Terran Orbital Receives Major Payment From Rivada Space, Boosts Year-End Cash Balance


Terran Orbital has received a significant payment from Rivada Space Networks, its largest customer, resulting in an adjustment of the company’s projected year-end financial status. This update follows the long-awaited payment from Rivada, which has been a topic of interest for industry observers.

Key Takeaway

Terran Orbital’s receipt of a substantial payment from Rivada Space Networks has led to an adjustment in the company’s anticipated year-end cash balance, signaling a positive turn of events for the organization. This development is expected to enhance investor confidence and support the company’s future endeavors.

Anticipated Financial Results

After receiving the awaited payment from Rivada Space Networks, Terran Orbital has revised its projected year-end financial results. The company’s CEO, Marc Bell, had previously indicated the expectation of receiving a payment from Rivada before the year’s end, and this announcement confirms those expectations.

Rivada’s Ambitious Plans

Rivada Space Networks, a German subsidiary of U.S.-based Rivada Networks, has ambitious plans to establish a megaconstellation in low Earth orbit. As part of this initiative, the company engaged Terran Orbital to construct 300 satellites at an estimated total cost of $2.4 billion. This contract represents a substantial portion of Terran’s backlog and is of significant strategic importance to the company.

Payment Confirmation

Although the specific payment amount was not disclosed, Terran Orbital has confirmed that Rivada Space Networks has settled all outstanding invoices. Additionally, the company anticipates further incremental payments in the current year. Furthermore, Terran remains on track to deliver the contracted satellites within the timelines set for 2025 and 2026.

Financial Impact

Following the payment from Rivada, Terran Orbital has adjusted its expected year-end cash balance. Previously projected at $38.7 million as of September, the updated forecast now indicates an excess of $70 million by the end of December. This financial development is particularly significant for Terran Orbital, given the challenges it has faced since its initial public offering at $10.96 per share. The incremental payment from its primary customer is likely to bolster investor confidence as the company enters a new year.

Stock Performance

Terran Orbital, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol LLAP, experienced a modest increase in its stock price in response to this news. The stock price rose from $1.14 at the previous close to $1.26 at the time of publication, reflecting a positive market reaction to the company’s financial update.

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