Mammoth 2 Introduces New Features To Enhance User Experience On Mastodon


Mammoth, the popular Mastodon client backed by Mozilla, has just released its highly anticipated upgrade, Mammoth 2. Building on its commitment to providing a more consumer-friendly entry point to the world of decentralized social media, Mammoth 2 introduces a range of features that aim to make Mastodon easier to use and enhance the user experience.

Key Takeaway

Mammoth 2 aims to provide a user-friendly alternative to Twitter and Instagram Threads by offering personalized features, curated content, and integration with trusted news sources. The introduction of personalized follow suggestions, curated “smart lists,” and customizable feeds enhances the overall user experience on Mastodon.

Personalized Follow Suggestions and Curated “Smart Lists”

One of the main features of Mammoth 2 is the introduction of personalized follow suggestions. This feature helps users rebuild their network on Mastodon by recommending accounts that align with their interests and preferences. Additionally, Mammoth 2 offers curated “smart lists” that enable users to discover and join interesting conversations taking place on Mastodon.

The curated “smart lists” cover a wide range of topics and interests, including developers building apps and tools, activists, and discussions related to Apple and Mastodon in Italy, among others. These lists provide users with a convenient way to explore and engage with content that aligns with their specific interests.

Integration with Trusted News Sources

Mammoth 2 goes a step further in creating a Twitter-like experience by integrating with trusted news sources. The app partners with Flipboard’s editorial news desks, which curate news across various topics from around the web, as well as Newsmast and, curators of news and communities on Mastodon.

These integrations allow Mammoth 2 to create additional “smart lists” dedicated to news, world news, business, tech, environment, and nature. Users can easily follow these lists to stay updated on the latest news and developments in their areas of interest.

Customizable Feeds

Mammoth 2 offers users the ability to customize their feed according to their preferences. Unlike algorithmic feeds found in other platforms, Mammoth 2 allows users to toggle various signals on or off, such as smart lists, posts from “friends of friends,” and editorial picks from Mammoth itself. This customization empowers users to curate their own feed and have more control over the content they see.

New Subscription Option

To support the continued development of Mammoth, the app now offers an in-app subscription option for users at $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year. While the subscription currently unlocks alternative app icons, it is primarily a means for users to support the app’s development. Subscribers will gain early access to new features, priority bug reports and tech support, and the opportunity to participate in virtual “board meetings” to contribute to Mammoth’s future development.

Mammoth is on a mission to grow its user base and become a prominent player in the decentralized social web. With plans to release an Android client in the first half of next year and potential fundraising efforts on the horizon, Mammoth is dedicated to creating a thriving community of millions of users who value a more consumer-friendly social media experience.

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