LinkedIn Introduces New AI Tools For Learning, Recruitment, Marketing, And Sales


LinkedIn, the popular social platform owned by Microsoft, is unveiling a range of new AI features aimed at enhancing job hunting, marketing, and sales capabilities for its nearly 1 billion users. As the platform celebrates its 21st anniversary, these new additions signify LinkedIn’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and keeping users engaged.

Key Takeaway

LinkedIn is embracing the power of AI to revolutionize various facets of its platform. From enhancing talent sourcing and facilitating personalized learning experiences to streamlining marketing campaigns and optimizing B2B sales, LinkedIn aims to provide its users with cutting-edge tools for success in the professional realm.

AI-Powered Recruiter Talent Sourcing

One of the major updates comes in the form of an AI-assisted recruiting experience called “Recruiter 2024.” This feature will utilize generative AI to help recruitment professionals improve their candidate searches. By using more conversational language, recruiters can refine their search strings and uncover stronger candidate lists. Additionally, search results will provide suggestions beyond what recruiters initially had in mind, expanding the possibilities for finding the right talent.

AI-Powered LinkedIn Learning Coach

Incorporating AI into the realm of professional development, LinkedIn Learning will introduce a new “learning coach” chatbot. Initially focused on soft skills, this AI-powered coach will offer personalized suggestions and tips to users. Whether it’s advice on effective task delegation or recommendations for relevant courses, the learning coach aims to support users on their professional growth journey. As LinkedIn already boasts an extensive library of learning videos encompassing both soft and technical skills, it remains to be seen if the coach will expand its coverage in the future.

AI-Driven Marketing Campaigns with Accelerate

LinkedIn is also enhancing its marketing capabilities with the introduction of a new AI-powered product called “Accelerate.” This tool is designed to streamline campaign management on the platform. While marketers have increasingly embraced technical expertise, Accelerate aims to simplify the process by providing AI-driven insights. However, it’s worth noting that Accelerate is limited to campaigns and data within LinkedIn’s ecosystem. Marketers running campaigns across multiple platforms may find the impact of this tool somewhat restricted.

AI-Enhanced Inside Sales

To cater to the growing demand for B2B sales on LinkedIn, the platform is introducing AI-driven features to assist salespeople. This new tool focuses on helping sales professionals find potential connections and engage in conversations with leads more efficiently. While AI sales solutions have become prevalent elsewhere, LinkedIn’s integration of such features for B2B selling is considered long overdue by some industry observers.

By partnering with OpenAI and leveraging Microsoft’s resources, LinkedIn is tapping into the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. With AI permeating every aspect of its operations, LinkedIn reaffirms its commitment to innovation and delivering top-quality services to its vast user base.

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