Gaza Faces Longest Internet Blackout Amid Ongoing Conflict


Internet monitoring firms have reported that Gaza is currently experiencing the longest internet blackout in the midst of the Israel-Hamas conflict, now reaching its seventh day. This blackout surpasses all previous outages combined, marking a significant disruption in connectivity for the region.

Key Takeaway

The internet blackout in Gaza, now in its seventh day, is the longest outage experienced during the Israel-Hamas conflict, posing significant challenges for communication, reporting, and essential services in the region.

Unprecedented Blackout

Doug Madory, the director of internet analysis at Kentik, highlighted that the ongoing blackout in Gaza is unprecedented, surpassing all prior disruptions in duration. The blackout has severely impacted the region’s telecom services, with Paltel, a major Palestinian telecom provider, confirming the loss of all telecom services in the Gaza Strip due to the ongoing conflict.

Impact on Humanitarian Efforts

The blackout has had far-reaching consequences, hindering essential services and humanitarian efforts. Nebal Farsakh, a spokesperson for the Palestine Red Crescent Society, emphasized that the blackout has impeded the organization’s ability to respond to emergencies, as individuals in Gaza are unable to access the emergency line for ambulances.

Challenges for Reporting and Communication

Journalists and humanitarian organizations have also faced significant challenges due to the blackout. Digital rights organization Access Now highlighted the difficulty in documenting and sharing information about the situation on the ground, while Hisham Mhanna, a spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross, emphasized the dangers posed by the blackout when planning missions in the region.

Restoration Efforts

Efforts to restore internet access in Gaza have been underway, with partial restoration reported after the prolonged blackout. However, the impact of the blackout on communication, reporting, and essential services continues to be a pressing concern amidst the ongoing conflict.

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