Frontdesk, Short-term Rental Provider, Lays Off Entire Staff And Faces Closure


Frontdesk, a proptech startup, has laid off its entire 200-person workforce and is on the brink of shutting down after failed attempts to secure additional funding. The company, which managed over 1,000 furnished apartments across the United States, made the decision to let go of its full-time, part-time workers, and contractors. This move comes shortly after the startup’s acquisition of Zencity and amidst its struggle to stay afloat in the competitive short-term rental market.

Key Takeaway

Frontdesk, a short-term rental provider, has laid off its entire staff and is on the verge of shutting down due to failed attempts to secure additional funding. The company’s business model, which involved leasing apartments at market rental rates and furnishing them for short-term rentals, faced significant challenges, ultimately leading to this difficult decision.

Mass Layoff and Financial Struggles

The layoffs were carried out abruptly during a brief virtual meeting, leaving employees shocked and uncertain about their future. CEO Jesse DePinto conveyed the company’s intention to file for a state receivership, signaling the challenges Frontdesk is facing in maintaining its operations. The company’s inability to raise further capital has led to this difficult decision, despite its recent efforts to attract investors and expand its business model.

Failed Capital Raise and Business Model Challenges

Frontdesk had sought additional funding through a bridge round, aiming to transition into full building management. However, this strategy did not yield the desired results, ultimately leading to the company’s inability to sustain its operations. The startup’s approach of leasing apartments at market rental rates and furnishing them for short-term rentals across multiple markets has been hindered by substantial upfront costs, capital expenditures, and fluctuations in demand and rates. This has contributed to the broader challenges faced by companies in the same space, including Stay Alfred, Domio, Lyric, Zeus Living, The Guild, and WanderJaunt.

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