Tech For Palestine: A New Initiative To Support Palestinians In The Tech Industry


More than 40 founders, investors, engineers, and other tech industry professionals have come together to launch Tech for Palestine. This coalition aims to create open source projects, tools, and data to advocate for the Palestinian people and provide support during the ongoing conflict in the region.

Key Takeaway

Tech for Palestine is a new coalition in the tech industry that aims to provide support for the Palestinian people and advocate for a permanent ceasefire in the region.

The Current Situation

The launch of Tech for Palestine comes at a tense time in the region, following the recent Israel-Hamas war. This conflict has resulted in the deaths of over 1,100 individuals and has led to the displacement of millions of Palestinians, with tens of thousands of casualties.

Support for Palestine in the Tech Industry

Paul Biggar, the founder of Tech for Palestine, aims to raise awareness of the war in Gaza, advocate for a permanent ceasefire, and provide a platform for individuals in the tech industry to show their support for Palestine. The initiative represents a significant step in the industry’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict, as it encourages more people to speak out in favor of a ceasefire.

The Tech for Palestine Platform

The Tech for Palestine platform, still in its early stages, will feature projects run by small groups and serve as a space to share resources and advice. It has already garnered support from notable figures in the industry, such as Idris Mokhtarzada, founder of Truebill, who is contributing to the platform’s development.

Building Support and Resources

Members of the coalition, including Arfah Farooq and other tech workers, are actively sharing resources and working towards supporting Palestine through the initiative. The platform has already created tangible tools, such as a badge for engineers to use on GitHub and HTML snippets for websites to display a support ceasefire banner.

Looking Ahead

Tech for Palestine plans to further collaborate with Palestinian organizations, provide mentorship for Palestinian startups, and offer cloud credits to support their growth. The initiative aims to address the destruction that the war has inflicted on Palestine’s tech industry and provide assistance to rebuild and thrive once again.

The formation of Tech for Palestine reflects a growing sense of togetherness and activism, with individuals from across the globe coming together to support the cause. This initiative is a step towards empowering those who have felt silenced to speak out and make a difference.

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