Apple To Require Warrant For Users’ Push Notification Data


Apple has announced a significant change in its policy regarding the sharing of users’ push notification data with law enforcement. The company will now require a valid judge’s order before disclosing such information, as stated in its updated law enforcement guidelines. This decision comes in response to concerns raised by U.S. senator Ron Wyden, who revealed that Apple and Google could be compelled by governments to provide the contents of push notifications without users’ knowledge.

Key Takeaway

Apple has updated its policy to require a valid judge’s order for sharing users’ push notification data with law enforcement, in response to concerns raised by U.S. senator Ron Wyden about potential government surveillance.

Apple’s Updated Guidelines

In its updated guidelines, Apple has outlined that law enforcement and government agencies can only obtain push notification records with a court order or a search warrant, both of which must be approved by a judge. This marks a departure from the previous practice, where police could obtain such information with a subpoena, issued without judicial oversight.

Concerns Raised by U.S. Senator Ron Wyden

Senator Ron Wyden’s disclosure shed light on the previously undisclosed practice of governments compelling tech companies to hand over push notification contents. This revelation prompted Apple to reevaluate its policy and take steps to enhance user privacy and data protection.

Foreign Government Demands

Wyden also highlighted concerns about unnamed foreign governments demanding access to users’ push notification data from Apple and Google. This raised further alarm about the potential misuse of such information and its implications for user privacy.

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