Unusual Mechanical Keyboards To Spice Up Your Desktop


If you’re in the market for a mechanical keyboard that stands out from the crowd, look no further. Here are some unique options that offer a different typing experience.

Key Takeaway

Unusual mechanical keyboards offer unique layouts and features that cater to different typing preferences, providing a refreshing alternative to traditional keyboard designs.

Feker Alice 80

The Feker Alice 80 is a solid example of an unusual layout, featuring a sound-dampening silicon switch pad and a silicone PCB foam. The quiet, medium actuation linear switches make for a comfortable typing experience, although the board has a slightly unusual layout with a windows key to the right of the left space bar segment.

Feker Alice 98

The Alice 98 offers a unique layout with a number pad on the right, a knob, and a tiny LCD screen. However, the keyboard’s Kailh Winter switches and less pronounced tenting may not appeal to everyone.

Keychron Q11

The Keychron Q11 is a 75% split keyboard with a minimal and industrial-looking design. It features Gateron Brown switches and a compact layout with five dedicated macro keys to the left, making it a portable split option.

Keychron Q13 Pro

The Keychron Q13 Pro is a heavy-duty keyboard with a 75% Alice layout and a solid aluminum body. It offers a unique typing experience but may require some getting used to due to its weight and keycap design.

Cloud Nine ErgoTKL

The Cloud Nine ErgoTKL is a full-featured split ergo keyboard with a compact tenkeyless layout and a built-in wheel for added functionality. It offers a comfortable typing experience with Kailh Browns switches and customizable RGB lighting.

8Bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard

The 8Bitdo Retro Mechanical Keyboard features a unique NES-themed design with custom switches and built-in dials for wireless mode select and volume control. It offers a clicky typing experience and oversized macro buttons for added functionality.

HHKB Studio

The HHKB Studio is a one-of-a-kind keyboard with a unique layout, a pointer nub, mouse buttons, and touch-sensitive strips. It offers a different approach to keyboard design, although some of its quirks may require getting used to.

Kinesis Advantage 360 (Quiet Limited)

The Kinesis Advantage 360 offers a challenging yet logical layout with a concave contour and thumb clusters for modifier keys. It’s a specialist keyboard that may appeal to users looking for a unique and comfortable typing experience.

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