Tubi Experiences Remarkable Growth, Surpasses 74 Million Monthly Active Users


Tubi, the free ad-supported TV streaming (FAST) service owned by Fox, has recently achieved a significant milestone. With great enthusiasm, Tubi announced that its number of monthly active users has exceeded an impressive 74 million, a substantial increase from the 64 million reported in February. The FAST service has also reached almost four billion streaming hours in the first half of this year.

Key Takeaway

Tubi has experienced significant growth, surpassing 74 million monthly active users and accumulating almost four billion streaming hours in the first half of this year. As a free ad-supported streaming service, Tubi has become a major contender in the industry, presenting strong competition to premium subscription services and capturing a significant share of TV viewing time. With its extensive content library and original programming, Tubi continues to attract a broad audience seeking quality entertainment without the burden of expensive subscriptions.

Continued Growth Positions Tubi as a Major Player in the Streaming Industry

Tubi has made its mark in the streaming industry and solidified its position as a key player. According to Nielsen’s July Gauge report, the service has captured 1.4% of total TV viewing time, propelling it to become the second FAST service to enter the rankings, alongside its rival, Pluto TV. While Tubi is trailing behind Pluto TV’s 80 million monthly active users reported in the first quarter of 2023, Tubi’s growth remains remarkable.

Tubi’s newly appointed CEO, Anjali Sud, expressed her satisfaction with the impressive progress made by the service, stating, “Tubi is now watched as much as a top 5 cable network, as audiences continue to embrace our digital-first, 100% free streaming experience.”

Shift in Consumer Behavior Towards Free Ad-Supported Streaming Platforms

The increase in Tubi’s user base reflects a broader trend of consumers shifting away from expensive premium subscriptions, such as Disney+ and Netflix, and towards free ad-supported TV streaming services. As linear TV viewing becomes increasingly outdated, cable and broadcast usage dropped below 50% in terms of total share among U.S. viewers, according to Nielsen. This shift in consumer behavior underscores the growing popularity of ad-supported streaming platforms like Tubi.

A Vast Library of Content and Original Programming Sets Tubi Apart

Tubi stands out among its competitors with its expansive content library, which includes over 200,000 movies and TV episodes, as well as nearly 250 FAST channels. Moreover, the streaming service prides itself on offering 200 original titles, further enhancing its appeal to a diverse range of viewers.

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