T2 Introduces Its Own For You Feed, Offering A Twitter Alternative


The Twitter alternative, T2, has been making efforts to attract users who are disillusioned with Twitter. In its pursuit to offer a differentiated experience, T2 has introduced various features such as built-in direct messages and a verification program that allowed users to import their legacy checkmarks from Twitter. Now, T2 is launching its own algorithmic “For You” feed to enhance user engagement.

Key Takeaway

T2 has introduced its own algorithmic “For You” feed, offering a different approach compared to other microblogging networks. Unlike its rivals, T2 does not force the “For You” feed as the default experience, allowing users to have more control over their content consumption. T2’s algorithm gives more weight to content from accounts users already follow, promoting a more personalized user experience.

TikTok popularized the concept of a “For You” feed, which showcases recommended posts from accounts users do not follow. Other social platforms, like Instagram, have also adopted this feature. However, microblogging networks like T2 had not fully incorporated it until recently.

T2’s “For You” feed is not the default experience

Unlike its competitors, T2 will not force its “For You” feed on users as the default experience. T2 aims to maintain a more organic user experience without resorting to heavy-handed tactics.

T2’s algorithm for the “For You” feed is relatively simple. It considers four scores to determine which content to display. It takes into account whether the user is following the author of the post, the language of the post, and the user’s interests. Freshness of content is also a factor, with recent posts being ranked higher.

Notably, T2’s approach gives more weight to content from accounts users already follow, rather than prioritizing generally popular or trending posts.

T2 aims to create a lasting and civil community

Founded by former Twitter and Google employees, Sarah Oh and Gabor Cselle, T2’s primary focus has been on building a stable and inclusive community. Trust and safety have been prioritized over technical integrations or rapid growth. T2 has not faced the same moderation challenges and strained relationships with Black users as some other similar platforms.

However, T2’s success ultimately depends on its ability to attract a larger community. At present, T2 has a user base in the double-digit thousands, making it one of the smaller Twitter alternatives. To increase adoption, T2 is making the app more akin to the old Twitter, offering the “For You” feed as an option rather than a default, which could help attract more users.

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