LinkedIn’s New “Catch Up” Feature Encourages Users To Connect With Their Network


LinkedIn has introduced a new feature called “Catch Up” in the My Network section, aiming to prompt users to engage more with their connections. The feature is designed to highlight updates from connections, such as new job roles, work anniversaries, or hiring announcements. Users can easily react to these updates with a single tap or initiate a direct message conversation using pre-generated prompts.

Key Takeaway

LinkedIn’s new “Catch Up” feature and AI-powered messaging aim to foster more meaningful interactions among users and their connections, reflecting the platform’s efforts to enhance user engagement and networking experiences.

New “Catch Up” Tab

The “Catch Up” tab is a part of the redesigned My Network section and is intended to facilitate more meaningful interactions among users’ connections. It consolidates updates from connections, making it easier for users to stay informed about their network’s professional milestones and engage with them effortlessly.

AI-Powered Messaging Feature

LinkedIn is also rolling out an AI-powered messaging feature for premium users, enabling them to craft initial messages to individuals on the platform, even if they are not directly connected. The feature utilizes data from both profiles to assist users in composing personalized messages. It offers prompts for self-introductions, seeking advice, or discussing work experiences, which users can customize before sending.

LinkedIn’s Leveraging of AI

LinkedIn has been actively integrating AI into various features, including profile building, ad creation, conversation starters for collaborative articles, and recruitment. The recent introduction of an AI assistant for learning, focusing on areas such as soft skills, further demonstrates the platform’s commitment to leveraging AI to enhance user experiences.

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