Max Q: Taking A Break For The Holidays


Hello and welcome back to Max Q! We’ll be taking a brief break for the next two weeks due to Christmas and New Years. We’re excited to dive back in with you in 2024. In this issue, we have some interesting updates:

Key Takeaway

AstroForge is navigating challenges during its demonstration mission, shedding light on the complexities of space hardware deployment. Terran Orbital reaffirms its commitment to independence and growth amidst acquisition rumors.

AstroForge Faces Setbacks and Successes

Asteroid mining startup AstroForge is facing challenges during its demonstration mission. The company encountered unexpected setbacks before and after the launch. Despite the difficulties, AstroForge is striving to complete its refinery demonstration on orbit. The blog post published by the company provides insights into the problems encountered, shedding light on the complexities of putting hardware in orbit for the first time.

Terran Orbital CEO Addresses Acquisition Rumors

Terran Orbital CEO Marc Bell clarified to employees that the company is not seeking a buyer, contrary to a report suggesting otherwise. Bell emphasized the company’s goal to remain independent and achieve significant growth.

Other Space News

  • Amazon’s Project Kuiper has made advancements in key technology for its satellite internet service.
  • Apex Space has inaugurated a new headquarters and production facility in California to scale up satellite platform manufacturing.
  • Blue Origin plans to resume operations of its New Shepard suborbital rocket with an uncrewed mission.
  • Helicity Space secured $5 million in funding to accelerate the development of fusion propulsion for deep space travel.
  • In Orbit Aerospace aims to become the third-party logistics provider for Earth to space commerce and science.
  • The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has denied Starlink’s application for $885 million in public funds for expanding its orbital communications infrastructure.
  • True Anomaly has raised $100 million in new funding, indicating continued interest in startups at the intersection of space and defense.

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