New Funding For FEBE Ventures To Fuel Support For Seed-stage Startups


FEBE Ventures, a venture capital firm co-founded in 2019 by managing partner Olivier Raussin, has recently announced the launch of its second fund, targeting $75 million. With Fund II being 2.5 times larger than its first fund, FEBE Ventures aims to continue supporting seed-stage startups. 90% of the fund has already been committed, highlighting the strong interest and confidence in FEBE Ventures’ investment strategy.

Key Takeaway

FEBE Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on seed-stage startups, has launched its second fund worth $75 million. The fund, which is already 90% committed, aims to support pre-seed and seed-stage companies globally. FEBE Ventures has also formed partnerships with Tekton Ventures and Otium Capital, expanding its network and investment capabilities. The firm takes a founder-centric approach, empowering entrepreneurs with the resources and guidance to build sustainable businesses.

As part of this exciting development, FEBE Ventures has also entered into a co-investment partnership with Tekton Ventures. This strategic alliance will allow both firms to leverage their networks and collaborate on investments, particularly in emerging economies. Tekton Ventures, the tech investment arm of Partech founder Vincent Worms’ family office, brings extensive experience and expertise in backing unicorns around the world.

Expanding Investment Focus

While FEBE Ventures’ first fund had a specific focus on Southeast Asia, Fund II takes a more global approach. This wide-ranging investment thesis targets pre-seed and seed-stage companies across various geographies and sectors. FEBE Ventures is particularly drawn to innovative startups in sectors like B2B, healthcare, sustainability, and climate tech. Their philosophy is founder-centric and people-driven, allowing founders to bring fresh perspectives, ultimately leading to exciting new industries and themes.

FEBE Ventures typically invests around $250,000 in pre-seed startups and $750,000 in seed-stage companies, providing vital early-stage capital to fuel growth and development.

New Collaborations and Partner

With the addition of Tekton Ventures as a partner, FEBE Ventures expands its global reach and strengthens its investment capabilities. The collaboration will enable both firms to share their networks and invest in companies across Southeast Asia, Silicon Valley, Latin America, and Europe. By leveraging their collective expertise and resources, FEBE Ventures and Tekton Ventures aim to drive innovation worldwide, especially in emerging economies. Tekton Ventures’ management partner, Jai Choi, will join FEBE Ventures as a Partner, along with Nicolas El Baze as a Venture Partner.

A further strategic partnership has been established with Otium Capital, serving as Fund II’s anchor partner. Otium Capital, an international family office, plays a significant role in supporting FEBE Ventures’ investment endeavors. Founded by Pierre-Edouard Stérin, a serial entrepreneur known for his startups like Smartbox Group, Otium Capital manages $1.4 billion in assets under management and has achieved more than a 25% internal rate of return (IRR).

Founder-Centric Approach

FEBE Ventures differentiates itself by being founded and led by former entrepreneurs who bring their firsthand experience to the table. Their approach is characterized by authenticity, humility, and a commitment to building sustainable businesses. The team strives to provide founders with candid advice and insights, drawing from their own past mistakes and successes.

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