resources, and access to sustainable products, Greener for Business is empowering SMBs to take action towards a greener future while also saving money.

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