New Travel Memories App “Globetrotter” Unveils A Unique Way To Relive Your Adventures


Frequent travelers now have a groundbreaking way to relive their adventures and cherish their favorite travel memories with the launch of the new app, Globetrotter. The app serves as a location-based travel photos platform that not only allows users to reminisce about their past travels but also share their experiences and travel statistics on various social media platforms such as Instagram. In addition to these features, Globetrotter also offers a unique “2023 Wrapped” feature, inspired by the popular Spotify Wrapped, which presents a comprehensive overview of the user’s travel experiences throughout the year.

Key Takeaway

Globetrotter, the new travel memories app, offers a unique way for frequent travelers to relive and share their past adventures through its innovative features, including a “2023 Wrapped” functionality inspired by Spotify Wrapped.

Indie Developer’s Vision

Globetrotter is the brainchild of indie developer Shihab Mehboob, known for his previous work on the third-party Twitter client Aviary and the initial version of the Mastodon app Mammoth. Mehboob’s passion for travel and photography inspired him to create an app that would enable users to revisit their travel memories in a novel way. According to Mehboob, the app’s ability to quickly and conveniently display past travel experiences on a map aligns with his personal desire to relive cherished memories and explore his travel history effortlessly.

Exciting Features

Globetrotter offers a wide range of features, including the ability to view travel highlights for both the U.S. and the world, track the percentage of the world traveled, and visualize the countries and continents visited. The app also includes a scratch map of the world, allowing users to mark the countries they have visited, and a set of shareable metrics that can be posted on Instagram Stories. Additionally, the app’s memories page resurfaces old photos from previous trips, providing users with a nostalgic glimpse into their past adventures. Another noteworthy feature allows users to browse their photos on a map, track the countries and U.S. states they have traveled to, and collect flags and Apple Maps 3D Landmarks from their destinations. Furthermore, users can enjoy a social element within the app by adding friends and competing on a travel leaderboard based on their travel statistics.

For privacy-conscious users, Globetrotter emphasizes that no data is transmitted to its servers, as all operations occur solely on the user’s device. The app also refrains from utilizing third-party APIs to prevent potential data breaches. To access the app’s premium features, users can opt for subscription tiers starting at $2.99 for one week or $29.99 for one year, with a one-week free trial available. Additionally, a lifetime one-time purchase option is offered at $79.99 for avid travelers. Globetrotter is available as a free download for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and includes supplementary features such as Home and Lock Screen widgets, support for Siri Shortcuts and LookAround in Maps, and the ability to view photos in augmented reality.

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