Microsoft Offers Free Access To AI-Powered Reading Coach


Microsoft has announced that its AI-powered reading tutor, Reading Coach, is now available for free to all users with a Microsoft account. This move aims to provide learners with personalized reading practice and support educational institutions in fostering reading fluency among students.

Key Takeaway

Microsoft’s initiative to make Reading Coach freely accessible underscores its commitment to leveraging AI for personalized and impactful learning experiences. The integration of AI technology in educational tools holds the potential to enhance reading comprehension and motivate learners to advance their skills.

Empowering Learners with Personalized Reading Practice

Reading Coach leverages the latest AI technology to offer personalized and engaging reading experiences. It allows learners to identify words they struggle with the most and provides them with tools for independent and individualized practice. These tools include text-to-speech, syllable breaking, and picture dictionaries, catering to the specific needs of each learner.

Integration with Learning Management Systems

In the near future, Reading Coach is set to integrate with learning management systems such as Canva, expanding its accessibility and usability for educators and students. This integration will further streamline the reading practice and progress tracking process.

Enhanced Features and Interactive Learning

Recently, Reading Coach introduced a “choose your own story” feature, powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service. This feature enables learners to create their own narrative adventures by selecting characters, settings, and reading levels. Additionally, the platform provides feedback on pronunciation, listens to learners read the story, and awards badges to motivate progress.

Supporting Educators and Enhancing Learning Outcomes

Reading Coach also offers educators insights into learners’ progress, including the words they practiced, the number of attempts made, and the tools utilized. This information enables educators to tailor their support and provide targeted guidance to students.

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