Mastodon Introduces QR Code Sharing For Android Users


Decentralized social network Mastodon has rolled out a new feature in its official Android app, allowing users to share their profiles using QR codes. This update aims to simplify profile exchange, especially in noisy environments such as event and hotel lobbies.

Key Takeaway

Mastodon’s latest update for its Android app introduces QR code sharing, making it easier for users to exchange profiles, and aims to enhance the overall user experience by providing clearer explanations and user-friendly features.

Enhanced Profile Sharing

Users can now easily share their profiles by accessing the profile tab and tapping the QR icon next to their name. This generates a QR code that others can scan to access the user’s profile.

Improved User Experience

Mastodon has also included explainers about domain names in handles to help users better understand the platform. Tapping on a handle now prompts a dialog explaining the distinction between usernames and server names. Additionally, the app highlights the username or server name in the handle when the explanations are accessed.

Enhanced Blocking and Muting

The updated app features improved prompts for blocking and muting, providing clearer explanations of the effects of these actions on a profile.

Additional Updates

Other enhancements in the Android app include a new link card preview that displays a post’s author and date, as well as user-friendly drop-down menus on profiles.

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