New App From Wombo AI Lets You Transform A Single Selfie Into Multiple Lifelike Avatars


The Canadian startup Wombo, known for the viral success of its AI-generated art app Dream by Wombo, is back with another exciting product. They have recently launched a new app called Wombo Me, which harnesses the power of AI to transform a single selfie into multiple lifelike avatars.

Key Takeaway

Wombo, the creators of the viral AI art app Dream by Wombo, have launched a new AI avatar app called Wombo Me. This app allows users to transform a single selfie into multiple lifelike avatars almost instantly. With its streamlined user experience and fun features, Wombo Me aims to provide users with a unique and entertaining way to express themselves and interact with their social media networks. The app is available for both iOS and Android users worldwide.

Streamlining the Avatar Generation Experience

While there are already several AI avatar apps available on the market, Wombo Me aims to offer users a more streamlined and efficient experience when generating lifelike avatars. Unlike other apps that require multiple selfies and a waiting period, Wombo Me only needs a single selfie and can instantly generate a set of lifelike images. This simplifies the process and provides users with immediate results.

Fun and Playful Features

Wombo Me is designed to be a fun and playful app, rather than a strictly functional one. Users can share their avatars with friends on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Tinder, showcasing both their professionalism and personality. The app allows you to experiment with different personas, such as celebrities, movie characters, and superheroes, with just a simple tap. You can also try out various hair colors, styles, makeup trends, and even create gender-swapped images of yourself or transform into enchanted characters.

The app’s head of AI, Parshant Loungani, explained, “As soon as you install it, the first thing you see is a selfie screen, so it asks you to just provide a single image, and then as soon as you press continue, you see 10 images of you in unique alternate realities. And you can swipe right or swipe left in a Tinder-like experience to like it and save it. We plan on using that feedback to improve the user’s identity and the pictures that we generate to basically understand their preference and update it the next time.”

Expanding Possibilities for Users

Wombo Me offers a catalog of different avatar packs including LinkedIn-like headshots, Instagrammable pictures, enchanted characters, cartoon characters, meme characters, and more. Some avatar packs are free, while others are available for purchase at varying prices.

Ben-Zion Benkhin, the CEO of Wombo, believes that Wombo Me provides high-quality images that rival or even surpass what is currently available on the market. Additionally, he sees the app’s ability to generate content from just a single selfie as a stepping stone to a more comprehensive platform experience. With deeper integration, Wombo Me could generate imagery of groups of friends, creating a unique and social aspect to the app.

In the future, Wombo Me users may even be asked to provide voice clips and videos to create a multimodal identity that can be used to generate content like dancing videos or interactions with friends.

AI’s Role in Media Creation

Benkhin envisions a future where AI plays a substantial role not only in curating feeds but also in media creation. He believes that users will increasingly create AI-generated media for social platforms, and the platforms themselves will use AI to create personalized content for users. This represents a significant opportunity for growth and development in the social media landscape.

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