New AI-Powered Tools Enhance User Experience On LinkedIn


LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, is set to reach a major milestone this month, with its user base expected to hit 1 billion. To enhance user engagement and provide a more personalized experience, the company is unveiling its latest venture into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). By leveraging OpenAI technology, LinkedIn will offer AI-powered tools that generate personalized digests for users reading content on the platform, as well as assist them in crafting their own posts and responses. Initially, these features will be available to Premium users, with potential plans to expand access to all users based on feedback and usage.

Key Takeaway

LinkedIn is set to introduce AI-powered tools, developed in collaboration with OpenAI, to enhance user engagement and provide a more personalized experience. Users will benefit from AI-generated digests, personalized article summaries, and assistance in crafting and optimizing their posts and responses. While initially accessible to Premium users, the potential expansion to all users remains on the table based on user feedback and usage data.

Enhancing Feeds and Digesting Linked Articles

LinkedIn’s AI tools serve multiple purposes across the platform. Users will be able to utilize these tools to curate their feeds with more relevant content. By analyzing a user’s professional profile and activities on the site, the AI will generate personalized summaries of articles, promoting increased engagement and interactions. Additionally, when users share linked articles, the AI tool can assist in crafting intelligent commentary, allowing individuals to share content with thoughtful insights.

Optimizing Job-hunting Experience

The AI tools also aim to optimize the job-hunting experience for individuals and recruiters alike. Users can leverage the AI-powered tools when responding to recruiters or when recruiters reach out to potential candidates. By incorporating personalized data and language models, the AI outputs will facilitate more effective and targeted communication, increasing the efficiency of job searches and recruitment processes.

The Power of OpenAI Partnership

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn has collaborated with OpenAI, the AI powerhouse in which Microsoft has a 49% stake, to power these new features. By utilizing OpenAI’s APIs from Azure, LinkedIn combines OpenAI’s Large Language Models and GPT-4 with its own proprietary data to deliver personalized generative AI outputs. The collaboration remains focused on enhancing the LinkedIn experience and leveraging the potential of AI tools to provide increased engagement and relevance for users.

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