Former Anthemis Partner Launches New Fintech Venture Firm


Ruth Foxe Blader, a former partner at Anthemis Group, has made an exclusive move to establish her own venture firm, Foxe Capital. This new venture is set to focus on investments in the fintech sector, with a global perspective. Blader’s decision to embark on this new venture was primarily driven by her desire to invest independently, following her significant experience and success in leading investments in over 50 fintech startups, including Lemonade, Branch, Elevate, Flock, Mesh, and Amplify.

Key Takeaway

Ruth Foxe Blader has left her role as partner at Anthemis Group to start her own venture firm, Foxe Capital, focusing on investments in the fintech sector with a global perspective.

Formation of Foxe Capital

Joining Blader in this new venture is former Anthemis partner, Kyle Perez, and operating partner Sophie Winwood. Winwood, who previously co-founded WVC:E, is known for her commitment to promoting “inclusion, empowerment, and integration of VC globally.” Foxe Capital, based in New York City, will have its investments spread globally, with the U.S. as its primary market. Blader emphasized that the firm will be seeking investment opportunities worldwide, including in Europe, India, Cameroon, and LatAm.

Transition from Anthemis

Despite her departure from Anthemis, Blader will continue to invest on behalf of the firm while serving as a sub-advisor. She will manage the vehicle she was initially hired to run in 2017 until the capital has been fully deployed. Following this, Foxe Capital will focus on fundraising. Anthemis will maintain an economic interest in the vehicle, but does not own any part of the management company. Blader confirmed that Anthemis will only have a continued economic interest in Foxe Capital if it chooses to be an LP when the firm fundraises in the future.

Challenges and Future Plans

Amidst the establishment of Foxe Capital, Anthemis has undergone restructuring and faced challenges, including a failed SPAC and portfolio companies experiencing setbacks. Despite these, Blader’s move to establish her own venture firm reflects a growing trend of fintech-focused investors venturing out independently. This trend has been observed with the departure of Peter Ackerson from fintech-focused Fin Capital to co-found Audere Capital.

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