Hoxton Ventures Expands Partnership With The Addition Of Bryan Gartner


In a move to strengthen its position in the VC market and prepare for the next cycle, Hoxton Ventures has announced the hiring of Bryan Gartner, formerly of Khosla Ventures, as its newest partner. Gartner brings extensive experience in venture growth-stage investments and will now be refocusing on early-stage investing at Hoxton.

Key Takeaway

Hoxton Ventures has recruited Bryan Gartner as a new partner to enhance its early-stage investing capabilities and expand its partnership.

Recognizing the Inflection Point

Gartner’s decision to join Hoxton Ventures was not solely based on professional reasons but also influenced by his personal life. With a British wife, the move to Hoxton was a natural fit for Gartner. During his introductory call with Hussein, a partner at Hoxton Ventures, Gartner was impressed by the transparent nature and mutual respect among the partnership. He also noted the lack of ego in the room, which he found refreshing. Gartner believes that Hoxton is on the cusp of an inflection point, and he is excited to contribute to the firm’s growth.

Gartner’s Approach to Venture Capital

Gartner has observed a dichotomy in the venture capital industry between firms that actively engage with their portfolio companies and those that do not. He believes that success lies in the calls and meetings leading up to the board meetings, rather than just the formal board discussions. Gartner has a track record of uncovering hidden opportunities and generating substantial returns through active involvement and hands-on support. This approach aligns with Hoxton’s ethos, which further solidified Gartner’s decision to join the firm.

Hoxton Ventures’ Early-Stage Credentials

Hoxton Ventures has established a strong presence in the European early-stage investment landscape with a portfolio of 60 companies. Their portfolio includes well-known success stories such as Darktrace, Deliveroo, Preply, Spacelift, and TourRadar, as well as promising newcomers like Avantia, Lumi, and XYZ Reality. Gartner’s expertise in late-stage investments will bring a valuable new perspective to the firm’s decision-making process.

Hussein Kanji, a partner at Hoxton Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm for Gartner’s addition to the team. Kanji emphasized Gartner’s experience in guiding companies from early formation to exit and IPO, noting that this skill set will strengthen the firm’s capabilities in the late-stage investment arena. Kanji highlighted Hoxton Ventures’ growth and emphasized the importance of hiring exceptional talent to propel the firm forward.

In March 2022, Hoxton Ventures successfully closed its new fund, Hoxton III, with a total of $215 million in capital. The addition of Gartner reaffirms the firm’s commitment to expanding and building its partnership for the future. With plans to make additional strategic hires in the near future, Hoxton Ventures aims to continue its journey towards becoming a powerhouse in the VC industry.

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