Internet Access In Gaza Plummets As ISPs Face Shutdown


In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, the situation in Gaza is taking a toll on internet connectivity. NetStream, a Palestinian internet service provider, recently collapsed due to a severe shortage of fuel supplies. This has resulted in a sharp decline in internet access for residents in Gaza.

Key Takeaway

Internet connectivity in Gaza is deteriorating as ISPs collapse due to fuel shortages. This has severe implications for access to information and communication for the residents of Gaza, further exacerbating the challenges they face amidst the ongoing conflict.

Internet Connectivity in Gaza Deteriorating

According to experts, the internet connectivity situation in Gaza is worsening significantly. Doug Madory, director of internet analysis at Kentik, stated that by various measures of internet connectivity, things are in bad shape. This is in stark contrast to the situation during the 2014 war, where ISPs were able to maintain their connections to the outside world despite power outages and infrastructure failures.

NetStream, the collapsed ISP, has yet to provide any comment regarding the situation. Additionally, other major internet providers in Palestine, such as Paltel and Mada Al-Arab, are still experiencing connectivity issues, with the extent of this reaching end users being unclear.

Multiple ISPs Offline

Cloudflare, an internet security firm, has also reported issues with NetStream. Furthermore, they have identified several other ISPs that are either partially or completely offline, including SpeedClick, AjyalFI, DCC, Fusion, NewStarMAX, JETNET, Digital Communications Palestine, and TechHub-HiNet.

Implications of Internet Outages

AccessNow, a digital rights organization, has expressed concerns about the repercussions of internet outages in Palestine. With the ongoing violence and a near-complete blackout, access to information has become scarce. This makes it extremely difficult for people to determine the whereabouts and well-being of their loved ones. Additionally, the lack of access to information hinders the documentation of atrocities on the ground. It is a dire situation with serious consequences.

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